Glen Scotia12 YearCampbeltownMouth coating, rounded with a subtle spice. Becomes sweet and creamy.
Springbank10 YearCampbeltownPeat, Sea death, Brine, Seaweed, Chocolate hiding beneath it all. Water brings out lots of oak.
Springbank10 Year 100 ProofCampbeltownFull bodied. Creamy. The 100 proof burn is present and intense, but gives way to roasted peanuts, rotisseried meat, salt and light oak. Not at all sweet.
Springbank15 YearCampbeltownLively and spicy. citrus and lemon, bubbly and butter. Some fudge. Light summer flowers and at the same time malt and soil.
Springbank16 Year Rum WoodCampbeltownSweet, spicy, fruity rum merges skilfully on the palate with Springbank's core fudge, fruit, smoke, nut and salt style.
Aberfeldy12 YearHighlandLight on the tongue. Oily. Emphatically clean fruitiness. Tangerines. Very lively, fresh, flavours.
Aberfeldy21 YearHighlandA heathery honey aroma and a full flavour with touches of Seville oranges, which linger on the tongue
Clynelish14 YearHighlandHoneyed and fruity, but also slightly smoky and packing more than a decent punch at the end. The "coastal" nature opens up nicely with a drop or two of water.
Dalmore12 YearHighlandSalty and sweet, buttery. Macadamia nuts. Butterscotch or toffee, subtle. Buttery leather notes, as odd as it sounds.
Dalwhinnie15 YearHighlandFruity malt, a grassy salad with fresh ground white pepper at the tail end.
Dalwhinnie29 Year Cask StrengthHighlandGood body, cooked fruit, malmsey. A little lemon zest, calvados with vanilla cream, desiccated fruit.
Edradour10 Year Distillers EditionHighlandSoft and gentle taste with just a slight bite from the alcohol. On the palate there is a light fruity flavour that persists.
Edradour1995 - 10 Year UnchillfilteredHighlandVery creamy, with something like sherry or brandy. The alcohol tickles the back of the tongue just before the finish begins. Ginger. Slightly like weak rum. Bananas.
Glenmorangie18 Year Extremely RareHighlandThe taste is sweet, but fresh and not cloying, with some citric acidity, drying to a medium-length finish. Some almonds, coconut and dried fruits in the aftertaste.
Glenmorangie1981 Sauternes WoodHighlandCaramelised bananas, orange marmalade and melted vanilla icecream. Hints of brandy, prune and dates.
Glenmorangie12 Year - The Lasanta Sherry CaskHighlandThis feels full bodied, viscous and velvety. The honey and caramel are initially prominent, before combining well with other rich elements such as dried fruits (imagine brandy soaked raisins and orange peel).
Glenmorangie12 Year - The Necta D'orHighlandThe palate is soft, smooth and silky with a medium body. It feels rich and sweet and has a well balanced mix of characteristics - honey, vanilla, coconut, cereal grains, new oak (think of fresh sawdust).
Glenmorangie10 Year - The OriginalHighlandSilky smooth in the mouth, little spice and toffee. Original is nutty, with well-mannered spices coming through more in the medium length finish.
Glenmorangie12 Year - The Quinta Ruban Port CaskHighlandBig and rich, rounded and warming, slightly peppery, with barley sugar and milk chocolate notes. Sweet and dry flavours balance well here.
Inchmurrin10 YearHighlandPleasantly oily. Very light-tasting at first, but with some flavour development. Honeydew melon with ginger.
Oban14 YearHighlandDried apricot, tingling. Slightly sweet with good balance in the mid-palate. Hint of menthol.
Old Pulteney12 YearHighlandSherry. It has a sherbet like fizz to it that tingles the tongue. Candied sweetness and a definite salty hint.
Tomatin12 YearHighlandSweet. Biscuity. Pistachios. Sweet lassi.
Highland Park12 YearIslandsExtremely malty, and the Sherry cask is obvious. Citrus peel, maybe honey? Wonderful lingering taste.
Highland Park15 YearIslandsHot with sweet treacle, black banana, raisin, firm oak and that delicate smoke. Very sweet and honeyed.
Highland Park18 YearIslandsRemarkably smooth, firm, rounded. Lightly salty. Leafy (vine leaves?), pine nuts. Lots of flavour development: nuts, honey, cinnamon, dryish ginger.
Highland Park25 YearIslandsRich, heavy on sherry and oak but not ?too oaky? by any means. Honey and nice peatiness.
Highland Park30 YearIslandsSweet and tart. Honey, salted caramel, figs, mint, roasted fennel, lemon zest, almonds, cut grass, sea water and sand, pine needles, pepper, campfire smoke, gentle peat.
Ledaig10 YearIslandsBold, yet sweet on the rounded palate, with iodine, soft peat and heather. Developing spices.
Scapa14 YearIslandsIt's a little smokey, sweet and in the distance a little salt, almonds. Very balanced, easy to handle but a little medicinal at the end.
Talisker10 YearIslandsFull maltiness, slightly syrupy, with sourness and a very big pepperiness developing.
Talisker18 YearIslandsSweet pears, honey, some Talisker pepper, salt, light smoke. This is smooth, smooth, smooth! The silky and delicious delivery is still very relatable to the flavours of the Talisker 10 yo, only much more refined.
Talisker25 YearIslandsSweet, with some salt. Coats the lips, never mind the tongue. Begins with soft, sweet apple sponge in custard, then a drier crisper character emerges on the middle of the tongue.
Talisker30 YearIslandsThis starts off as an elegent dram that builds on the palate to a powerful peaty, smoky, salty, peppery beast, it has complex coastal characters with notes of citrus and the most perfectly balanced finish.
Tobermory10 YearIslandsSpice hits the palate right off. Some herbal notes build. There are some sour notes that predominate: like eating the rind of an orange.
Ardbeg10 YearIslayAn immediate waft of peat smoke. Full, robustly flavoured with turf and lapsang souchong tea.
ArdbegProvenanceIslayThe malt is soft at first but then, the peatiness gathers pace and intensity until it positively glows.
ArdbegUigeadailIslayRich, concentrated and powerful. Sooty with light tarry/liquorice touches. The lime returns. Great presence but subtle in its own way.
Bruichladdich14 YearIslayA more robust whisky, with a dry banana and ginger nose and a scrumptious mouthfeel and notes of caramel, roast grain, peach and more. Gutsy and complex, and a great deal of fun.
Bruichladdich20 YearIslayFainly candy like, Smoke, Peat! A much stronger Islay than younger bottlings.
Bunnahabhain12 YearIslayPeat, a little smoke, buttery and a little sweet. This whisky has a slight bite to it, nothing hot, just a slight bite.
Bunnahabhain18 YearIslayA bit more smoke than is present on the nose, smooth and still delicate, peat and apple notes are still there and it becomes even saltier, not just the briny ocean air, but salt.
Bunnahabhain25 YearIslayThe indulgence of sweet berries and cream ensures a wonderful mElange of tastes that progress into a roasted nut and malt feast. The finish is soft and dry.
Caol Ila25 Year*IslayA very great mildness, despite its high degree of alcohol, a mix of ripe fruits, citrus on peated background, with very nice smoky touches.
Lagavulin16 YearIslayThe dryness is at first offset by the sweetness of the sherry character. As the palate develops, oily, grassy, and, in particular, salty notes emerge in a long, sustained, aggressive, attack.
Lagavulin21 Year*IslayBig peat hits your palate, smoke fills your mouth, the smoked kippers are here big time,fire, half burnt cinders, iodine, Lagavulin, all mixed with some sweeter sherry, and malty notes.
Laphroaig30 Year Extremely Rare*IslayThis is dried fruits and a hint of melon. The phenols reduced to fish oil, Vick's inhaler, tar. Becomes drier to the finish.
LaphroaigQuarter CaskIslayFull-bodied, rich and mouth-coating. Delicious sweet gristy malt and rich peat, woodsmoke. The coal appears mid-palate.
Buchanan's18 Year Special ReservePremium BlendsVery soft in the mouth, almost feather down lush with a silky texture and an incredibly soft flow. Slight impression of sweetness yet develops long, dry, spice-filled finish.
Buchanan'sRed SealPremium BlendsWell rounded mouth is silky smooth, rich and peaty and developing beautiful balance. Some smoky notes with clean sherry and lively spice. Long warm, pleasing
Chivas Regal12 YearPremium BlendsSmooth, sweet honey, applesauce and hazelnut. Mid-palate: creamy vanilla, ocean spray of sea salt and heather.
Chivas Regal18 YearPremium BlendsThe velvet palate is filled with caramel and peat with warm, burnt orange notes. It finishes very dry and slightly spicy with a satisfying smoke at the back.
Chivas Regal25 YearPremium BlendsComplex and flavorful, with raisin and fresh apple aromas in a supersoft, silky texture. Add a splash of water to coax out intense clove, burnt orange, caramel and crEme brUlEe notes.
Dewar's12 Year Special ReservePremium BlendsOaky tannins, iodine, malty grains, honey, some peat as well.
Dewar'sWhite LabelPremium BlendsDances nimbly across the palate, offering quick pinpricks of light malt sugar, pears, Madagascar vanilla, honey and a whisper of peat smoke.
Johnnie WalkerBlack 12 YearPremium BlendsBig and bold on the palate, the sweetness from the nose continues, with fruit, vanilla and well-mannered grains.
Johnnie WalkerBluePremium BlendsVelvety smooth, mellow taste with traces of smoke, honey and sweet spice. Foral with hints of toffee, sandalwood and chocolate. Well-balanced, long and intense.
Johnnie WalkerBlue King George V EditionPremium BlendsSmooth with a rich, fruity sweetness. Warming with subtle flavours of sandalwood and smoke.
Johnnie WalkerGoldPremium BlendsRich, broad, distinctively creamy -Smooth and silky, with hints of raisin, toffee and honey.
Johnnie WalkerGreen 15 YearPremium BlendsVibrant and full-bodied in the mouth and with a lingering malty aftertaste. Sophisticated and well-balanced.
Johnnie WalkerRedPremium BlendsDistinctive smoke and sweet spice flavors, with a hint of vanilla.
Dimple Pinch15 YearPremium BlendsSherry, sweet, and smoke. Finish is nice and long, coconut peeks in at the very end.
J&B RareOriginalPremium BlendsLight, but firm. Sweet, like biting into a raspberry-jam tart. Then blackberries and passion-fruit.
Aberlour12 YearSpeysideSweet and silky with well integrated sherry wood overlaying the creamy/minty character. Ripe and soft.
Aberlour16 YearSpeysideThe sherry and oak are in good harmony. The toasty bourbon notes are harnessed well, the vanilla spices are nicely ingrained in the barley.
AberlourA'bunadhSpeysideThe sherry tries to dominate but fails. Peppery spices, lightly smoked malt, clean sherry mingling with paw-paw and a vague nuttiness.
BenRiach21 Year AuthenticusSpeysideThere is a stupendous fruit-juiciness that moistens the much drier smoke: the peat is chunky yet manageable, the spices warming.
Balvenie12 Year Double WoodSpeysideVanilla, citrus, chocolate, oak. Very pleasant and light.
Balvenie21 Year Port WoodSpeysideLots of sweet port, smoke, freshly-squeezed oranges. It gets even better at the bottom of the glass.
Cragganmore12 YearSpeysideSugary...flavor goes straight to the roof of my mouth. Have to resist urge to gulp it down. Very tasty.
Cragganmore29 YearSpeysideSilky. Soft and embraceable but reluctant to yield its secrets. Orange blossom. Absinthe.
Glen Moray12 YearSpeysideLots of sweet, soft malty flavours evolve in the centre of the palate, surrounded by toffee and mouth watering fruits (blackcurrants and dried apricots).
Glendronach12 YearSpeysideCreamy and rich . Sherry goodness can definitely be found here. Lots of dried fruit.
Glenfiddich12 Year Special ReserveSpeysideSubtle and complex, this scotch has an interesting combination of fruity sweetness, smoke, oakiness, and grain.
Glenfiddich15 Year Solera ReserveSpeysideSubtle complexity of caramel, peach, tiny amount of peat almost imperceptible. Lots of flavors are playing hide and seek.
Glenlivet12 YearSpeysideFine grains with sweet honey, charred oak and understated peat; well balanced.
Glenlivet15 Year French Oak ReserveSpeysideFirm, Slippery-smooth, cookie-like maltiness, spicy middle. Lots of flavour development.
Glenlivet16 Year NadurraSpeysideSmooth and silky with the sweetness of soft fruits and honeyed flowers balanced by a dry oak finish of considerable length with notes of ginger and hazelnuts.
Glenlivet18 YearSpeysideA gentle array of nuts followed by a walk through an abandoned wooden ski lodge in the spring. Some caramel as well with a couple of drops of water.
Glenlivet21 Year ArchiveSpeysideRich, sweet and creamy. First comes a hit of sugary dried fruits (the sultanas and orange peel again) and malty grains and this is followed by a nuttiness (think of a creamy style of nut like almonds or hazelnuts).
Longmorn16 YearSpeysideMedium bodied in the mouth, this Longmorn displays fudge, butter and lots of spice.
Macallan12 Year Sherry OakSpeysideThe sherry leads the way followed by sweet, fruity dessert tucked within a lightly oiled and smooth bite.
Macallan17 Year Fine OakSpeysideClean and dry along the sides with white oak, spice, and fruit skins - pears and apples. Coconut is everywhere, toasted, then dryness of husk.
Macallan18 Year Sherry OakSpeysideSoft mouth feel , Sherry , chocolate nougat, Pine nutes and slight citrus.
Macallan21 Year Fine OakSpeysideSoft, rich and spicy with hints of oranges and peat.
MacallanCask StrengthSpeysideSlightly slick sweet note. Youth and high alcohol combined makes it a pretty lively mouthful.
Singleton12 YearSpeysideAmerican Oak brings subtle, honeyed hints of sweet vanilla while European Oak brings lush fruit and balancing dryness.
Speyburn10 YearSpeysideMedium-bodied with a delicate, fruity character and a dry, warm, peaty finish.
SpeyburnBradan OrachSpeysideFruity and balanced. Lots of creamy vanilla, hints of spice. Oak.
Strathisla12 Year - Chivas BrothersSpeysideLight peat and salt, slightly sweet and grassy. Some honey and pear were noted. The sweet and light notes transferred well from nose to mouth.
Tomintoul27 YearSpeysideCreamy malt and milk chocolate, orange soft centres, plus a hint of Sherry. It takes a modest amount of water well, and the marmalade notes from the nose follow through.
Old Pulteney21 YearHighlandPacked with oak, cinnamon and nutmeg notes initially. It feels buttery and creamy in the mouth with pleasant toffee-like sweetness complimenting the wood spices of earlier.
ConvalmoreG&M 1984 - 22 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideMouth warming, sweet, fresh with a subtle influence of creamy toffees. With water there is some sweetness, with a heavy maltiness, becomes very creamy and the delicate aniseed remains in the background.
Mortlach1993 - 15 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideThe palate delivers sweet fruitcake and raisin notes with hints of sherry and vanilla.
Strathisla1982 - 25 YearSpeysideDefinate Sherry sweetness, reminiscent of Christmas pudding, with nutty undertones.
Port EllenCC 1982 - 25 YearIslaySweet, but ashy, peat smoke elements quickly emerge. Some hints of kippers linger.
BladnochCC 1991 - 15 YearLowlandMouthfilling and challenging with lime marmalade on brown bread and a dry finish.
InverlevenG&M Reserve 1991 - 15 YearLowlandMouth warming with a subtle hint of spice, rounded young oak influences interlaced with liquorice. Mouth watering.
LittlemillG&M 1991 - 16 YearLowlandA strong sweetness with mild spicy influences and a touch of perfume.
Benromach24 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideIt's mouth-coatingly thick and malty. Fall fruits, plus streaks of spicy anise and cinnamon.
AultmoreCC 1995 - 11 YearSpeysideVery sweet, sugary barley and more cereal notes. A very lovely malty feel, ripe fruit abound the mouth feel and into the finish, which is of medium length, quite dry, with a faint barley and a gentle mocchaccino.
BanffCC 1976 - 28 YearSpeysideRich. Sherried fruits and burnt sugar and a little allspice, with a soft vanilla. There's a good balanced of peat and a soft smoke followed by a little star anise and fennel.
