1800Not overly aromatic on the nose. Hints of sea salt and oak. Cilantro, pepper and cinnamon flavors on the palate.7.25
Cabo WaboThe nose has light scents of agave, vanilla, pepper and a tinge of mint. The palate has hints of cinnamon, fig and menthol accompanied by oak.7.75
Cabo WaboAromas of agave, vanilla and oak mingle with a touch of lemongrass. The palate has notes of baking spices that fade into a spicy somewhat oaky finish.9
ChinacoThe nose has rich buttery agave notes complemented by salted caramel, dark fruits such as black currant and oak. The palate is exceptionally smooth with vanilla and toffee notes that fade into sweet cream butter and a smooth oak.150.5
Don JulioThe nose has a nice balance of cooked agave, citrus and just a hint of toffee. The palate has vanilla flavors layered with caramel, chocolate and almond undertones.30.5
Don JulioButterscotch and vanilla are most evident on the nose, followed by hints of agave and green peppers. The palate is slightly sweet with hints of eucalyptus and fresh yellow peppers and almost cognac-like flavors.20.5
Don JulioCitrus, dill and agave are evident on the nose. The palate is light with hints of vanilla, agave and a spicy smoke that comes in on the finish.8.5
Don JulioBurnt caramel is the first to hit the nose, followed by fresh butter and a touch of oak. The agave itself shows more on the palate with sweetness and the oak shows some before a mild pepper finish.10.5
Don JulioThe nose smells of dark chocolate with hints of fresh red peppers. The palate is smooth with notes of agave, cinnamon, citrus and the same red pepper spice trailing into smoke.9.5
Jose CuervoWell?4.75
MilagroThe nose is full of ripe red fruits, vanilla and a touch of oak. The palate is a nice combination of agave, vanilla and brown sugar with hints of coriander.12.5
El TesoroRhubarb is immediately present on the nose with figs and prunes supporting. The palate has a strong smoke and oak presence with a chardonnay-like buttery hint.20.5
Cabo WaboThe nose is full of flowers and a touch of lime with a hint of pine. The palate starts with clove and fades to smoke and then to earthiness and a touch of citrus.7
ChinacoSmells of baked pear fade into soft honey and pepper notes. The palate is incredibly dense and toffee like and fades into hints of agave, bright fruit and an earthy smoke.50.5
HerraduraThe nose is a mixture of oak, agave, mango and just a hint of dark chocolate. The palate initially has a fruity sweetness that fades into a caramel and vanilla driven sweetness that is accented by baking spices.10.75
PatronThe nose is tangy, floral and sweet, with a touch of pepper and spice. The palate is soft agave notes, with touches of vanilla and a decent hint of black pepper.8.25
AsombrosoIntense floral and vanilla aromas that fade into soft hints of caramel and butterscotch. The palate is full of vanilla and caramel backed up by a strong oak presence.90.5
AsombrosoSweet and floral on the nose with hints of anise and vanilla. Initially briney on the palate, fading into oak, green peppers and a hint of vanilla.7.5
PatronThe nose is full of buttery agave, cream soda and lime zest with a touch of mint. The palate is full of cooked agave, butterscotch and cinnamon with a vegetal earthiness in the background.9.25
PatronNose of stewed fruits, earth and spice. The palate is agave forward with slight dark berry notes, slight floral notes and a touch of oak.10.5
PatronThe nose is incredibly complex due to aging in Bordeaux barrels. The nose fleets from oak, citrus, caramel and honey to dark berries. The palate allows the dark fruit and Bordeaux notes to shine with touches of cassis, vanilla, chocolate and cherry and almost no agave notes.95.5
PatronThe nose is so light only a hint of agave shows with touches of raw sugar. The palate shows fleeting hints of agave, a dab of vanilla and a slight hint of citrus.25.5
Sauza HornitosThe nose is composed of intense bright fruits along with caramel and moderate earthiness. The palate consists of intense earthy notes, coffee and caramel that is followed by a moderate agave note.7
Sauza HornitosThe nose has touches of orange along with a decent agave note and a tinge of oak. The palate brings forth some spice notes and carries over the orange with an oak note on the finish.5.5
HerraduraNotes of orange marmalade dominate the nose with hints of oak and smoke underneath. He palate has a honey sweetness and notes of orange along with moderate amounts of oak and smoke.10
HerraduraNotes of citrus, pine and dried peppers on the nose. The palate carries over the pine aroma along with touches of mint and minerals.8.75
ChinacoThe nose is sweet and floral with hints of clay and clove. The palate starts off with tropical fruit that fades into lemon peel and an earthy finish.8.5
ChinacoAromas of melted butter hit the nose first, followed by agave, vanilla and dark fruits. The palate starts with caramel that fades into dark roasted agave and peppers, and a smoky heat.9.5
ChinacoThe nose is dark and smoky with a large oak presence. The palate starts with dark fruits like fig and allspice that fades into prunes, clove and smoke.11
HerraduraThe nose is fruity and woody like one would expect out of a cognac. The palate is full of dark fruits, a hint of agave and cinnamon on the finish.50.5
1800Sea Salt and antiseptic aromas followed sweet agave and lemon notes on the palate.6.5
MilagroSalty aromas with savory and herbal notes that fade into exotic citrus like Buddha's Hand lemons on the nose. The citrus carries to the taste, but quickly fades into a mineral note with vegetal undertones.7.5
MilagroSlightly salty aromas give way to fresh citrus zest and slight oak undertones. The palate is more driven by oak with hints of orange, lime and minerals in the background.9.5