Dallas Dhu1982 - 24 YearSpeysideMedium weight with good texture and sweetness. Hay, nutmeg, sultana. Good presence.
Glen GrantSignatory 1997 - 12 YearSpeysideMalty candied sweetness, white grapes, a fresh apple tart, ripe pears, some vanilla, oak dryness and white pepper.
Glen GrantG&M 21 YearSpeysideSpicy with sweet - vanilla pod hints. Fruity - apples and grapes.
Glen GrantG&M 30 YearSpeysideFull of sherbet and fruit, creamy, fresh and spicy, although some might perceived this latter quality as being quite aggressively woody.
Glen GrantG&M 1965 - 38 YearSpeysideSmoke and spices - cloves and ginger, followed by Sherry wood. A delicate fresh fruit - green apple finish. With water, Smoky with dry grass and gorse flavours, spicy with an oily note. Sherry notes begin to emerge.
Glen KeithCC 1993 - 13 YearSpeysidePeppery notes with floral herbal flavours. Slightly drying with wood elements present.
GlenburgieG&M 10 YearSpeysideRich fruit with sweet, oaky notes, some pepperiness with floral hints.
Glen SpeyCC 1995 - 11 YearSpeysideSweet and oaky. Quite tangy. Chilli and the bitter taste of pepper.
LinkwoodG&M 1972 - 29 Year Oak CaskSpeysideCreamy with a dark chocolate edge. Some chilli spices emerge. With hints of stewed winter fruits.
MannochmoreCC 1990 - 16 YearSpeysideMedium-body with a thickness. There are notes of malty barley and sherried fruits. Chewy sultanas and peels, hints of wood smoke and hops.
MillburnG&M Reserve 1976 - 27 YearSpeysideMalty start. Very spicy and peppery development, rather hot. Some peat smoke. Dry walnuts. Charred oak.
Mortlach15 Year Rare OldSpeysideMore subtle sweetness, hints of candied fruits. A rounded Sherry edge is evident and some raisin and sultana notes emerge.
Mortlach21 YearSpeysideQuite full with a richness. Notes of sherried peels and notes of fragrant oaks, hints stemmy dried hay, notes of dried fruits and wood resin.
Mortlach1970 - 36 Year*SpeysideRich sherrywood, spices, treacle and a touch of smoke.
PittyvaichCC 1993 - 13 YearSpeysideCoating with vanilla and oak flavours. Cereal/malty notes also present.
Strathisla1963 - 41 YearSpeysideMouth warming and creamy with a burst of chilli spices. Some dark chocolate notes emerge with a touch of aged leather.
TamdhuG&M 30 YearSpeysideSpices initially - peppery with a toffee sweetness developing. With water, sherry notes with spicy elements and hints of dry grass.
TamnavulinCC 1991 - 15 YearSpeysideSoft and delicate initially, with a delicate burst of ground pepper spice, a sweetness is constant and hints of ripe summer fruits linger.
ArranCC 1998 - 8 YearIslandsThe mouth draws level with the nose even if the announced complexity is not completely present. Nutty and spicy notes.
Balblair10 YearHighlandSlightly viscous, substantial in the mouth, sweet and creamy, with summer fruits and gentle spices.
BroraCC 1982 - 24 YearHighlandDrier than expected with a peppery kick. The waxiness is immediately there, clinging to the tongue while the smoke emerges half-way along. Great length and best with a drop of water.
GleneskCC 1984 - 20 YearHighlandSweet with smoky notes. Some fruit flavours combined with dry grass and sandalwood.
GlenturretG&M 16 YearHighlandThe palate is all leafy sherry, bitter tannins and alcohol. As the alcohol passes some dark chocolate and sweet dried fruit remains.
North Port BrechinCC 1982 - 25 Year*HighlandA rounded spicy element develops, an influence of sweet cured meats lingers. With water, Sweet with a smooth buttery influence, a delicate ashy edge appears on the finish.
TeaninichCC 1994 - 12 YearHighlandSweet, some and very balanced - a subtle hint of spice - cinnamon develops.
TullibardineCC 1993 - 13 YearHighlandSubtle with a defined sweetness, some delicate spice and creamy.
Glen GrantG&M 1955 - 46 YearSpeysidePeppery with nutty, roasted malt flavours. Sweet Sherry character slowly comes to the fore. A touch of smoke.
GlenlivetGeorge & J.G. Smith - 1955 - 49 YearSpeysideSmoky initially with sweet, nutty flavours developing followed by a strong sherry, fruitcake flavour. With water, peat smoke balanced with sherry and fruit flavours, earthy, moss and bracken notes. A little hint of hops.
LinkwoodG&M 1954 - 45 YearSpeysideRounded and smooth, with a pronounced hint of treacle, Christmas cake influences and a hint of almonds linger. With water, hints of rich dark chocolate, festive fruit influences with a Christmas cake edge.
Mortlach1954 - 44 Year*SpeysideMouth warming - mild spices. A toffee apple influence emerges with a hint of vanilla and a burst of cream soda.
BowmorePrime Malt 1982 - 21 Year Oak CaskIslaySucculent autumnal stewed fruits on the palate are balanced with a hint of the salty Islay sea air and subtle peaty smoke. The finish is long, warm and delicious.
Glen KeithCC 1968 - 39 YearSpeysideInitially chilli pepper, hot and mouth warming. Sweetness and nutty elements - brazil nuts.
Glenury RoyalG&M 1972 - 30 Year*HighlandSweet with sherry and floral elements. Drying with a subtle smokiness.
SpeyburnCC 1977 - 29 YearSpeysideRich, coating. Herbal with malt and hop flavours some oakiness present. Delicate fruitiness.
BalblairG&M 1966 - 37 YearHighlandQuite oaky, spicy, on tangerine, orange and menthol. The finish is quite short, relatively dry, on tangerine, orange and a lot of berries.
BowmoreSecret Stills 1991 - 16 YearIslayFull and well-balanced. There are notes of pepper and spice, curry spices and thick honey.
AultmoreCC 1989 - 17 YearSpeysideRich - sherry (cream), sweet spices. Clean. With water:
CraigellachieCC 1989 - 15 YearSpeysideCrEme caramel sweetness and toffee lead, before the light spicyness of gingerbread, rich dried fruit and a hint of cloves.
DailuaineCC 1995 - 12 YearSpeysideChocolate and fruit, aniseed, sherry and mixed peels. Redcurrant jelly, pepper and barley wine.
LinkwoodG&M 1969 - 36 YearSpeysideVery fresh - crisp green apples, sweet orange, with light spice (aniseed).
Glen Albyn1975 - 31 Year*HighlandAn inital hint of warm spice - cinammon. A defined sweetness, smooth yet complex. With a touch of nuts - hazelnuts. With water, some subtle spice, creamy with a rounded smoothness.
Glen GariochSecret Stills 1992 - 15 YearHighlandOily smooth at entry, and full of rich barley/smoke development and interplay, it finishes with a satisfyingly smoky plume.
Ben Nevis1992 - 16 YearHighlandFantastic mouthfeel with a big attack of cola and salty peat. There's still fruit present, apricots and more lemon-y-ness, but less than the nose.
LaphroaigSignatory 1990 - 17 Year Cask StrengthIslayPalate has big smoke for sure, though not necessarily "big" by Laphroaig standards. Initially a bit one-dimensional, it opens up and brightens with fruity background stuff like apples and pears, and a light sweetness rounding things out.
Loch DhuBlack Whisky 10 YearSpeysideLight, dryish. Liquorice. Hint of cough sweets. Fruit.
Balvenie15 Year Single BarrelSpeysideOn the tongue it is clear that this is a very unique single malt. It has a smooth mouthfeel and only the slightest bit of vaporous bite.
Glenfiddich18 YearSpeysideAn elegant nose, faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood. It is robust and full-bodied, yet remarkably soft, rounded and long lasting.
Glenfiddich21 Year Special Reserve Rum CaskSpeysideInitially soft, then brisk and vibrant, peppery, a touch of smoke, vanilla, ginger, lime, spices and new leather.
Isle of JuraSuperstitionIslandsIts feathery and light on the palate, then the complex flavours come in with a richness like toasted nuts.
Oban18 Year Limited EditionHighlandA beautiful combination of rich, nutty toffee balanced by polished oak, salt, pepper, seaweed, distant smoke and dried fruit.
Scapa28 Year Duncan Taylor Cask StrengthIslandsFull on, dry saltiness giving way to woody and citrusy notes. Sweet fruits, gooseberries and green apples.
Arran10 Year Non ChillfilteredIslandsA touch of cinnamon adds a spicy edge to the soft and sweet texture which captivates the palate. The classic Arran citrus notes have rounded with age and reveal new depths of character against a background of sweet oak.
Bowmore15 Year DarkestIslayTreacle toffee and a viscous oily yet creamy texture. Rich malt and a hint of smoke.
BunnahabhainSignatory 1997 - 10 Year Heavily PeatedIslayThe foreground is shared between peat and notes which are both slightly bitter and slightly acid. But peat remains heavily present. The finish is warm and long
DeanstonSignatory 1996 - 9 YearHighlandThe palate is soft and warming, a bit hot with youth and alcohol. Buttered rum and brown sugar cookies are predominant, underscored by a backbone of maltiness.
Glen GrantSignatory 1990 - 17 YearSpeysideEthereal, oak, sandalwood, nutmeg, soft smoke in the background.
Glenfarclas12 YearHighlandDelightful sherried fruit, with oak, a hint of peat and delicious sweet sensations.
Glenfarclas21 YearHighlandFull bodied rich and rounded develops slowly into fruity, smoky and spicy flavours.
Isle of JuraSignatory 1997 - 10 Year UnchillfilteredIslandsIn the mouth, there is first some malty taste. Then a pleasant development on fruity notes.
Macallan1972 - 35 Year SpeymaltSpeysideFull and rich. There are notes of apple peel and soft apple. The cereal notes offer a subdued sweetness with notes of cream and honey and a fresh blossom note.
Tormore12 YearSpeysideThere are notes of Dundee marmalade with fresh zesty note. There are hints of slightly sour grape and fresh hay and grass.
Tullibardine1993 - 14 YearHighlandHints of caramel and a strong citrus overtone. Very slight tingle of vanilla though dulled slightly by the caramel.
AberfeldyCC 1994 - 14 YearHighlandToasted orange zest compliments what is discovered on the nose and bulked out with black treacle.
BruichladdichRocksIslaySmoked peat and a subtle combination of fruit flavours which adds to a wonderful finish.
Caol IlaCC 1998 - 8 YearIslayPowerful with rich toffee and spicy notes on the palate. Very complex for such a young Islay malt.
Deanston12 YearHighlandSoft, nutty, caramel. Touch of salinity. Oak. Quite abrupt, caramel.
Famous GrouseOriginalPremium BlendsDeceptively rich and full for what is really quite a light bodied blend. Fruity, with a touch of smoke. Brittle toffee and spices, along with a hint of grain, in the medium finish.
Famous Grouse18 YearPremium BlendsIn the mouth, it is utterly full bodied. The licorice of the younger malt comes right through, but is followed by a savory banana flavor with hints of crEme brulEe and a strong taste of Christmas pudding.
GlenrothesG&M 8 YearSpeysideSweet with floral and fruit flavours. Some dark chocolate and nutty notes also present.
Highland ParkG&M 8 YearIslandsRich, mulled fruits with a touch of smokiness.
Lagavulin1991 - 17 Year Distillers EditionIslayThe taste started with silky sweet corn and vanilla, which was then melded with a wave of gentle warm peat and smoke into a lovely complex and syrupy swirl.
Macallan15 Year Fine OakSpeysideHoney, nutty oak, cooked orchard fruits (CrEme de p?che, black banana). Caramel toffee, oak, bracken, malt, dark chocolate.
Royal LochnagarSignatory 1991 - 16 YearHighlandThe palate is crisp and nicely mature. There is a pleasant depth of juicy apple, citrus fruit and delicate oak. Water again homogenises.
Macallan1997 - SpeymaltSpeysideSweet with malty and heather notes. Rich fruit cake flavours with a subtle sherry influence.
TamdhuG&M 8 YearSpeysideMalty with hints of cedar wood. Sweetness still evident.
Tobermory15 YearIslandsRich sherry fruit cake, milk chocolate, creamy toffee, light oak, a hint of white pepper creating a lovely spicy tang.
Caol Ila1992 - 12 Year Whisky GaloreIslaySweet and softly peated. Peanut fleece. Smokier towards the centre. Lovely - a gentle peat monster.
BenromachOrganicSpeysideAs the nose suggests. A picture of oak shavings piled on top of a fruit salad. Hollow midpalate.
BruichladdichG&M 1991 - 15 Year - 100 ProofIslayGrapefruit bitterness. A bit of smoke. Cinnamon, Banana, Green apples and butter. Pungent chilli and red peppers. Lemon tart.
Glen ScotiaG&M 1992 - 11 Year - 124 ProofCampbeltownVery mouth warming with pepper and spices. With water, Hot and mouth warming with a subtle and constant sweetness.
Mortlach1993 - 13 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideBrimming with herbs and pepper, a bit of citrus peel, and spicy finish.
Caol IlaG&M 11 Year Port CaskIslayThe nice balance between the smoothness of the fruit and the bitterness of peat makes room to a higher complexity, where woody touches mix with sweeter fruity and spicy hints.
Caol IlaG&M 11 Year Madeira CaskIslayBright fruit throughout (red raspberry, strawberry-rhubarb pie, gooseberry, red currant, nectarine), honeyed malt, dark chocolate, tarry rope, seaweed soaked in olive brine, and ground pepper.
CraigellachieCC 1997 - 11 Year - 86 ProofSpeysideCocoa, buttery biscuit base, hints of tropical fruit and various fresh flowers.
Glen GrantG&M 15 YearSpeysideThe palate displays notes of spice, dark stewed fruit and hints of char.
GlenlivetGeorge & J.G. Smith - 15 Year 92 ProofSpeysideSweet and smoke initially. A mellow fruitiness develops - sherried and fruitcake flavours. Slightly resinous.
TomintoulG&M 1967 - 33 Year Rare OldSpeysideSweet sherry with an initial pepperiness, fudge and soft fruit elements develop. A delicate smokiness.
ClynelishAdelphi 10 YearHighlandTextured, sweet, mustardy, iron iodine salty. Very lively. Lots of flavour development. Light but warm smokiness.
Glen Albyn1966 - 39 Year*HighlandJust an added bit of vanilla. Everything seems to come from the wood only. The mouth has some fructose, tannins, and some spicy notes.
Caol IlaCC 1998 - 10 YearIslaySweet, drying peat, brine and grass. Very clean and drinkable without water, despite the high ABV. It's a bit creamy diluted, but much sweeter.
GlenrothesG&M 30 year - 86 ProofSpeysideInitially cereal flavours followed by hints of chocolate and smoke. With water, smooth, creamy vanilla notes together with the Sherry influence.
ImperialG&M 15 Year - 92 Proof Port FinishSpeysideStarts off vary peppery with a slight bitterness (dark choclate) and mouth coating. Followed by some spicy notes with hints of dates and liquorice.
Glendronach15 YearSpeysideBig, rich, nervous and wonderfully sherried. Coffee, chocolate, prunes, dates, beef jerky, dried bananas, figs, orange liqueurs.
Glendronach18 YearSpeysideDeep and rich with a sweet nutty and creamy sherry, there is delicious tiramisu taking you all the way to the end which leaves you wanting more of that moorish of whiskies.
BenRiach1977 - 31 Year Moscatel FinishSpeysideFull-bodied and mouth-coating, this expression offers an interesting balance of sweet fruits and drier spices and nuts.
BenRiach1991 - 16 Year Claret FinishSpeysideSpiced fruit scones, enrobed in a fig and date syrup. Fairly light acidity, yet with lovely mouth-cleansing fruits.
BenRiach10 Year Curiositas Peated MaltSpeysideHoney, Low alcohol notes, Caramel, Toffee, Straw or Heather. More syrupy malt with water.
BenRiach13 Year Maderensis FumosusSpeysideAn avalanche of bitter-sweet peat and smoke, in harmony with citrus, butterscotch, peaches and cinnamon.
Black Bull30 YearPremium BlendsFull sherry impact, but never cloying-the higher alcohol level and grain whisky cut through the sherry and add balance and drinkability.
Glen BretonRare Canadian 10 Year Single MaltCanadian Single MaltsGrassy peat, floural, some chocolate, sour, sweet honey, very light peat.