Don Diego SantaThe nose has almost no agave at all, instead notes of chocolate, roasted nuts and baking spice shine through. The palate starts with a chocolate not and fades from vanilla to caramel, praline and nutmeg.12.5
Don Diego SantaThe nose is warm and enticing, with notes of French Vanilla, toffee, chocolate, dried fruit, and melted butter. The palate is rich, silky and full, with flavors of chocolate, vanilla, coconut, caramel, baking spices, and a hint of Chile pepper.10.5
Don Diego SantaThe nose has aromas of black pepper, fresh fruit, toffee, chocolate and coffee. The palate is dry and lively with notes of pepper, dried fruit, walnut, and baking spices.8.5
MilagroSalty and floral notes on the nose give way to hints of vanilla and caramel. The palate is sweet and smooth with notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar reminiscent of a crEme brule that fade into a clean finish.11.5
MilagroThe nose has strong citrus notes that fade into hints of vanilla and rich oak notes. The palate starts with vanilla that fades into a moderate oak presence and finishes with a decent pepper note.13.5
MilagroThe nose has a heavy honey presence with touches of lemon and oak. The palate is driven by salted caramel with accents of cinnamon and butter.21.5
El Conde AzulThe nose starts with kaffir lime, agave and fresh cherries. The palate is somewhat muted with notes of sour cherries, red pepper and salt.14
El Conde AzulThe nose starts with a heavy sour cherry note that is followed green peppercorns and fresh wheat. These carry through to the palate with the addition of smoked salt.15
El Conde AzulThe nose is full of butterscotch accompanied by coffee, toffee and fresh sweet cream butter. The palate carries these notes over with the addition of gingerbread.18
Sauza HornitosThe nose has slight notes of fresh bright fruit, spice and agave. The palate is incredibly light and perfect for a beginner. Hints of agave, floral notes and a touch of pepper.4.5
Tres GeneracionesFruit forward, starting with lemon and lime notes that fade into melon and agave with a touch of ginger on the nose. The taste starts sweet with fruit notes and fades into green peppers and a metallic finish.7.5
Tres GeneracionesVanilla, fruit and citrus at the beginning, followed by spicy aromas and a hint of leather. The palate is light with notes of tobacco, oak and vanilla with touches of bell peppers and other vegetables.10.5
Tres GeneracionesThe nose has subtle, sweet agave notes along with fresh fruits like peaches. The palate is sweet and citrus forward, fading into earthiness and a grassy finish.8.75
Don JulioNotes of banana, hints of chocolate and a very light oakiness compose the nose. The palate starts with butterscotch that leads into marshmallow and finally into an oakiness with almost no spice.15.5
Don ManosThe nose is full of dark berries, agave and baking spices. The palate is tropical fruit forward with touches of vanilla and oak.15.5
TonalaThe nose is full of burnt sugar and baking spice with hints of agave. The palate is dominated by vanilla, butter and caramel with hints of smoke and orange.13.5
1800Toasted coconut and almond notes on the nose, followed by vanilla, dried orange and a touch of sea salt. Spicy and peppery notes on the palate followed by a heavy oakiness.9.5
AsombrosoAromas of agave nectar, caramel, bright fruits and oak on the nose. The palate is dominated by caramel and butterscotch with undertones of vanilla, toffee and baking spices.30.5
AvionThe nose is citrusy and has a supporting note of agave that fades into a mineral scent. The palate is extremely light with hints if citrus, pepper and hints of fresh cut grass.7.25
EspolonThe nose is dominated by sweet agave that is supported by citrus and unripe green peppers. The palate is very light with only hints of citrus and agave and no spice.6.5
EspolonThe nose has fleeting notes of spice, fresh baked yeast rolls and tropical fruit. The palate shows a decent oak presence with a burre-blanc note on the finish.6.5
FuentesecaThe nose presents notes of almond butter, hazelnuts, sweet cream, and dried peaches initially that fade to espresso beans, cocoa, honey, wild flowers, and lime peel. The palate is medium-bodied, seamless, and silky, with just the right amount of kick from the spicy oak finish.50.5
FuentesecaThe nose is full of oak and spices that are accompanied by sweet agave, walnuts, sweet cream and apricot that fades into fresh made espresso, dark chocolate and molasses. The palate is rich with a stewed agave presence, heavy oak notes, vanilla and salted caramel that fades into a spicy oak finish.100.2
AvionThere's deep vanilla, salted caramel, and cappuccino on the nose, along with cinnamon, clove, and mild jalapeno. On the palate, there is a smooth harmony not unlike what shows in some very mature cognac. The agave flavor doesn't hide behind the oak influenced flavors, it rides along beside them, peeking out once in a while to remind you this is indeed tequila. The finish is long, creamy, and deeply complex.30.5
DeLeOnThe nose is full of rich and resinous oak balanced with vanilla and a hint of caramelized agave. The palate is robust and full-bodied with toasted almond, caramelized agave, cocoa and grape notes. The finish is sweet and full of vanilla with a hint of raisin.50.25
Tears of LloronaDisplaying an amber/caramel color, Tears shows some slight bubbles on the edge of the glass (a traditional sign of quality), and puts out aromas of caramel flan, dark chocolate, vanilla and dried fruit. On the palate it's the same in spades, with a little added spice and sweetness from the sherry barrels--and yet Tears is still agave at heart. What a relief.30.25