ArmorikWhisky Breton Single MaltFrench Single MaltsThere are floral and green fruit notes here, traces of oak, barley, and sweet spice, all very ordered.
BenRiach12 YearSpeysideMedium bodied, with a bit of initial bite. More fresh fruit notes and sweet spices with honey, cream and sweet barley notes emerging.
BenRiach16 YearSpeysideVery nice, spicy start. There's some very light peat smoke, but hardly recognizable and well integrated. Toffee and apples. Some peach. Spicy finish, with clear oak influence. Vanilla.
BenRiach20 YearSpeysideVanilla, Apples dipped in honey, Mars Chocolate bars, nuts and spice.
Springbank18 YearCampbeltownBig, creamy palate is rounded and confident, offering fresh fruit, smoke, molasses and liquorice.
Springbank12 Year Amontillado CaskCampbeltownWoody. Pepper. Nutty, roasted hazelnuts. Slightly acidic.
Springbank12 Year Fino Sherry CaskCampbeltownA little bit of Springbank brine, light fruits (oranges), honey, but also with a strong sherry influence of raisins and plums.
Springbank11 Year Madeira CaskCampbeltownInitially a slight bitterness on the palate with some caramac bars. Again, adding a splash of water gives a whole new perspective; lovely, sweet flavours of fresh mint, caramel and creamed butter.
Springbank12 Year Oloroso CaskCampbeltownThick, sweet notes of toffee and molasses are accentuated by dark raisin, golden raisin, prune, date nut cake, and fruit gum drops.
Springbank12 Year Cream Sherry CaskCampbeltownThis bottling is an ideal marriage of barley grain whisky and gently sweet oak. But it's in the midpalate that the best work is done as the cream sherry aspect comes alive and the texture turns rich and silky.
Longrow14 YearCampbeltownBig , viscous feeling to it. Sweetness and those distant embers of peat burning in the distance hit the tongue and palate.wet damp soil.
Longrow10 Year 100 ProofCampbeltownThe palate is quite full with a well-balanced sweetness. There are notes of apple skins, calvados and chewy oak tannins.
Longrow10 YearCampbeltownPiney. Stunningly fresh peat flavours.
Hazelburn8 YearCampbeltownFull and sweet, with a grassy, floral flavour and some green maltiness. A pleasing oily body.
Hazelburn12 YearCampbeltownOnce past the lips, the sweet-bitter interplay goes crescendo: coffee, vanilla, malt, Turkish delight, tobacco.
LongrowCurriculum VitaeCampbeltownNot overly complex but bold and pleasing. Lots of vanilla sweetness (custard creams) cut through with lemon peel, drying smoke and spice (cinnamon and root ginger cordial).
BenRiach25 YearSpeysideLots of fruit, particularly luscious stone fruit. Almonds and cocoa, spice.
BenRiach30 YearSpeysideSweet start. Nuts and honey. Spreads well across the palate. White chocolate, shortbread, nutmeg, Turkish delight/rose.
BenRiach15 Year Pedro Ximenez Sherry WoodSpeysideCitrus notes, taking the form of a Seville orange. Light peat, toffee, delicate spice.
BenRiach15 Year Dark RumSpeysideBit of a salty sea taste with more tropical fruit, more rum, rather sweet. The sweet goes nicely with the salty.
Dalwhinnie1991 Distillers EditionHighlandThe taste is sherried (once again) along with some oak spice notes (cold unsweetened tea, old furniture cabinets - slightly dusty) but the extra maturation in the sherry casks has really worked a treat.
GlenmorangieAstarHighlandSilky smooth in the mouth, with initially quite high floral and wood polish notes that become richer and spicier, with succulent peaches.
GlenmorangieSonnaltaHighlandBig flavour, with the sweet sherry immediately apparent. This whisky is quite sweet with some nice balancing dryness sneaking in within a few seconds.
GlenmorangieSignetHighlandThe body is silky-smooth and the palate offers lots of fruit and lively spice, with dark chocolate, contrasting vanilla and a hint of leather.
Glenmorangie25 YearHighlandSoft, silky and very complex with a distinct combination of oaky woodiness, honey and vanilla to begin with. Then the other elements come through - orange peel, peaches, apricots, and walnuts.
Bowmore18 YearIslayThe peat and sherry smoke flavours become evident immediately as they ride in the currents of that chocolate accenting the flavour with herbal tones from the peat and dry fruits (like raisins and prunes) from the sherry.
BowmoreLegendIslayEnormously sweet to begin, with an almost gristy, mealy presence. Dries out towards the middle but the peat appears light and clean.
Caol Ila13 Year Distillers Edition Double Matured Moscatel CaskIslayA little bit of a nutty fruit. VERY smooth and easy to drink neat. A buttery / silky (almost oily) swirl in the mouth.
Lagavulin1993 - 15 Year Distillers EditionIslayLovely interplay of peat smoke and thick, juicy sherry. Sweet, hints of iodine, sultanas.
Famous Grouse12 Year Gold ReservePremium BlendsRich, full flavor, fruit and oak, silky,well-matured. Smooth, long, clean and medium dry.
Balvenie30 YearSpeysideGreat depth with rich dark chocolate, hints of plum, marzipan and caramelised pear.
GlenrothesSelect ReserveSpeysideThis expression is mouth-coatingly malty, with well-integrated bright fruit notes, creamy vanilla, praline and honey. Nutty, delicately spicy finish.
BunnahabhainG&M 11 Year 86 ProofIslayGentle, malty, nutty and sometimes salty with an oiliness that blends well with a fresh sweetness.
Deanston12 Year - UnchillfilteredHighlandFresh, flowery and sweet fragrances; flavor is silky and medium bodied, with fruit and well rounded weight. A full array of sweet maltiness on the palate. An elegant subtle honey finish.
Deanston30 Year Oloroso Sherry CaskHighlandThe sherry provides a good measure of lush fruit, brown sugar, and a slick texture on the palate. The sherry is clean and uncluttered, if somewhat overshadowing the traditional Deanston honeyed malt foundation.
Lagavulin12 YearIslayIntensely peaty. Rounded with big kick: marine character, fragrant smoke, touch of black pepper, but balanced by sufficient sweetness.
Lochside1991 - 13 YearHighlandSmooth and well-balanced. Some notes of beeswax and floral notes with freshly picked petals aplenty.
Laphroaig10 Year 86 ProofIslayContinuous gentle waves of dry peat lap upon the tastebuds but are balanced by a sweet malt middle and the most hesitant of vanillas.
Laphroaig18 Year 96 ProofIslayDry iodine and saltiness are countered by a pleasing sweetness that suggests toasted grains and simple syrup. The peat and smoke is there throughout.
Laphroaig25 Year 102.4 Proof*IslayThe burst of peat that fills the mouth is quickly restrained by a sherry sweetness that slowly develops into spicy apple fruitiness.
ArdmoreG&M 1991 - 16 Year Cask No16SpeysideStraightforward, a touch spirity, more oak than character. Clean, slightly oily palate with simple, straightforward tangy citrus fruit.
Benromach10 YearSpeysideButterscotch sweetness, peaty smoke and leather. Very smooth and quite oily.
GlenlivetGeorge & J.G. Smith - 21 YearSpeysideFine grains with sweet honey, charred oak and understated peat; well balanced.
TomatinCC 1994 - 13 YearHighlandMore on the body than the nose: burnt toffee, sugary, nutty. Rubbery notes.
Isle of JuraCC 12 YearIslandsAn initial hint of spice. Sweet and malty. With water, fresh and heavily malty, with herbal notes. Some freshly cut grass influences and sweet.
Prichard'sSingle MaltAmerican Single MaltsA rich texture and a very unique tasting palate with a big influence of leathery and smoky rum. There are nice notes of malted barley and a soft fruity character from the rye.
AuchentoshanSignatory 1999 - 10 Year UnchillfilteredLowlandLight, soft, oily, mashmallow-like. Good flavour development. From lemony to cedary.
Caol IlaSignatory 1999 10 Year UnchillfilteredIslayAniseed curiously, with plenty of oily smoke, toasty oak, malt and brine. Great balance.
Glen ElginSignatory 15 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideFruity on the palate with a back end of baking chocolate. The fruit notes are crisp and tart. Citrus peel.
LedaigCC 1990 - 16 YearIslandsLight-bodied and medium-dry on the palate, with salt, cereal and spices, roasted nuts, a suggestion of liquorice and a delicate tang of peat.
Glen Ord12 YearHighlandThe attack is sweet and prickly. Gingerbread with marzipan. Sweet pretzels. Ginger and some pepper.
GlenturretG&M 11 YearHighlandThe very first mouth is rather fresh as well, with a kind of candy acidity, and light hints of hazelnut. The overall feeling is sweetness rather than great complexity.
Royal LochnagarSelect ReserveHighlandDrier than the nose suggests, but no less rich. Quite fat and fudgy, though, with a very malty middle despite the spicy fruit.
ArdbegCorryvreckanIslayFirst you get the sweet tones, malty kind of, some burnt sugar. Then it changes into a more spicy, peppery, and smoky tones.
Caol IlaAdelphi 12 YearIslaySweet at the first touch of the tongue, but soon turns to a peppery burst. It's very well balanced between the two. There is also peat, wonderfully mixed on top of it all.
Balvenie14 Year Caribbean CaskSpeysideTasted neat, there is very little smoke nor bite. You can tell there was some time spent in a rum cask, with the fruity, sugary flavor right on the end.
Auchentoshan12 Year Triple DistilledLowlandTo taste the palate is smooth and sweet with hints of tangerine and lime.
Auchentoshan18 Year Triple DistilledLowlandVery dry and nutty to start:almond and brazil nut.Some depth in the centre,then a chocolate/cacao note. Oak grips.The dry leaves blow back .
Auchentoshan21 Year Triple Distilled Limited EditionLowlandClean. That mealy crispness comes through. Dry and slightly wooded. Attractive and balanced, quite nutty and feisty.
AuchentoshanThree Wood - Sherry - Triple DistiledLowlandVery sherried with a certain soft, sweet fruitiness in the centre and dry maltiness underneath.
Auchentoshan10 Year ProvenanceLowlandDefinitely malty. Cloves, sweet cinnamon sticks and the slightest taste of spices
Scapa16 YearIslandsSweet, rich, yet mellow malt. Slightly bitter peat, floral citrus and overall brighter profile.
Glenfiddich15 Year 102 ProofSpeysideCreamily smooth on the palate, these floral and spicy black pepper notes gently mingle with luscious fruit and a hint of sherry wood, lazily lingering to a sweet and warm, velvety finish.
Glenfiddich30 YearSpeysideSeductively woody, with substantial oakiness and lush notes of sherry.
Tobermory1995 - 12 YearIslandsVery malty, with the toffee, fruit and more savoury elements from the nose coming through with some spices evident as well.
Longrow7 Year Gaja Wood "Very Rare"CampbeltownQuite thick and full and, at first, slightly austere. There are notes of the cask, mostly in the mouthfeel, as is so often the case, but there is an exuberance of winter spice and pepper from the rich oak.
Glen SpeyAdelphi 28 YearSpeysideDrinks very well. Smooth, sweet and camphor. Texture pleasantly viscous, unusually mouth-drying; soft, sweet with unusual 'spice-drawer' flavor leaving memory of apple dumpling.
LedaigSignatory 1993 - 16 YearIslandsGood body, spicy and peaty, cloves, cinnamon, toasty bread, pepper and fruit.
GlenlossieG&M Reserve 1978 - 27 YearSpeysideGood balance with malty-toffee notes accented by dried oak spices. Additional notes of roasted nuts, tobacco, Earl Grey tea, sandalwood.
MacallanAdelphi 16 YearSpeysideTart. Peppery. Dusty dryness. (Lemon juice?). Fresher with water.
MortlachAdelphi 13 YearSpeysideSweet, malty and spiced. Some apples, rich mahogany and leather bound books. A touch of espresso.
Glen ElginAdelphi 16 YearSpeysideSoft start, powering up in the centre. Sweetish, malty and hot.
GlenlossieCC 1978 - 29 YearSpeysideSweet, smoky with a very rich mulled fruits and dark chocolate element. Drying out with Sherry oak tones.
Glen Grant1948 - 50 Year - 1.69oz BottleSpeysideDusty, with some chocolate and just hints of tropical fruits. Quite some mint too, growing bigger and bigger.
Glenlivet1948 - 50 Year - 1.69oz BottleSpeysideExotic fruit notes of passionfruit, pineapple and apricot appear, while other interesting flavors reminiscent of saddle soap, campfire embers, aged Gouda, toffee, vintage leather, pipe tobacco and orange marmalade make various appearances.
LinkwoodG&M 1939SpeysideIt is smoky, resinous, super fruity and very beautiful but perhaps globally a bit lighter than the usual style from this era
Macallan10 Year Fine OakSpeysideSweet, fruity, banana crEme, orange marmalade, vanilla and a touch of oak.
Rosebank1991 - 18 YearLowlandThe flavours shift like quicksilver over the tongue. Pot pourri when breathed over your tastebuds. Light lime and floral character.
GlenmorangieFinealtaHighlandSilky-smooth and luscious in the mouth, with real substance and presence. Ripe Jaffa oranges, caramel, raisins and brittle toffee. Pineapple and slightly smoky coconut when water is added.
WasmundSingle Malt SpiritAmerican Single MaltsA diffusion of smokehouse, butterscotch, leaves and fruit wrapped into a silky wax-like flavor and velvety mouthfeel.
WasmundSingle Malt WhiskeyAmerican Single MaltsDry and smooth with a good burn. Having good spice, the scent is thin with light notes of bourbon.
Dewar's18 Year Founder's ReservePremium BlendsGentle and easygoing, this medium gold blend offers enticing honey and caramel entry points, with a mild, nutty body.
Macallan25 Year Sherry OakSpeysideFull and rich, with dried fruits and wood smoke. Long, with dried fruits, wood smoke and spice.
ClynelishCC 1993 - 10 YearHighlandGrilled barley, biscuit with some undergrowth hints and some farmy notes discretely hidden behind this firework of biscuit smoothness. Some very nice fruity hints appear, developing on milk chocolate through a whole palette of very pleasant impressions.
Caol Ila12 YearIslayBegins sweet & rich and has a wonderful oily, coating mouth feel. The peat smoke here is bright and mingles with other smokey flavors like green wood smoke and a little pipe smoke.
Glendronach33 YearSpeysideThick, very fruity. Dark caramel, floral, dark caramel. Quite long, sherried raisins, hazelnut spread, oak.
Glen GrantG&M 12 YearSpeysideClean and sweet as nose. Citrus fruits, almonds, ginger and other spices.
GlenlivetOld Ballantruan - The 'Peated Malt'SpeysideThe palate is full and punchy. There are notes of barley sugar and toasted cereals, a cardboard note with hints of vanilla fudge and notes of chewy dark peat.
BalblairAdelphi 37 YearHighlandThe mouth presents some woody bitterness mixed with beautiful fruity notes and some medicinal character. Spices are present too to achieve the whole image.
Longmorn12 YearSpeysideThe palate is of medium-body. There are notes of citrus and dried, sugared mixed peels. There are some toasted cereal notes and orange blossom honey.
Longmorn30 YearSpeysideThe palate is soft and delicate, with a buttery, mouth-coating roundness. Lightly sweet, oaky flavors of resin, honey, and vanilla are balanced alongside warm, malty notes of beeswax and brioche.
Yamazaki12 Year Single Malt*Japanese Single MaltsMalty, dry wood, vanilla, orange zest and a light touch of smoke.
PenderynAur Cymru Single Malt Madeira FinishWales Single MaltThe palate is spicy and fruity, with a suggestion of custard powder towards the end, which finishes with raisins and vanilla.
Black BottleOriginalPremium BlendsLight smoke, light peat, butter scotch, slightly phenolic, very gentle on the tongue. Not the typical Islay peat blast like Islay and Ardbeg.
AuchentoshanSignatory 21 Year Triple DistilledLowlandFruity, sherried and woody on the palate as well. Coconut. It grows drier and smokier towards the relatively short finish. It grows drier and smokier towards the relatively short finish.
Glenlivet25 YearSpeysideThe palate is thick and smooth. There are notes of sherried peels and sultanas, chewy toffee and walnut, dried fruits emerge with a juicy touch.
Balvenie17 Year PeatedSpeysideSweet caramel, honey, dried fruits and some cooked/stewed fruits ,especially apples, give a lovely rich, rounded sweetness that is counteracted by the cereal and spice notes.
Isle of Jura10 YearIslandsSweetish, soft, malty, oily, slowly developing a slight island dryness and saltiness.
Glenfarclas17 YearHighlandBig, full-flavoured, with excellent balance, develops slowly, full of sherry sweet malty tones, and a touch peat smoke.
Glengoyne21 YearHighlandLots of Sherry, honey, oak with a developing aromatic sensation. Ends with a heavenly cinnamon nip.
Glen Grant10 YearSpeysideFirm. Sweetness, fruity, vanilla. Gentle peat, malty.
Glen Grant16 YearSpeysidePlush silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with elegant depth and graceful balance.
Michel Couvreur12 YearFrench Single MaltsLots of caramel, toffee, and semi-rich malt, with moderate sweetness, and a dusting of garden-variety spices.
BalmenachG&M 16 YearSpeysideFruit-driven malts with a deep, malt-fruit roundness and a chewy, firm, medium-full body.
GlencadamG&M 22 YearHighlandSpicy with leafy/dry grass flavour. Aromatic, sweet liquorice allsorts.
Yamazaki18 Year Single Malt*Japanese Single MaltsOn the palate, rich, sherry notes appear first. Dried plum, sultanas, freshly cracked walnuts and stewed fruit before nice wood notes.
AuchroiskDT 10 YearHighlandFlavors are quite complex, with delicate fruity, leafy, honeyed notes.
BalmenachDuncan Taylor 9 YearSpeysideKind of peachy but nondescript. Finishes with more stone fruits.
Dewar'sSignaturePremium BlendsFull bodied with rich, fruity and mellow notes of honey, vanilla, toffee and caramel overtones.
Wemyss"The Spice King"Premium BlendsThe palate is soft and delicate, rich with vanilla honey and late oakiness. A delicate, summer dram.
Tomatin18 YearHighlandQuite sweet and full. There are notes of barley sugar and honeycomb. Hints of chocolate orange and cocoa dusted liberally on a toasty oak.
Belgian OwlSingle MaltBelgian Single MaltsThis whisky is tangy and very light to begin with. Here the three main descriptors are distinct cereals, grassy and fresh green fruits
KilkerranWork In ProgressCampbeltownQuite full-bodied and peppery, with developing fruitiness, which is emphasised by the addition of water.
ArdbegAlligatorIslayHeavy but not ultra peaty, but very Smokey as in smoked tobacco leaves, leftovers of a cigar, quite chilly and peppery with a gingery zing on the tongue as well.
Johnnie WalkerDouble BlackPremium BlendsThe rich palate offers restrained grain, lots of malt character, a pinch of pepper, peat and black jelly babies.
Cardhu12 YearSpeysideSparkling grains and sugary vanilla/peach with a suggestion of peat, harmonious balance of a wise distiller.
Famous GrouseBlack GrousePremium BlendsFull-bodied and silky smooth in the mouth, smoky and fruity, with spice and a backbone of satisfying oak. Lingering smoke and citrus fruits in the finish; complex, creamy and balanced.
GlenmorangieArteinHighlandBaked stone fruits (apricots, peaches, plums) and spearmint, cherries in milk chocolate
Littlemill12 YearLowlandQuite full-bodied and very round with notes of barley sugar, toasted cereal and oily nuts with a rubbery character.
McCarthysOregon Single MaltAmerican Single MaltsClean, peat with some sugar, followed by smoke and iodine.
MiltonduffG&M 10 YearSpeysideCereal flavours with spicy and treacle notes.
ScapaG&M 11 YearIslandsCharring and chocolate. Truffles. Slight rum filled chocolate liquors. Water makes even more chocolate filled
EdradourSignatory 12 Year CaledoniaHighlandTaste is creamy with a nice amount of pepper and some sweetness coming through, then a slightly bittersweet yet typical highland edge in a long finish.
TullibardineAged OakHighlandOily in the mouth, slightly earthy with brazil nuts, vanilla and lemon.
Tullibardine1992 - 16 YearHighlandSweet apricots on syrup and quince, sprinkled with some white pepper. And a magnificent trace of smoke.
Tullibardine1993 - 15 Year Sherry WoodHighlandWell-rounded and smooth. There are notes of honeycomb and beeswax, a touch of chamomile and notes of apple blossom, morello cherry, hints of dried peels and sultanas and a subtle sherry.
Stronachie12 YearHighlandGood, firm attack: toasted nuts, malt but with sufficient toffee sweetness to keep things interesting.
Stronachie18 YearHighlandIntensely rich with soft heather and hints of chocolate and syrup.
DailuaineBlackadder Raw Cask 1996 15 Year*SpeysideBig, sweet and fruity on the palate - and quite hot. Clear and present tannins.
Blair AtholBlackadder Raw Cask 1999 12 Year*HighlandIt had a spicy bite on the palate and feels quite 'hot' at 50% - more so than I expected. Woody and chewy (tannins) with some liquorice
BalvenieTun 1401 Batch No. 3SpeysideThe nose is very rich, sherry with berries. The palate is lush and massively fruity with pears and sweet sherry notes and the finish has prunes and figs.
Bowmore12 YearIslayHoney vanilla, gives way to delicate hints of iodine and salt ending with hints of smoke and sherry. Finishes with light puffs of pipe tobacco smoke, Nectar, vanilla, fairly dry with a light clean lingering sweetness.
BenRiach15 Year Peated Pedro Ximinez FinishSpeysideCream and honey infused with papaya rosehips, eucalyptus and dark chocolate; all interwoven with rich Pedro Ximinez sherry and oak wood.
ArranSauternes Cask FinishIslandsRichly honeyed and backed with a lifting zestiness which slides into spice and zingy salt. Once the dram opens out, vanilla and sultana stand out followed by notes of toasted oak.
ArranPort Cask FinishIslandsLayered fruits and spice combine, with cinnamon baked apple wrestling with raisin and plum pudding. The dram opens out to reveal warming barley and a hint of sweet pear.
Arran14 YearIslandsStarts malty and clean but quickly there's a burst of fresh fruits: citrus, peaches, caramelized apples, some melon and berries. Nice hints of buttercups in the background. Hints of sweet oak with whiffs of vanilla and coconut as well.
ArranAmarone Cask FinishIslandsPoached pears and honey followed by toasted almonds and a subtle touch of cranberry on the nose. Dark chocolate, cherry and turkish delights are evident as are stewed fruits and toffee in the palate.
AberlourDouglas of Drumlanrig 11 YearSpeysideAromas of high toned white fruit, apple and cinnamon. The palate is soft and a touch spirity. Plenty of herbal notes abound with some latent honey, banana and a touch of grass.
DalmoreCigar Malt ReserveHighlandCharacteristic Dalmore notes of orange blossom honey and Grand Marnier in the nose. Round and medium-bodied. Mild tongue burn, punctuated with waves of cherry, orange liqueur, and sweet sherry.
DalmoreGran ReservaHighlandAn enticing heather and chocolate nose leads to a delicious rich palate with a silky texture and plenty of spice on the finish. Worryingly easy to drink.
Dalmore15 YearHighlandOn the nose, a chocolate orange. Potpourri, perfumed. Fruitcake, sherry. On the palate Medium, lovely delivery. Zesty orange, Blue Cura?ao, chocolate. Winter spice, stem ginger in syrup. Hints of anise and a little hickory.
Dalmore10 Year Douglas of DrumlanrigHighlandOn the nose, Orange, dark plums, chocolate, marzipan. On the palate, Citrus, Christmas Cake, Coffee, Cinnamon.
Famous Grouse12 YearPremium BlendsOn the nose it is neat, the whisky has slight hints of butter, vanilla, and floral depth. There is a sense of sweetness right off the start turning into oak aging, citrus and then into a spicy bite.
Clynelish15 Year Douglas of DrumlanrigHighlandThe nose opens on sweet Turkish Delight and lightly burnt malt. Wonderfully round and creamy. Oranges, but also plums and pink grapefruit. Tonic and pepper. A light touch of nuts gives it a fine set of layers.
Fettercairn16 Year Douglas LaingHighlandThe nose is fruity with toffee apples, rum and raisin ice cream, blueberry compote, sultanas and oak. Sweet and palate-coating with rum spices, madeira cake and hints of soft smoke. Oodles of melted chocolate and malt.
Ledaig6 Year 2004 Murray McDavidIslandsOn the nose, Walnuts, toasted almonds, orange marmalade, ginger, cloves and malt. On the palate, Sherried peels, dates, peat smoke, lapsang souchong with honey and lemon, walnut loaf and banana skin.
Macallan30 YearSpeysideA nose of rich sherry, with orange, clove, nutmeg and wood smoke aromas. On the palate prepare for deliciously smooth dried fruits, sherry, orange and wood smoke.
Highland ParkG&M 11 Year Oak 1994IslandsFresh and floral with hints of freshly cut grass. Elements of treacle. A delicate saltiness is also present. Hot and spicy with some woody influences and a heavy sweetness.
Glenrothes1998 - 10 YearSpeysideInitially hints of dry flowers, cereals and butter caramel / toffee in the nose. Starts gently on honey, fruity marmalade and apple. Quite sweet and vanillated. Some coconut. More depth when the spices kick in on the tongue. Medium finish.
AmrutFusionIndian Single MaltsAn attractive nose of vanilla, cinnamon, almonds and smoky ginger. Richly fruity on the palate, with figs, spice, plain chocolate, subtle peat and a touch of leather.
AmrutSingle Malt WhiskyIndian Single MaltsPowerful oak on the nose, along with milk chocolate, almonds, peaches and some spice. Light and fruity on the palate, with coconut and malt notes. The finish is medium in length, with pepper and lingering oakiness.
Balvenie17 Year DoublewoodSpeysideHoney, malt, vanilla, unripe bananas and green apples on the nose. Smooth and well-mannered. The palate majors in fresh fruits, vanilla, creamy spices and cloves. The finish is medium to long, with more honey and vanilla, plus aniseed and warming oak.
MannochmoreCu DhubSpeysideThe nose is well-rounded and smooth. Notes of gentle peat and wafting smoke. Hints of dark nuttiness and espresso beans. A touch of honey with vanilla fudge and a little whisper of something medicinal.
GlenfiddichMalt Master's Edition Double Matured in Oak/SherrySpeysideMalt, wood smoke, vanilla, nuts, berries, pepper, and a fair amount of sherry influence. Layered, complex, but very subdued.
Talisker1998 Distiller's EditionIslandsThere is a lovely mix of aromas - dark dried fruits, caramel, nuts, malty cereals, Talisker's trademark peppery smoke, a hint of some cocoa powder.
Glen BretonBattle of the GlensCanadian Single MaltsA complex interplay of fresh fruit, spring flowers, nutty grain, and hot white pepper all kept in place by the pith of white grapefruit. Floral & Fragrant.
NikkaTaketsuru 12 Year*Japanese Single MaltsFloral and balanced, with notes of plum jam, cut herbs, rhubarb pie, vanilla ice cream and cold coffee. Sweet and oily, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, buttery toffee, almond, salty butter, custard.
Benromach2001 - 10 Year UnchillfilteredSpeysideFresh with subtle esters and toasted malt. Sweet vanilla flavours with hints of cream toffee, with a fresh pear note emerging. An initial burst of chilli spice, mouth warming, yet very smooth and creamy. A hint of liquorice and earthy influences linger.
BladnochCC - 17 YearLowlandIt has a slight malty, almost bready character. There's a hint of both honey and spice on the palate, but the maltiness and tropical fruit show through.
Caol IlaG&M - 11 Year Cask StrengthIslayTypical distillery notes, from peat to salt, are definitely here. The strong-sherried character given by the first fill cask then brings sweetness: it feels like the apple rind that pipe smokers put in their tobacco to keep it wet.
GleneskCC - 24 YearHighlandThe nose is aromatic with peppery and earthy aromas. Traces of dried fruits with smoky (bonfire embers) elements. A little toffee sweetness emerges. Tastes sweet with smoky notes. Some fruit flavours combined with dry grass and sandalwood. Finishes well.
GlenburgieG&M - 21 YearSpeysideHuge nose, lots of grain, chew finish.
MortlachG&M - 11 Year Cask StrengthSpeysideThe neat nose has complexity, including lots of vanilla, dusted caramels, syrup and candied citrus peel. The neat taste is fizzy on the tongue and quite drying, with flavours of ginger, honey and dried fruit, lime and tobacco leaf.
Strathisla12 Year - GlenlivetSpeysideFresh and lively but really simple. Broiled cereals, freshly mown lawn, hints of caramel, breadcrumb, cattle food. Taste is refreshingly nice and enjoyable.
TormoreCC - 15 YearSpeysideThe nose has notes of cut fruits and the salad made thereof, notes of orange blossom and rose water, hints of crisp barley sugar and toasty cereals. Tasting notes of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and ground ginger, with lemon marmalade and vanilla fudge.
LagavulinDistiller's Edition 2012 PX CaskIslaySmoke and butterscotch, dried fruit and leather: This delicious spirit is what happens when you take an amply peated whisky from the Islay region of Scotland and age it in sherry casks, which imparts a deep amber hue and a winey suppleness.
DalwhinnieDistiller's Edition 2012 OlorosoHighlandSmell of Oloroso and Liquorice. Sweet taste with malt and woodnotes. Long finish with honey and a wooden sweetness.
ObanDistiller's Edition 2012HighlandSmells fruity with a soft seabreeze. Sweeter than most Oban's. Long finish with a typical Fino Montilla wood note
TaliskerDistiller's Edition 2012 AmorosoIslandsThe nose is extremely sharp and well focused, with quite wonderful sultana sweetness. Thepeat, crisp at first, softens to enormous richness in the mouth, then wafts around the palate with sweet, roasted malt and a heathery dryness.
Braeval13 Year Unchillfiltered 1998SpeysideDry grassy nose of hay and chaff. Digestive biscuits with a malty cereal note. Meadows, with wild grass and flowers. Sugared peel and citrus fruits. Finishes with Christmas cake spice and fruit with good length.
Arran1996 15 Year Sherry Cask StrengthIslandsThe palate is spicy with the fresh fruit from the nose becoming denser and tangier. The finish is long and spicy with nutmeg and orange zest on the tail-end.
Kilchoman5 YearIslayVery typical soft peat aromas from an Islay. Nice honey gold color that palates a sweetness first, then a soft peaty some to follow. Finishes long and clean with smoke and a soft citrus.
Caol IlaSignatory 2000 10 Year UnchillfilteredIslayHeather roots and vanilla on the nose with hints of ginger, chocolate malt and seaweed. Oily palate entry with notes of soft peat smoke and camphor, a little sage butter and rum spice with a long finish.
Glendronach14 Year Virgin Oak UnchillfilteredSpeysideBanana, melon and coconut, tropical flavours layered over a spicy floor. Overall, Lots of tropical fruit flavours with the toasty spice of new oak firmly stating its presence.
Glendronach14 Year Sauternes UnchillfilteredSpeysideBig fruity notes of rhubarb, strawberry, lemon meringue pie and whipped cream. The cream becomes custard with the citrus zing of sweet wine slicing through followed by red apples and sultanas. An extraordinarily refreshing Glendronach.
BenRiach15 Year H&H MadeiraSpeysideSweet, spicy, citrussy. Oak, fresh fruit. Esters, eucalyptol freshness, toffee, sherry. Thick mouthfeel. Long finish with pine and hazelnut.
BenRiach16 Year Sauternes WineSpeysideNutty, gristy notes; almonds, hazelnuts and hints of cereal and flour. Sherried. Thick and chewy, with a supple depth. Refined sweetness, intense vanilla and oaky spices.
BunnahabhainG&M 8 YearIslayTypical Bunnahabhain peat with a nice smokey back end that finishes rather clean. A young scotch that has full flavor.
Ancnoc12 YearHighlandKnockdu renamed their whiskies anCnoc to avoid confusion with the nearby Knockando distillery. This 12 year old exhibits a gentle, non-sherried style of whisky.
The Speyside12 YearHighlandThe nose is of medium-body with a superb balance. There are notes of peppermint, cut herbs and cereal sugars with juicy barley. he finish is of good length with a touch of warmth.
Bruichladdich10 Year 2nd Edition "Laddie Ten"IslayComplex and real Bruichladdich style. Seabreeze, flowery, lemon and some honey on the nose with nice sweetness, fruits and oak on the palate.
Bruichladdich2003 OrganicIslayThe first Organic whisky release from Bruichladdich. This is 100% organic certified by the Biodynamic Association. The motto 'Anns an t-sean doigh' is Gaelic for 'In the traditional Way'.
BruichladdichPort Charlotte "The Peat Project"IslayThis is a battle between peat and spice. The smoke swirls around a battalion of pepper and cinnamon. The smoke arrives first followed by an immense creaminess on the palate, then notes of sherbet lemon emerge. Fruity finish with nutmeg and soot.
ArdmoreTraditional CaskSpeysideThe release of this 'Traditional Cask' was the first official single malt from the Ardmore distillery, this is a young whisky, but it was aged in quarter casks.
Laphroaig10 Year Cask StrengthIslayThe nose is big and rich. There is a dark peat, some dry moss and burnt heather and, somehow, toffee has softened the blow. Then, at last, the usual suspects: iodine and tar. The palate is rich and full and very chewy.
Tomatin15 YearHighlandGentle, balanced with orchard fruits, oak, blossom, orange too, creamy vanilla, toffee. Creamy and soft with a prominence of fruit and malt. Balanced, some toffee, caramel, citrus. Long and soft finish.
Tomatin25 YearHighlandWell-balanced. There are notes of chewy apple and fruit salad, hints of grist and barley malt, a touch of smoke with notes of grape and cereal. Full and punchy. Hints of orange zest and lemon juice, notes of fruit salad with gooseberries and pineapple.
BunnahabhainChieftains 10 Year SherryIslayApple and pear, dark rum spices, a little grapefruit zest and coffee beans on the nose. Spicy and sweet, notes of oak, chamomile, orange marmalade and peppermint on the palate. Very long, spicy floral finish.
Glenrothes1999 Hogsheads SignatorySpeysideNutty with hints of smoke, lots of dark and rich fruit, with dried peels, red berries and malt.
Cragganmore1998 Hogsheads SignatorySpeysideWine-like with an incredibly fruity notes of fresh pears, apples and cut flowers. Beautifully balanced. Peppery, dried herbs, honey. Rich and very fruity. Tangy, slightly sharp, strawberries, perry, pepper and rose petal jelly.
EdradourBallechin #6 Bourbon CaskHighlandA superb and unusual Highland whisky, Ballechin is heavily peated Edradour, and this is the 6th release in the range, aged in a bourbon cask.
EdradourBallechin #7 Bordeaux CaskHighlandA peated whisky from the Edradour distillery, this Ballechin was named for a lost distillery in the region, and was aged in red wine casks from Bordeaux. Very peaty palate with cranberries, blueberry jam, black pepper, cinnamon pastries, and nutmeg.
Glengoyne17 YearHighlandA multi-award winning whisky from Glengoyne, this 17 year old won a Double Gold at the 2003 and 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as Gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge in 1999 and 2005.
ArranMachrie Moor Batch 3IslandsDistilled in 2004 from peated malt. This is the third batch. Dusty, sooty palate with hints of smoke and barbecue sauce. Hickory, cedar and biscuity malt. Very fruity.
Arran12 Year Cask StrengthIslandsA fruits character of peaches and nectarines rise of the surce of the whisky with a tinge of classic Arran apricot to follow. The palate is spicy with the fresh fruit from the nose becoming denser and tangier.
Glenfarclas10 YearHighlandots of sherry, juicy. Honey, touch of toffee, creamy. Malty, barley. Winter spice. Fruitcake, toffee, and hint of smoke on the tongue
Glengoyne10 YearHighlandSlightly herbal, big bourbon influence which has brought a wonderful "high note". White milk bottle sweets, more creamy than fruity. Barley rich, more bourbon influence. Clean and dry.
Isle of Jura16 YearIslandsIn the nose a light smoke sweetly transforming into creamy marzipan. On the palate elegant vinous note, orange zest, with refreshuing sour tangs. Finish is medium to long, with a delicious orangy coating.
Glenkinchie12 YearLowlandThe nose is quite light, yet fragrant. Notes of fresh cereal and grist. The palate is very fruity with notes of Madeira and sweet stewed fruits. A hint of calvados and tannic oak lining the mouth. There is a freshness and roundness to this dram.
Highland ParkAdelphi 13 Year Old 130 ProofIslandsCocoa and digestive biscuits, hessian sacks, oak, nougat, cherries, stewed fruits and a hint of smoke. Rich and intense with notes of almond, nougat, icing sugar, chocolate, salty toffee and butter.
Isle of SkyeIan Macleod's 8 YearPremium BlendsSmoke, notes of barley and crEme anglaise on the nose. Sweet fruitcake with a touch of sherry on the palate. A very nutty and spicy finish.
Hibiki12 Year*Japanese Blended WhiskyAn exquisite 12 year old blended Japanese whisky. Hibiki includes malt whisky from Yamazaki and Hakushu, as well as grain whisky from Chita. The whisky is partly matured in plum liqueur barrels.
Amrut100 Proof PeatedIndian Single MaltsThe fruit fights back but it's a savoury whisky, with a spicy chili conclusion, and utterly unforgettable and irresistible.
MortlachThe Exclusive Malts 1995 17 YearSpeysideBoiled candy sweetness (pear drops, the custard component of rhubarb and custard boiled sweets, hints of Kola Kubes, too), complete absence of wood for 17 years.
Kilchoman"Sherry" Loch GormIslayGreat combination of delicate smoke and sweet sherry. Sherry or wine, go figure? Anyways, it's a good clash of two completely opposite tastes with hints of wood. Finishes rather peppery.
BunnahabhainToiteachIslayGaelic for smoky? Spiced heat opens with sweet fruits, dates, sweet smoke, cracked black pepper.
DeanstonVirgin OakHighlandWarm and spicy, then fruity-sweet. A dried grass/floral element also dances about. Light-bodied. Oak doesn't really play a part until near the end, where the whisky sort of grips the mouth. Finishes gently with a bit of a sour fruit flavour.
AmrutIntermediate SherryIndian Single MaltsIn the nose you will get hints of maple spice and toffee apples, notes of red berry fruits. Spicy. In the palate, Thick, creamy palate with notes of mixed conserves, lemon and ginger. Rich and malty with figs and pepper. Finishes long and smooth.
GlenmorangieEalantaHighlandToffee, butterscotch, vanilla, and a curious hint of stewed fruits in the nose. Candied orange peel, sugar coated almonds, sweet vanilla and marzipan come through when tasting followed by a deliciously long finish.
SmokeheadIslaySmokehead offers wood smoke on the nose, along with smoked fish, black treacle and bubblegum notes. Huge on the palate, smoked haddock, Germolene and fruit gums are present, while freshly-ground black pepper develops in the finish.
BlackadderPeat ReekIslayThe first whiff of the Blackadder Peat Reek has a medicinal feel to it. It gives a fiery spiciness (not unlike cayenne pepper) and then it gives a very smooth feeling with some peat in it. Finish has cinnamon and a little cayenne too.
LongrowRed 11 Year ShirazCampbeltownA Peaty beginning gives way to smoked cheese and oatcakes with a hint of leather. A huge syrah base marries with peat and gives a delicious tannin-like palate that envelops your mouth. Delicious dram.
Antiquary12 YearPremium BlendsThe nose is light and well-balanced. There are notes of malted barley and honey, a touch of spice and fresh fruit salad. The palate is of medium-body with notes of calvados and barley, a touch of honey and mixed peels and notes of oak.
Antiquary21 YearPremium BlendsThe nose is of medium-body with notes of soft peat smoke and a rooty character. The palate is quite well-rounded and full, there are notes of cut hay and honey, caramel and a touch of dry oak.
Springbank9 Year (4 Bourbon 5 Fresh Garola)CampbeltownInitial aromas of liquorice are followed by poached pears, chocolate, cream and marzipan. There is no mistaking the red wine tannins from the Gaja Barolo casks, complemented by earthy and woody notes.
ArdbegDayIslayBurnt toffee and tar with a hint of French Vanilla on the nose. A bit waxy in taste and feel. Grains dipped in iodine and a little bit of butterscotch. Hot and aggressive. Not for the meek.
Arran16 YearIslandsAroma of ginger, honey and oak. Notes of citrus and dark fruits that are complemented by hints of cinnamon, oak and honey, and lead to a long, chewy finish.
Dewar'sHoneyPremium BlendsDewar's Honey?.
NikkaCoffey Still*Japanese GrainThe nose is pungent and rich. There are notes of nuts and espresso beans, berry fruits and dried peels. The palate is rich and full with notes of vanilla spice and thick nuts. A little bourbon and maramalade. The spice develops beautifully.
NikkaMiyagikyo 12 Year*Japanese Single MaltsLight, floral nose with touches of green apple, black pepper and hints of sherry. Well-matured on the palate, full-body big flavour with a tang of dried fruit and some grip at the finish.
Hakushu12 Year*Japanese Single MaltThis dram has aroma of pears, crushed leafy bracken a hint of citrus. You can enjoy subtle smokiness and the sweet poached pears on the palate.
Caol IlaStitchell Reserve UnpeatedIslaySweet and fairly innocuous at first. Hint of distant seaweed, citrus, chopped green apple. Palateability is great. Sawn wood, pine cones and some needles, those Haribo sweets that have the white bit on them (you know what I mean).
TaliskerStormIslandsInitial brine, but not as abrupt as the 10 Year Old, quite creamy by comparison. Banana. Thick and mouth-coating with wood smoke, brine, some tin and chili heat too.
Arran1997 Sherry Premium Single CaskIslandsDried fruits. A distinct nuttiness emerges with hints of walnut and espresso. Honey, sherry, barley, touch of smoke in the mouth followed by a peppery finish.
Kilchoman100% Islay 2012 ReleaseIslayThe aroma is of fresh cut barley, pepper and malt with peat perfectly balanced against this to create a fresh and lively nose. The palate is fairly sweet with barley sugar notes and with the addition of water the peat positively explodes.
TomatinLegacy 86 ProofHighlandLemon, panatella and pine forest. Slightly green with vanilla in the nose. Cracked pepper and sweet barley with pineapple cube sweets. Waves of warming oak beneath.
TomatinCu Bocan SpicedHighlandA springy citrus blend of oranges and grapefruits which leads into a fresh, floral bloom. Smoke starts to seep through slowly, growing ever so slightly the longer it's on the tongue. Subtle sweet chillies pop up, as well as a nutty note or two.
ProvenanceGlenlivet 15 YearSpeysideThe nose is rich with cereal sweetness and warm barley. Apple blossom rises without effort and notes of malmsey and stewed fruits and Christmas punch emerge with spice and muffin. The palate is quite full and quite sweet.
ProvenanceGlenrothes 1997 14 YearSpeysideRich vanilla and ginger notes on the nose lead to some green fruits on the palate and tangy grapefruit notes on the finish. This is a full-bodied whisky with a rich creamy character.
ProvenanceInchgower 12 YearSpeysideBarley malt and spice, creamy and sweet. Notes of stewed fruits and peppermint in the nose. Fruity and full, with notes of malt and cherries, a little nutmeg and milk chocolate in the palate.
AultmoreClassic Cask #130 1997 15 YearSpeysideLight straw in color, this mildly aromatic Scotch is buttery on the palate. It has an acrid rubber note on the finish that overwhelms more nuanced fruit and floral tones.
BowmoreClassic Cask #131 2000 11 YearIslayCreamy with seaweed, smoke and a nutty maltiness in the nose. Clean with smoke and malt notes on the palate. Typical of Bowmore.
AberlourClassic Cask 2000 12 YearSpeysideMalt aromas, spice & flowery dryness in the nose. Pronounced cereal grains, oatmeal & liquorice in the palate.
StrathmillClassic Cask #132 1992 20 YearSpeysideWith its light straw color and mild aromatics, this Scotch surprises with light smokiness on the palate, along with malty, faintly sweet cookie-dough notes interspersed with pear and caramel.
BruichladdichClassic Cask 1992 19 YearIslayHoney, caramel & butterscotch in the nose. Flavours of leather, liquorice, toffee & cooked apples.
ClynelishClassic Cask 1997 15 YearHighlandTropical fruit, orange & oak in the nose. Starts sweet with cola & coconut, creme brulee & toffee.
LongmornClassic Cask 1992 20 YearSpeysidePink grapefruit & cotton candy bouquet. Flavours of tangerine, black tea & a hint of eucalyptus.
Highland ParkClassic Cask 1998 12 YearIslandsThe nose is fresh, clean and very aromatic. Floral notes abound the senses with a light grassiness. The palate is quite full with a pleasant subtlety to the depths. Lurking somewhere in the substratum a grilled orange lies.
TormoreThe Exclusive Malts 1984 29 YearSpeysideLightly sweet on the nose, with honey, butterscotch, lime, cherry and oak. On the palate, notes of citrus fruits, apricot, tobacco leaves and sweet spice. The finish is long.
LaphroaigThe Exclusive Malts 1990 22 YearIslayYou will find the peat that Laphroaig is known for, but it has transitioned itself dramatically. The mouth is big & the finish goes on and on.
BunnahabhainThe Exclusive Malts 1991 21 YearIslayBeautiful nose filled with rich dessert notes but also a little delicate at the same time. A sharp, almost tingling entry. Crisply sweet with some citrus now along with slightly winey grapes.
DailuaineThe Exclusive Malts 1992 21 YearSpeysideA subtle nose of caramel apple, honey, lemon and grass notes. The palate has notes of spiced wood, citrus zest, caramel, black tea and cocoa. The finish is lingering and spicy.
Glen GrantThe Exclusive Malts 1992 20 YearSpeysideDripping with soft fruits and some barley-honey. Whilst a lot of this whisky is meant for blending, it still commands healthy respect from malt whisky drinkers.
ArdmoreThe Exclusive Malts 2000 12 YearSpeysideThe peat is slightly softer yet the whisky is still an attention grabber. Overall very ardmore basic. Typical 12 Year.
Stalk & Barrel Single MaltCask #3 (Still Waters Production)Canadian Single MaltsNose has good balance of toffee, clove and honey notes with a hint of vanilla. The taste is chewy with a good mouth feel and notes of butterscotch, toffee and honey sweetness balanced by some clove spiciness.
Stalk & Barrel Single MaltCask #6 (Still Waters Production)Canadian Single MaltsThis whisky runs hot, but has a mildly smooth texture. In the nose comes vanilla, banana ester, and a good bit of wood. Palateability is great, bringing out citrus, vanilla, caramel and toffee notes.
CorsairTriple SmokeAmerican Single MaltsThe nose is layered, with the rich island peat filling the middle, bacony beechwood curling out from underneath, and more delicate cherry top notes. The palate exemplifies the nose quite nicely.
LaphroaigTriple WoodIslayThe initial flavour is quite sweet with a gentle mixture of sweet raisins and creamy apricots with just a trace of the dry peat smoke at the back, the smoother nutty flavours combine all these flavours into one smooth, syrupy whole.
ClynelishCC 1999 - 11 YearHighlandInitially a very sweet note - Highland fudge. A creamy texture, with a hint of milk chocolate and marshmallows. Creamy and sweet. A slight hint of pepper and mint.
GlenfiddichCask of Dreams*SpeysideThe nose on the Cask of Dreams is slightly fruity and sweet with golden raisin, dried apricot, and soft vanilla. Dried apricot, golden raisins, and vanilla start the mouth off with a nice spice note that comes through as the heat kicks in.
GlenfiddichAge of Discovery*SpeysideA deep earthy aroma of sweet ripe figs and orange marmalade with bright notes of fresh gooseberries and grapes. Cinnamon and crushed black pepper rest on a base of deep earthy notes, caramalised fruits, crystallised ginger, raisins and hints of dry oak.
GlenmorangieCompantaHighlandHeady, fruity nose with notes of chocolate and spice. Then comes an umami-like delivery of truffles. There is a massive spice note, then something akin to chewing on pipe tobacco - sweet and savoury all at once. Black pepper comes through in a big way.
AuchentoshanClassicLowlandFairly sweet, toasty Bourbon notes and creamy vanilla intertwined with lush, ripe cooked fruit. Perhaps coconut. Fruity with typical Auchentoshan refinement. White peach and crEme anglaise.
Compass BoxHedonismPremium BlendsFrom that first, delectable, introduction Hedonism is all ripe fruit, fraises des bois and sponge cake. Some red pepper provides an interesting point to mull. Very sensual, disarmingly sleek and creamy. Black cherry and sweet spices, some cereal notes.
Compass BoxPeat MonsterPremium BlendsPeat, marked salinity, leans to Caol Ila in style, something medicinal. Sweet and fruity, grainy. Peat, oak. Botanicals, floral, coppery, sweet, smoky bacon, hint of papaya.
Compass BoxAsylaPremium BlendsMelon, ethereal, ripe rosy apples, delicate smoke. Gristy malt, touch of black pepper, grassy, oaky, orchard fruit.
Compass BoxSpice TreePremium BlendsFragrant and aromatic with notes of dried herbs, spices, oak and vanilla. Has a bourbon note to it and a peppery tang. Gingernut biscuits, toffee spices, peppery, herbal, vanilla, very rich and peppery.
ArdbegAuriverdesIslayCreamy coffee to the fore, joined by dark chocolate and mocha, then a refreshing peachy character kicks in alongside peat and black pepper.
Talisker2013 Distiller's EditionIslandsPeppery, Brine, Seaweed, Vanilla, Light brush of dark fruits, chili, olives like walking by an olive tree.
Oban2013 Distiller's EditionHighlandSmooth. Madeira sweet. Lime jelly. Sultanas and red wine. Soaked fruitcake. Glacier cherries. Hint of milk chocolate. Water makes even sweeter and adds a meaty broth touch.
Lagavulin2013 Distiller's EditionIslayIt's even sweeter than the 2012 with a big dose of banana and pineapple. The smoke is omnipresent. It's medium bodied on the tongue with some nice thick oiliness.
GlenrothesAlba ReserveSpeysideLight, powerful. Honey, pepper, peaches, floral, cinnamon. Long Finish.
WestlandSingle MaltAmerican Single MaltsThe taste is soft and creamy at first with a touch of creme brUlEe, followed by mild clove and cinnamon spices, red apples, and a touch of orange peel.
AuchentoshanAmerican OakLowlandThe nose starts with intense vanilla and is followed by a soft oakyness and hints of meyer lemon. The palate is relatively light with notes of vanilla bean custard and lemon that fade into a touch of spice on the short finish.
BowmoreSmall BatchIslayThe nose starts with violets and candlewax and fades into sour tropical fruit, light muddy peat and a touch of pine needles. The palate starts off with notes of fresh cut pine and a soft vanilla and peat notes. The finish is quite long with floral smoke and sour wood.
Talisker2014 Distiller's EditionIslandsThe nose starts off with fresh fruit notes and Amoroso sherry that fades into pepper iodine and a hint of peat. On the palate, seaweed and vanilla notes begin to show with notes of other dark fruits.
GlenfiddichOriginal 1963SpeysideA fruity, floral aroma with the hallmark Glenfiddich hint of pear are the first to hit the nose, followed by subtle oak notes and a youthful biscuity character. Pleasantly sweet with lively fruit notes and a soft vanilla oakiness. The flavors develop with the addition of a little water and reveal delicate spices, citrus and fresh baked oatcakes.
Glengoyne15 YearHighlandThe nose starts with hints of candied lemon and butterscotch which fade into creamy, cereal notes. The palate is oily and rich with notes of toffee and popcorn with a tinge of salted butter and walnuts. The finish is malty and oaky.
Glengoyne18 YearHighlandThe nose has hints of spice and dried citrus with a touch of apricot, honey and vanilla. The palate is creamy with a custard like flavor, dried citrus notes, allspice, honey and just a touch of butterscotch. The finish is creamy and caramel filled.
Glenrothes1995 18 YearSpeysideThe nose starts off with red fruits such as raspberry, strawberry and watermelon that fade into butterscotch and citrus notes on the palate.
Linkwood15 YearSpeysideThe nose is quite full with balanced oaked tannins and smoked ham. A touch of Fraise des Bois liqueur and notes of musty port. The palate is full and firm with notes of arak, dark toffee, vanilla spice and buttery oak. The finish is quite long and oaked with a touch of spice.
TobermoryCheiftain's 18 YearIslandsThe nose is full of orange peel and grapefruit that meld well with secondary hints of menthol and bacon fat. The palate is more intense, adding notes of sea salt and seaweed with hints of stewed fruit. Hints of smoke come along right before the a touch of cereal notes on the finish.
Michel CouvreurOveragedFrench Single MaltsDry, smoky and slightly sweet with a hint of peat on the palate but none of the briny traits characteristic of many Islay malts. The nose has lovely aromas of dried flowers, tobacco, and almond, while the palate is luscious and long-lived with flavors of brown sugar, almond, peat, stone fruit, and spice.
Sullivan's CoveDouble CaskAustralian Single MaltsLight notes of honey, vanilla and mint with time notes of butterscotch and toffee come to the nose. Sweet on the palate (like the aroma would suggest), slightly peppery mid-palate and then a sweet, soft finish.
NikkaTaketsuru 17 Year*Japanese Single MaltsThe nose is fresh and fruity with notes of fresh berries, sultanas and dried fruit, vanilla, oak and honey. The palate is spicy and rounded with vanilla, blood orange and chocolate. The finish is mid-length and slightly bittersweet with hints of oak, fruit and cocoa.
NikkaTaketsuru 21 Year*Japanese Single MaltsThe nose is full of oak with notes of prunes, soy sauce, cocoa, espresso beans and a touch of anise. The palate is full of spices such as black pepper, turmeric, ginger and marmalade that fade into tangy sherry. The finish is long and oaky with just a hint of baking spices.
English Whisky Co.Peated MaltEnglish Single MaltsCreamy and clean barley at first, then the peat and pepper slowly build and fill every corner of the mouth, without overpowering. Ginger biscuits, lemon and lime followed by savoury dry peat and then more tropical fruits.
English Whisky Co.ClassicEnglish Single MaltsSpicy and slightly peppery. Vanilla and bananas come through along with tropical fruits. More citrus notes and the malty, cereal character comes through. Nice fresh, clean palate with a salty, dry finish.
Balblair2002 10 YearHighlandThe American oak, ex-bourbon barrels used in maturation impart toffee and vanilla notes on the nose. On the palate it is full bodied, yet sweet and spicy in character, with hints of oranges, lemons, green apples, toffee and vanilla.
Chivas RegalRoyal Salute 21 YearPremium BlendsThe nose is rich and fruity with a sweet floral fragrance and a subtle dry smokiness. The palate is full bodied with deep sweet fruit and roasted nut flavors and a tinge of smoke. The finish is long and warm with hints of vanilla.
Clan DennySpeysidePremium BlendsThe nose starts with rich sherry notes that shift to barley, black pepper and custard. The palate starts with notes of gingerbread, biscuits, malted barley and finishes with a tawny port note.
Clan DennyIslayPremium BlendsThe nose is sweet and earthy with rich peaty smoke, costal air and sea salt. The palate starts off with notes of salted caramel, butterscotch, ginger and a buiscity note that fades into a peat dominated finish.
Ballantine'sFinestPremium BlendsThe nose is relatively boozy with hints of barley sugar, oak and toffee. The palate is rich and sweet but also light bodied. Notes of barley, caramel and a very small hint of peat show through.
Ballantine's17 YearPremium BlendsThe nose is exceptionally dark with notes of leather, Madeira, chocolate and coffee. The palate is thick and rich with initial notes of fresh herbs and a defined vegetal character backed up by fresh citrus and fudge with a hint of peat that fades into a fruity finish.
Johnnie WalkerPlatinumPremium BlendsRich, broad, distinctively creamy -Smooth and silky, with hints of raisin, toffee and honey.
Monkey ShoulderBatch 27Premium BlendsMarmalade aromas lead, followed by cocoa, vanilla and baking spice and a touch of anise. The palate is very malty with notes of clove, butterscotch buttered toast and dried apricot. The finish has just a touch of peppermint.
Compass BoxThe Lost BlendPremium BlendsThe nose begins with a healthy nose of peat, accompanied by peaches, candlewax and vanilla. The palate starts off with an immediate dose of smoke, followed by chardonnay-like fruitiness and hints of buttered toast. The finish is long and slowly fades back into the peat notes.
Compass BoxGreat King St. Glasgow BlendPremium BlendsThe nose starts with a rich peat smoke, underpinned by sherry notes and dried fruits. The palate is full and sweet with notes such as dried figs and prunes. The finish is long and is hinted with spice.
Balvenie12 Year Single Barrel First FillSpeysideThe nose starts with toasted oak, charcoal and small hints of maple syrup, allspice, vanilla and coffee. The palate is complex with allspice and toffee covered apple notes that transition to stewed fruit and baking spices, sponge cake and caramel. The finish is long and full of baking spice.
Balvenie15 Year Single Barrel SherrySpeysideCinnamon and raisin oatmeal hits the nose first, followed by vibrant citrus. The palate carries these notes and builds with butterscotch, charred orange zest and a subtle smoky note at the back. The finish has a hint of sea salt and roasted grains.
BalvenieTun 1509SpeysideThe nose is floral and full of honey, fresh vanilla and black truffle. The palate is full bodied with candied orange peels, shortbread, cinnamon and oak notes. The finish brings out hints of raisins, citrus and black pepper.
AmrutSingle Malt Cask StrengthIndian Single MaltsOn the nose comes Biscuity, fruity, fig-rolls, herbal, Werther's Originals, it's almost pepperminty. Biscuit and fruit, citrus, malt perks up now, slightly tarry, toffee. Very strong finish.
BowmoreClassic Cask 2001 11 YearIslayThe palate is creamy with notes of seaweed, smoke and a nutty maltiness. The palate is clean with smoke, cereal malt and custard notes. The finish is long and smoky.
BowmoreThe Exclusive Malts 2001 12 YearIslayThe nose is full of oak and just a touch of smoke that is accompanied by hints of dried cherry, beef jerky and black pepper. The palate is peppery with notes of sour cherries, sherry and smoke that fades to a tinge of cinnamon. The finish is relatively long and smoky.
Allt A' BhainneThe First Editions 1995 18 Year*SpeysideA sweet vanilla nose at start developing into butter shortbread with a floral leafy orchard note. On the palate it is sweet, creamy, buttery apple crumble with a slight spicy kick. A long mouth, drying finish with just a hint of oak.
AuchroiskThe First Editions 1990 23 Year*HighlandA rich golden colored whisky with a sweet malty leafy nose with burnt toffee coming through late. Creamy initially on palate rhubarb peaches and leafy malty notes appearing. The long dry finish has just a hint of malt.
CaperdonichThe First Editions 1992 20 Year*SpeysideThe nose is rather malty with honey, heather and cider-like aromas with hints of smoke, ginger and citrus zest. The palate is hot with spices, ginger and butterscotch and a tinge of burnt caramel.
DailuaineThe First Editions 2001 12 Year*SpeysideA rich, golden whisky with a sweet, full bodied nose; rich fruits, butter shortbread, treacle toffee & vanilla custard. On the palate it is initially sweet, slight tongue prickle with vanilla caramel notes, leaving a long lingering aftertaste of marinated fruit and touch of sherry wood.
ClynelishThe First Editions 1988 24 Year*HighlandA deep gold colored whisky with a rich spicy note of cloves and oak. On the palate it is chewy and mouth filling, with hints of toffee and smoke on the long, satisfying finish.
FettercairnThe First Editions 2001 12 Year*HighlandLight golden colored whisky with a sweet nose; vanilla, butterscotch, custard powder icing & sugar. On the palate initially sweet barley sugar with spicy dark chocolate notes appearing later. A long satisfying sweet & dry finish.
Isle of JuraThe First Editions 1992 21 Year*IslandsThe nose starts off with some peat, sherry and slight salty notes that give way to orange marmalade, white chocolate and cookie dough notes on the palate. The finish is long and slight notes of baking spices creep in.
InchgowerThe First Editions 1989 24 Year*SpeysideA pale, golden coloured whisky with a sweet nose of vanilla, butterscotch sherbet and chocolate. Creamy, buttery on the palate with a slight tongue prickle; vanilla & crEme brulee emerge to give a long lingering sweet finish with a slight spicy edge.
LaphroaigThe First Editions 1997 16 Year*IslayThis pale straw coloured whisky has a sweet honey nose with custard powder then slight peat smoke seaweed flavours appear. Creamy buttery on palate initially sweet peatiness takes control with seaweed giving a long mouth drying finish of peat smoke.
LongmornThe First Editions 1985 27 Year*SpeysideA dark gold coloured whisky with a rich full bodied sweet nose sultanas raisins Christmas cake vanilla toffee fudge. Mellow smooth sweet on palate with marinated rich fruits to the fore and a hint of wood coming through late. A long dry finish sweet with a trace of wood.
LongmornThe First Editions 1992 21 Year*SpeysideA dark gold coloured whisky with a rich, full bodied sweet nose, sultanas raisins, Christmas cake, vanilla toffee & fudge. Mellow, smooth sweet on palate with marinated rich fruits to the fore and a hint of wood coming through late. A long dry finish, sweet with a trace of wood.
MortlachThe First Editions 1989 24 Year*SpeysideThe nose starts with rich aromas of citrus, dried fruits and fresh figs. Notes of brown sugar, vanilla, caramel and toffee dominate the palate, and lead to a finish accented by touches of peppercorn and biscotti.
StrathmillThe First Editions 1989 23 Year*SpeysideThe nose is an odd mixture of farmhouse aromas and metallic tinges that fade into spices such as nutmeg and cardamom. The palate is smooth and fruity and fades into a substantial oak finish.
MiltonduffThe First Editions 1982 30 Year*SpeysideThe nose starts off with the smell of fresh baked croissants, a hint of fresh cherry, buttercream and hay. The palate carries on the taste of pastry, with hints of fennel, fresh churned butter, and wet hay. The finish brings the cherry out even more along with a funky note reminiscent of a gueze.
Tamdhu10 YearSpeysidePungent sherry notes dominate the nose, but orange oil and funky dried fruits support with a touch of sticky toffee pudding. The palate comes on strong with orange marmalade, dried apricot and prunes, and a layer of chocolate. The finish is mid-length and full of orange.
MortlachRare OldSpeysideThe nose starts with fresh sugar cookies, baked apple and chopped nuts with a hint of fudge, and a small amount of fresh veggies. The palate is rich with cinnamon and oak that fade into vanilla, raisins and biscuits with a dark jam. The finish is warm with baking spice.
Highland ParkDark OriginsIslandsThe nose starts off with dusty baking spices that fade into coffee, orange notes and hints of liquorice and butterscotch. The palate is sweet and fragrant with hints of peat mingled in with milk chocolate and orange. The finish is long and sweet.
Haig ClubPremium Grain BlendsFaint hints of apple, lemon peel and mango on the nose. The palate is toffee and vanilla with supporting undertones of oak and a tinge of banana and nougat. The finish is dry, short and reminiscent of baking spices.
BlairfindyBlackadder Raw Cask 1986 25 Year*SpeysideThe nose is surprisingly fresh and wonderfully sweet. Loads of fruit. The whisky is mouth coating, sweet and feisty. A lot of spices, now. Pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Again a whole fruit basket passes the tastebuds. Light touches of oak. Nice balance.
LaphroaigBlackadder Raw Cask 1998 14 Year*IslayIt smells rather antiseptic, but not overly medicinal. The palate is much better. Light peppers, a lot of peat and ashes, smoked ham and dried fish. Loads of citrus. Long Finish.
BlairfindyBlackadder Raw Cask 1988 23 Year*SpeysideOn the nose is Sherry and a very spirity dark chocolate, perfumed. Rich, sherried honeyed, peppery and chewy with a touch of perfume on the palate.
AuchroiskBlackadder Raw Cask 1989 22 Year*HighlandA deep, rich and complex nose. Sherried yellow/summer fruit, earth, creamy oak. Intense, very earthy with a touch of peat and smoke. Smooth and rich on the palate. Superb length which finishes dry, yet has a lovely sweet vanilla undertone.
Glen ElginBlackadder Raw Cask 1985 26 Year*SpeysideLight yellow, clear,very malty, sweet, light smoke(not peat), vanilla, rich flower. Quite strong palate, sulfur, strange, not really in nosing at first. Quite nice any enjoyable one, not really the sherry cask most people understand.
BlackadderSmoking Islay*IslayReminds me of an Ardbeg Ten but more aggressive due to the high strength. Lots of peat, less fruits and a decent sweetness.
BunnahabhainBlackadder Raw Cask 2005 6 Year*IslayVery grassy and very porridgy, on the nose. Nothing to do with the nose, this palate is all on juicy fruits, liqueurs and jams, with some liquorice and bubblegum for good measure. Nice touches of pineapple liqueur and honeydew.
LedaigBlackadder Raw Cask 2005 6 Year*IslandsFresh, strong and oily, with quite a bit of peat smoke to keep you peatophiles happy. The palate is clean and youthfull. With water it becomes sweeter and rather easy to drink. Lots of maritime character, flavourful and a dryish finish and continuing peat smoke.?
BowmoreBlackadder Raw Cask 1989 22 Year Sherry Refill*IslayPeaty, spirity, perfumed, coal tar. Powerful nose. Sweet, lots of tar, mouth-filling, peaty, smoky and very peppery at the front of the tongue.
ClynelishBlackadder Raw Cask 1990 15 Year*HighlandNose had peat - and lots of it. This could very well be the peatiest Clynelish I've tried so far. Sweetness & organics. Sweaty. Roasted coffee beans. It loses some of its impact over time. Taste: surprisingly potent as well; a punch of peat followed by an ultra dry finish.
CragganmoreBlackadder Raw Cask 1989 19 Year*SpeysideA clean, extremely saline nose, it hits the senses as straight as anarrow with fresh citrus, vanilla oak along with a touch of earth, herbs and slight toffee. Very dry and intense on the palate, lovely soft, oily exotic fruit, malt and coal smoke, water makes the fruit even juicier and really brings out its saline character. Very long finish with coffee notes.
FettercairnBlackadder Raw Cask 1989 23 Year*HighlandThe nose is soft and grainy. I get hints of citrus and sour apples, a lot of caramel and a pinch of aniseed. On the palate too, it remains light bodied. Yellow fruit, a hint of coffee and some spices accompany the apples from the nose.
SpringbankBlackadder Raw Cask 1997 15 Year*CampbeltownNo information. This distillery is silent.
SpringbankBlackadder Raw Cask 1998 14 Year Unpeated*CampbeltownNo information. This distillery is silent.
BlackadderThe Legendary 22 Year*SpeysideThis comes from two of the most highly respected speyside distilleries on Speyside, aged and matured for many years married together in a cask and kept as a guarded secret.
BlackadderThe Legendary 23 Year*SpeysideThis comes from two of the most highly respected speyside distilleries on Speyside, aged and matured for many years married together in a cask and kept as a guarded secret.
MacallanRare CaskSpeysideThe nose is quite complex, starting with soft vanilla then raisin, chocolate, a tinge of apple and lemon rounded out by ginger, baking spices and oak. The palate starts with rich raisin that fades into a strong sherry oak with vanilla and chocolate in the background. The finish is light and has hints of citrus.
Connemara12 Year PeatedIrish Single MaltsVery soft, round and complex. The flavours are hard to unpick, but there's warm honey, buttered crumpet and a hint of sweet pipe smoke.
Tullamore Dew10 YearIrish Single MaltsThe aroma is quite an intense malty, fruity and toasted wood aroma. Wonderfully rich, spicy and complex. Really mellow and rounded.
Knappogue Castle12 YearIrish Single MaltsThe nose offers rich, malty notes of grain which are accented by hints of pepper and spice. The palate is balanced, focused and smooth, with complex flavors of brown sugar, vanilla, oak and marzipan backed by elegant fruit notes.
Knappogue Castle16 YearIrish Single MaltsThe nose starts off with light fruits such as green apples and nectarines along with a tinge of roasted nuts and oak. The sherry cask is very evident on the palate, starting with dark fruits like blackberry intermingled with toasted malts, marzipan and toasted oak. The finish is lighter and more crisp than expected with plesant green apple and black pepper spice.
Michael CollinsBlendedIrish BlendsSmooth and silky with a creamy oak which seems very approachable for new whiskey drinkers. The attack is sweet and smooth with citrus vanilla notes through the mid-palate transition.
Michael Collins10 YearIrish Single MaltsMedium amber color. Honey, toasted grain, hay, iodine, and citrus marmalade aromas. A silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of honeyed nuts and grains, dried apples and citrus, praline, and peppery spice flavors. Finishes with a long, refreshing, off-dry, spicy bread dough finish.
John L. SullivanClassic BlendIrish BlendsSpice, citrus and then vanilla, coupled with the light oakiness of the bourbon cask.
John L. SullivanThe Ten CountIrish BlendsNotes of chocolate, honey, toffee, raisin, fruitcake and spice.
Bushmills10 YearIrish Single MaltsPear and grape really break away from the crowd here, with the pear having the most to say, before the honey diplomatically interrupts and allows some green peppercorn and chocolate nougat to come into the picture.
Bushmills21 YearIrish Single MaltsSherry seems to be the first thing to notice on the palate, followed by fresh fruit; banana and cantaloupe. A little bitterness comes after followed by seaweed on the finish.
The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & HeroesSingle MaltIrish Single MaltsA finely balanced whiskey,smooth with an excellent body. Peppery. Spicy. Malty oak and a complex sweetness. A hint of vanilla and a lingering earthiness. The finish is long on the palate and very satisfying.
Slieve Fox8 YearIrish Single MaltsYoung spring vegetables. Fresh baked bread, penuche and white chocolate all emerge as well.
The TyrconnelSingle MaltIrish Single MaltsSweet and spicy with orange peel, sweet zesty lemon custard, apples in kilos, malty goodness, fruit, rich. Very good.
Woodford ReserveClassic MaltAmerican Single MaltsGolden straw color. Aroma of chocolate, malt and honey. Notes of buttered bread, strawberries and vanilla that lead to long, malty finish.
Woodford ReserveStraight MaltAmerican Single MaltsAroma of oats, rich oak and caramel. Notes of spicy cinnamon and cloves on the palate, which are balanced by hints of citrus, bananas and pears. Finish is long and warm, with a touch of sweetness.
BushmillsBlack BushIrish BlendsSmells like a Speysider, sherry sweetness, toffee sweetness, slightest hint of smoke. Palate is smooth, slight spice, nutty sweetness, medium viscocity. You can definitely taste malt. The taste is familiar, like a medium bodied single malt speyside malt.
ObanLittle BayHighlandThe nose is a deep aroma of sea salt, rich oak tannins, espresso beans and citrus. Notes of dried spices, Christmas cake, brown sugar and oak dominate the palate, and lead to an elegant finish with touches of smoke and fruit.
UsquaebachReservePremium BlendsNose of toffee and apple juice, with and citrus notes. Palate of light toffee and vanilla, with a helping of nondescript spice. Moderately sweet.
Usquaebach15 YearPremium BlendsReally inviting and interesting nose -- apple juice, big caramel, and a very-present gardeny aspect of tomato plants and Mexican peppers (serrano, jalapeno), though that fades somewhat as the whisky opens up. Palate -- oh, kinda neat. mildly sweet and full of malty tones, nice warm spices, and a layering of toffee in the background. Vegetal traces. Some sips give me something like yellow cake. Finish is lengthy, and leaves me with a nice, malty mouth.
UsquaebachOld-Rare Superior Blended FlagonPremium BlendsI smell caramel, fruity tones with notable apples, bubblegum, and alcohol. Palate presents malty flavors and grassy notes that fade into soft and young oak with almost no peat. The finish is dry and buttery.
GlenmorangieTusailHighlandAromas of buttered biscuits, toffee and earthy minerals that give way to notes of brown sugar, barley, cinnamon, maple syrup and molasses on the palate. The finish lingers, and has hints of roasted nuts and butterscotch.
Glenfarclas40 YearHighlandDark honey, roasted cereal, dark molasses, baked pears, cinnamon, maybe some walnut; these are some of the aromas found in this whisky. Going back for more you'll find orange peel, black tea, tobacco. The finish is slightly bitter, but is lengthy.
Dewar's15 Year The MonarchPremium BlendsThe aroma initially shows a dark side to the whisky with rich, dark amber honey and lemon zest that has been lit and set in your cocktail. Oak is fairly pronounced as well. As you drink, however, those notes become brighter and sprightly. There's a mouthwatering aftertaste filled with dried fruit that entices you to go for another sip.
BowmoreDorus Mor 10 YearIslayThis golden hued whiskey smells of gentle peat, bright red fruit, and sea salt. Adding just a few drops of water really intensifies this. The palate continues with a smoky fruit profile along with some barrel spices.
ArdbegPerpetuumIslayThe whisky's nose is bright and lively with seawater, citrus fruits, and seaweed on the forefront. The heavier aromas of leather, peat smoke, and sweet malt are present, but allow those other notes to stand up and be recognized. On the palate, however, the whisky seems to race to the finish line with a smoky, salty, and spicy profile taking it there.
GlenlivetNadurra OlorossoSpeysideThis perplexing whisky opens with a nose of prunes, stewed berries, and almost zero alcohol. A few drops of water is a necessity and will reveal some of the oloroso nuttiness, a slight brininess, and some bitter tannins, along with a fair amount of heat. The finish is long, dry, and has a faint note of Kirsch.
Glenrothes2001 11 YearSpeysideWhat you get initially is sugar and spice, in particular, brown sugar and cinnamon. Vanilla and caramel come next, but the whisky is not as plush as you might imagine. Lean and spice driven, the whisky has the fruit factor come through at the back end with pear and dried red fruit. There is a nice balance to the dram which finishes quite tidy.
GlenrothesSherry Cask ReserveSpeysideHas a lot of familiar characteristics of a sherried whisky on the nose: plums, red fruit, chocolate-covered cherries, and raisins. It's rich on the palate, with raisin, chocolate malt, fruit cake, oaked spice, mango, and even a hint of coconut. Vanilla and orange bitters arrive during the finish. A little water brings out additional citrus.
LaphroaigSelectIslayThe idea sounds like a drunken dare - "Let's take all our whiskies, throw them in a bottle and drink them together!" However, this everything bagel of a Scotch kinda works. There's just enough fruit from the wine cask influences, a sweet, soft waft of peat smoke (more smokey than peaty) and some decent punctuation from the different oak finishes. There's kind of a funky brown rice flavor and aroma present, and it feels a bit thinner on the palate than the usual distillery releases. However, the light weight makes for good warm weather sipping. Just wish the flavor wasn't in such a rush to leave. There's also a bit of a surprising heat given its low ABV.
BruichladdichScottish BarleyIslayNose is honey, apples, sweet, slightly floral. color is a straw-gold. Legs are medium-slow. Palate is light honey-coated yellow apple slices, grain in the background, sweet malty flourish. Finish is longer than my first marriage and sweeter as well.
BruichladdichIslay BarleyIslayLight peat, seaweed, salty sea breeze, salted caramel, apple skins. Menthol, herbal, floral notes. Buttered popcorn. Complex (especially for such a young age), bittersweet. A bit hot and peppery on the palate, but quite solid, fresh, interesting.
Springbank17 Year Single CaskCampbeltownAroma of red fruits, mango and citrus that gives way to notes of berries, plums, sherry and creamy vanilla on the palate. Finish is soft and lush, with touches of caramel, cherries and citrus.
ClynelishThe First Editions 1996 17 Year*HighlandA deep gold coloured whisky with a rich, spicy note of cloves and oak. On the palate it is chewy and mouth filling, with hints of toffee and smoke on the long, satisfying finish.
TomatinCuatro Series #1 FinoHighlandThe nose carries base notes of sugared cereals along with biscuit notes and vanilla. It is both dusty and sharp at the same due to the Fino sherry. Zesty lemon, almond and walnuts are prevalent. The palate is less sweet and fruity and notes of white pepper along with chili come forth with a distinct woodiness.
TomatinCuatro Series #2 ManzanillaHighlandThe nose is musty with notes of porridge in the beginning, with notes of cereals soft spices and a waxy overtone. Yellow plums, pears and white grapes are present as well. The palate is rather sweet with grapes, oranges, apples, hints of lemon cake with a firm oaky white pepper spice.
TomatinCuatro Series #3 OlorosoHighlandThe nose is rather spicy up front, with notes of gingerbread and red plums followed by scrub oak notes. The palate is very sweet with almonds, Christmas cake, caramel and milk chocolate coated nuts.
TomatinCuatro Series #4 Pedro XimEnezHighlandThe nose is very candied with molasses, blood orange, sweet liquorice, plums and a big hit of clove at the backend. The palate is closer to fruit cake with chocolate, ginger, clove and fruited tea with coffee and caramel underneath.
Port Dundas12 Year Single GrainLowlandAn accessible single grain whisky with a ?light, sweet grain character? and flavours of oats, vanilla, nuts and chocolate.
Port Dundas18 Year Single GrainLowlandAn accessible single grain variant with notes of toffee wheaty biscuits and vanilla.
Sutcliffe & SonThe Exceptional MaltPremium BlendsThe nose starts things off with a ton of malt and big, roasted cereal grains. The palate runs straight to the sherry, with grainy notes folding in atop that. Initially it's a bit simplistic - a friendly duo of citrus and cereal - but over time notes of green banana, pound cake, and a slight vegetal character emerge.
Clynelish14 YearHighlandZesty, mandarin, tangerine. Smoky. Quite light, great clarity. Orange, soft acidity. Dry oak. Mixed fruits, vanilla, leather.
Craigellachie13 YearSpeysideOodles of dynamic fruit notes with a distinctive current of smoke running through the middle.
Dewar'sScratched CaskPremium BlendsThis classic scotch blend has been finished in a selection of American oak casks which have been charred and scratched exposing the oak to the whisky producing intense vanilla and oaky flavors.
Glen Garioch12 YearHighlandGlen Garioch's new 12 year old is matured in both bourbon and sherry casks, and it has loads of character, as well as being bottled at the sensible strength of 48%...
Glendronach15 Year Port FinishHighlandAlmond, coconut and orange blossom. Hints of rosewater, freshly cut wood, berry fruits, thick, dark honey and a little exotic spice note. Rich notes of raspberry, espresso and toffee apples. Hints of cocoa, latte, thick malt and black pepper.
Glenfiddich14 Year Bourbon Barrel ReserveSpeysideA distinctly sweet aroma, reminiscent of bourbon flavors such as cracked corn, ripe summer fruits and caramel. The palate is spicy, with intense woody influences shining through, and leads to a clean finish accented by vanilla, almonds, raisins and faint wisps of smoke.
HibikiHarmony*Japanese Blended WhiskyThe whiskies are drawn from 5 different types of cask, including American white oak casks, Sherry casks and Mizunara oak casks. The blend itself was crafted by the Suntory Whisky blending team, led by Master Blender Shingo Torii. An elegant expression, with wafts of honey, orange, a herbaceous touch or two and light oak.
Johnnie WalkerSelect Casks - Rye EditionPremium BlendsFinished in ex-rye whiskey casks, creating a complex new whisky with rich layers of flavor starting with creamy vanilla notes and transitioning to a spicier finish.
Ledaig10 YearIslandsuite light and well-balanced. There is a very soft peat with a gentle smoke. Notes of barley and malt extract with walnut and pine oil and a hint of iodine with notes of dried fruit and nuts on the nose. Medium-bodied and quite rich. There are notes of spice and smoke gathering above the charred oak. The peat is quiet and dry with a touch of black pepper and earth all come through on the palate.
LaphroaigCairdeas 200IslayReleased during FEis ile 2015 and marking the distillery's 200th anniversary, for this special edition of Laphroaig Cairdeas Master Distiller John Campbell used 100% floor malted barley (from the distillery's own small malting floor) and used only the two smaller, older stills during distillation! It was matured in ex-bourbon casks for around a dozen years.
Ledaig18 Year SherryIslandsThis is the 18 Year Old Ledaig single malt, which offers up hearty phenols, smoky herbs, cracked black pepper and balancing waves of Sherry-soaked fruit. Excellent stuff.
Michel CouvreurClearach Sherry AgedFrench Single MaltsThe color is hazy light cinnamon/honey. It smells buttery, nougat, dark chocolate, charcoal, orange zest, white wine, wheat beer. The taste is peppery, rich, starchy, potato starch, flinty, raw onions, undeniably a spirit from Glen Garioch.
WestlandSherry WoodAmerican Single MaltsSoft pancakes with maple syrup leads on the nose, closely followed by oatmeal raisin cookies and a selection of stewed yellow and green fruits. The palate adds some grapefruit to the pancake breakfast while the oatmeal raisin cookies begin to share the plate with some gingersnap cookies. With time in the glass, dried mango and star fruit emerge with a touch of kiwi to round things off.
WestlandPeatedAmerican Single MaltsThe nose starts off with crunchy peanut butter, smoldering campfire and honey on a biscuit. The smoke from the campfire leaps out on the initial palate along with pistachio, almond and oloroso sherry. With time, the campfire transitions into smoldering earth and leather on the nose. Over the course of the tasting, the palate moves into dark, earthy herbs and spices. Peat iodine, anise, bing cherry and peanut butter remain on the finish.
Springbank19 YearCampbeltownRich and creamy, developing into vanilla, ripe fruits, marzipan followed by hints of sherbet, almonds and strawberries. Thick and oily, fruity and mellow; gives way to a sweet liquorice and aniseed flavour as it opens up.
Dalwhinnie2014 Distiller's Edition - 17 YearHighlandBefore it was bottled, it was given a finishing period in Oloroso Sherry casks, imparting plenty of those sweet, yummy notes of plump raisins and redcurrants, along with a gloriously thick mouth-feel.
Glenkinchie2014 Distiller's Edition - 14 YearLowlandFinished in Amontillado Sherry casks, imparting a gamut of gorgeous, spicy aromas and a depth of dark fruit on the palate, which works very well with the honey'd freshness of Glenkinchie single malt.
Lagavulin2014 Distiller's Edition - 16 YearIslayAn aroma of intense raisins, prunes and smoke. The initial notes are surprisingly sweet, with subtle hints of caramel, vanilla and dates that are balanced by a smoky undertone. The ever-lasting finish has deep, dark notes of red fruits and a round, bold finish.
Oban2014 Distiller's Edition - 15 YearHighlandA fruity nose, with hints of grapes, citrus and a touch of smoke. The flavor is full and rich, with complex notes of tangy salt, butterscotch, caramel and toffee, which ultimately lead to a lingering, smoky and sweet finish.
Talisker2014 Distiller's Edition - 11 YearIslandsImbued with an aroma of red fruits, berries and apricots, which lead to a crisp, full body. Initially, the whisky has sweet, fruity flavors, along with touches of sea salt, peat and vanilla that ultimately fade into a lingering, elegant finish.
Cragganmore2015 Distiller's Edition - 12 YearSpeysideDeep and fruity flavor profile to the whisky, which is complemented by undertones of milk chocolate, wood spices and roasted nuts. In addition, the finishing process imparts notes of berries and red fruits on the dry, fruity finish.
Bastille 1789French Limousin BarrelsFrench Blended WhiskyA light and spicy aroma, with hints of fresh apricots, ginger and chocolate. The initial flavors are sweet, with touches of vanilla, citrus and cherries and are followed by complex notes of cinnamon, baking spices and oak.
Dalmore18 YearHighlandThe color is dark amber and full of nuts on the nose and almost, maybe soy sauce. The whisky is quite chewy and, in fact, tastes of the NestlE candy Chunky which is milk chocolate, raisins, and peanuts. The fruit that stands out is orange and the finish is very nutty and slightly bitter.
Glen GrantG&M 10 YearSpeysideThe nose is really all about the grain. It has a fresh beer aroma along with gently toasted grain and a light touch of honey. The taste is much the same with the cereal notes. Perhaps it's just a little more intense than the nose with some pear fruit and a whisper of smoke.
Laphroaig15 YearIslaySweet peat smoke mingles well with dried fruits, grapefruit zest, sea salt, vanilla and dark caramel. The elegant finish goes on for miles, swirling around pipe tobacco, fruit candy, spicy pepper and bittersweet chocolate.
MacallanEdition No. 1SpeysideTwirling notes of sherry, nuts, marzipan, red fruits, citrus and vanilla custard get things started on a complex nose. A velvety mouthfeel awaits, with a rich, sherried side upfront leading to a drier, spicier profile, with cloves, nutmeg, pepper, oak, and orange peel. A long, hot finish offers more oak and marzipan in its wake, along with a distinctly bitter touch and an astringent effect in the cheeks.
Mortlach18 YearSpeysideThe whisky smells and tastes much like an autumn grove fresh after a rain - wet pinecone, cedar and oak dominate the nose and palate. With a little water, it opens up to toffee, vanilla and almond and finishes quite round and smooth.
TamdhuBatch Strength #1SpeysideThe nose starts creamy with some nutty flavors, vanilla and a distinct waxiness. The palate carries these through along with a distinct heat from the proof.
A D RattrayCask IslayIslayThe nose starts with rich peat, candied orange peels and a touch of costal air. The palate is full of fresh orange and honeyed barley notes, surrounded by peat smoke. It is quite oily with a hint of sea side fudge that fades into sweet apples and light smoke on the finish.
Mackinlay's2nd Release Shackleton RecreationHighlandThe nose is very sharp and stays that way quite a long time. Delicate fruits with vibrant and very dry oak and ginger fade into berries with a fresh, salty air breeze on the back. The palate is strong again, with some sugary notes. Dry and bitter lingonberries along with sweet marmalade and cinnamon. Wee smoke in the background. The finish remains dry and sweet with bits of baking spices.
ArmorikDouble MaturedFrench Single MaltsThe nose is fruity and elegant with notes of citrus, apple and salted butter caramel. The palate has a touch of woodiness that transitions to deep malted barley notes with hints of heathe, honey and a touch of salt.
ArmorikSherry FinishFrench Single MaltsThe natural fruitiness of Armorik is present on the nose with added hints of dried grapes and prunes from the sherry finish. The palate is warm with notes of candied fruits, malted barley and a touch of chocolate.
GlenmorangieMilseanHighlandAs promised, find a highly sweet nose, with a hefty dose of fruit in the form of apricot, as well as honey, port, cocoa powder and a light spiciness. The palate is drier than the nose would indicate, delivering spicy, oaky notes along with chocolate, more honey and the aforementioned apricot, but also peaches, plums and red fruits. The finish is long, warm and also dry, and is highly perfumed and floral, with a subtle honey sweetness which ties the whole dram together. Open it up with a bit of water to deliver more fruitiness in the form of candied and tropical fruits.
GlenrothesBourbon Cask ReserveSpeysideThe nose is full of vanilla, caramel, and toasted barley. The profile of the whisky is fruity and soft, a very mellow sort of dram save for the baking spices on the finish. This is a nice little dram to start the evening with.
Hazelburn10 YearCampbeltownThe nose starts out with stewed pears and baked apples, followed by honeycomb and fresh fudge. The palate is lovely and rich with vanilla and honey flavors, followed by liquorice and citrus zest. The finish is oily and chewy with hints of chocolate cream.
Hazelburn10 Year Rundlets & KilderkinsCampbeltownOrchard fruit and a whisp of smoke on the nose with a touch of nougat, honey, apricot and lime zest. The palate again shows a whiff of smoke, rambutan, peaches, grassy and long on the finish.
KilkerranWork In Progress #7 Sherry WoodCampbeltownThe nose has toasted marshmallow along with fresh rhubarb and green apples. Toffee and treacle notes sneak in along with an earthy aroma. The palate is full of heather honey and biscuits, along with creamy milk chocolate and black cherries mixed with oak and spice. The finish is dry and nutty with a touch of peat.
LongrowPeatedCampbeltownThis whisky is a bit two-faced with dominant dessert aromas of vanilla custard and caramel, but also follows through with rich ash, moderate peat and a brininess that lends to memories of a fisherman's well-seasoned leather logbook. The same follows suit on the palate. First, it is creamy with rich vanilla caramel and delicate fruits. Secondly, medicinal and vegetal notes are followed by smoke. There is also a lingering salty smokiness.
LongrowPeated 18 YearCampbeltownThe nose is complex, starting with sweet fruits, citrus, peaches and orange zest. These notes are followed by a gentle peaty aroma. The palate is very rich with notes of dark chocolate, creamy coffee and gingerbread in the front, followed by rhubarb and vanilla custard. The finish is long with rich peat, more chocolate and dried fruits.
TomatinDualchasHighlandThe nose starts with vanilla pods, marshmallow and sponge cake, followed by fresh pineapple and citrus. The palate is light and delicate with a candy sweetness which is peppered with hints of pine. There are also flavors of lemon sherbert, pineapple and crunchy green apples.
Tomatin14 Year Port FinishHighlandThe nose starts with vanilla and sweet spices, then a swath of red/dark berries along with a touch of bread pudding. The palate starts with fresh brioche and bread pudding full of raisins and sultanas, as well as hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.
Tomatin12 Year French Oak FinishHighlandThe nose starts with malty biscuits, vanilla and coconut that fades into red fruits, white peach and cashews. The palate starts off sweet with toffee, butterscotch and marzipan notes that are followed but heavy clove.
TullibardineSovereignHighlandLots of cereal malt, orange, vanilla, and coconut on the nose. The taste boasts white chocolate, peaches and cream, spice cake, toasted coconut, and a hint of cinnamon. It has a medium finish full of spice, vanilla cream, and orange zest.
Tullibardine225 Sauternes FinishHighlandFresh and fruity on the nose, with cantaloupe, lemon zest, and orange marmalade existing beside cocoa, honey, and tropical fruit. On the palate, there's white chocolate, orange bitters, oak spice, black pepper, vanilla, butter cream, and even a little grape. Water brings out a bit more citrus zest and sweet vanilla cream. Well suited for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.
Tullibardine500 Sherry FinishHighlandA pronounced spicy, chocolate-y sherry character to the nose, with toasted malt, brown sugar, figs, and citrus zest. The taste is similarly big on the sherry influence, with dark stewed fruit, chocolate covered cherries, and cinnamon all underscored by Tullibardine's signature creamy texture.
KavalanSherry OakTaiwanese Single MaltsKavalan Sherry Cask is deeply aromatic and floral and has sherry written all over it. With the tropical climate and angel's share taking five times that of Scotland, aging whisky is a bit tricky here. The finish is perhaps a bit too chewy and tannic.
GlenfiddichExcellence 26 YearSpeysideThe nose is soft and delicate with a floral character. Spring blossoms, violets, sweet peas and a subtle green leafiness compose the nose. The palate is vibrant with dry tannins, soft brown sugar and fresh vanilla. These are followed by a deep oak flavor that builds into hints of spice and liquorice.
ConnemaraPeated Cask StrengthIrish Single MaltsNose of fruit, spice, some peat, and some distinct notes of rubbing alcohol. Palate is surprising, relatively complex layers of sugar, fruit, spice, and smoke. Finish is warm and enveloping, with smoke and bitter cocoa.
ConnemaraPeated MaltIrish Single MaltsLight peat, a rubbing alcohol note, some vanilla sweetness, a little barley, some additional syrupy floral sweetness. Moderate malt. Faint earthy peat, a gentle cinnamon warmth. Thick, viscous mouthfeel; malty.
Jack Ryan's Beggars Bush12 Year Single MaltIrish Single MaltsThe flavors are true classics of Irish whiskey - light orchard fruits, vanilla, honey and oak. A subtle accent of lemon binds it all together to cut the sweetness. Even at a slightly higher proof than most Irish whiskeys, it's very easy drinking, and would make an excellent starter whiskey for the evening.
Kinahan'sBlendedIrish BlendsThe nose is rich, nutty, and fruity with red apples, ripe peaches, roasted almonds, a touch of allspice, and a hint of butterscotch in the background. The taste is oily and thick with notes of dark chocolate, chocolate mint, a touch of apple cobbler, lemon zest, vanilla, and a soft oakiness. The finish is malty, slightly tart with a hint of lemon and touches of vanilla and oak. Very nice.
Kinahan's10 Year Single MaltIrish Single MaltsThe nose on this Bourbon-cask matured malt has notes of cherry pie, graham cracker pie crust, caramel, a touch of maltiness, baked oranges, and a hint of grapefruit in the background. The taste is thick and fruity with a good buildup of spicy dark pepper and allspice notes, balanced by orange pekoe tea, cherry cobbler, and touches of malt and nuts. A few drops of water opens up more fruity notes and boosts the spices as well. The finish is very long, spicy, with a nice tropical fruitiness in the background.
Knappogue Castle14 Year Twin WoodIrish Single Malts"The aroma of the whiskey is full of dark honey and toasted cereal with the palate moving towards orchard fruits, vanilla, and coconut. The wood spices are relatively mild as the fruit from the sherry seems to saturate it. The whiskey is rich and has a satisfying finish.
The IrishmanIrish BlendsGreat nose, floral background notes. Wonderfully fresh, fruity and mouthwatering
The Irishman12yrIrish Single MaltsThe aroma of the whiskey is on the richer side with dark honeycomb, black pepper, cedar and other wood aromas. The palate continues on the dark side with dark chocolate, dark honey, black tea and a small dose of char smoke. It finishes with a long lasting, warming aftertaste to the dram.
The Quiet Man8 Year Single MaltIrish Single MaltsIt has a distinctively tropical nose, full of flowers, fruit, toasted coconut, and oak. In the mouth, there's a lot of cereal grain and malt, along with oak spice, vanilla, papaya, banana, and a bit of sawdust. Orange bitters join in during a medium finish. Overall, a light and pleasant whiskey.
The Quiet ManBlendedIrish BlendsFloral on the nose, accompanied by strawberry, honey, and cereal grain. Light but pleasant. The palate is very light, hinting at brown sugar, apple, and vanilla cream. Could use a bit more punch. A drop of water opens up the fruit notes and adds a layer of allspice.
Tullibardine228 Burgundy FinishHighlandThe Burgundy wine lends this whisky a nose of ripe red fruit, chocolate, and spice with a faint whiff of alcohol. Cream, toasted wood, and strawberries are there as well. The taste is big and rich, full of crEme brUlEe, baked apples, orange peel, red fruit, and nutmeg. A slight spiciness and dry oak assert themselves on a long, warm finish.
Tullibardine20 YearHighlandThe nose is wonderful and brings honey and vanilla, allspice, oatmeal cookies, even something a little tropical like cocoa butter and papaya. The taste follows suit, with lots of vanilla, salted caramel, malt, orange oil, and oak. The wood threatens the other flavors but never goes overboard. The finish is medium and sweet, and full of Tullibardine's signature vanilla note as well as gingerbread and raisin.
Tullibardine25 YearHighlandThe nose has rich notes of spice and manuka honey, hints of cooked fruit, toasted oak and malt loaf. The palate is thick and creamy with notes of bitter orange marmalade, kiwi fruit, custard apples, baking spice and oak. The finish is long and ward with banana and strawberry jam.
ArdmoreLegacySpeysideThe nose offers a honeyed, floral nose, with hay, and blackcurrant bud. The palate is dry but buttery, with malt, biscuit, toffee and nuttiness. The finish is warm and without burn, offering more honey, along with oak and earthiness.
Balvenie25 Year Single BarrelSpeysideA peaty nose fades into hints of white pepper and lemon. This single barrel is richly spiced and sweetly honeyed - exactly what you'd expect from a Balvenie single malt aged in American oak. This Scotch has a long finish with notes of vanilla and caramel, before coming full circle for the tongue to find tastes of tobacco leaf and green wood.
GlendronachCask Strength Batch 2SpeysideThe nose starts with honey drenched raisins and sulltanas, followed by candied ginger and orange peel. The palate starts with deep oloroso sherry, followed by an explosion of chocolate coated raisins and orange peel, followed by rich oak and toffee.
GlendronachCask Strength Batch 3SpeysideThe nose starts with rich demerara sugar that fades into rum raisins, tangerine and almond in the back. The palate starts with crisp barley and fresh oak that transitions to dried apricots and candied orange with a touch of chocolate on the finish.
GlendronachPeatedSpeysideThe nose starts with ripe gooseberries with touches of cinnamon sugar and crisp citrus that flow into gentle notes of peat and vanilla. The palate starts with gentle oak and floral heather honey that develops into rose hips and barley sugar with hints of white pepper. Subtle peat notes creep in on the finish.
Glendronach21 YearSpeysidePedro Ximenez sherry tastes much like if you were to take raisins and make wine from them. That influence really comes through in the finish here, but is done with a deft hand. The chocolate fruit and nut candy bar profile is nicely balanced with the barrels spices and alcohol proof allowing the whisky to be a pleasure and not what I'd call a sticky situation.