Rye Whiskies

A&H Hirsch21 YearSweet, strong nutty vibrant taste with wood forward, not silky smooth but vibrant and out there.$40.25
A&H Hirsch22 YearModerately sweet, and so "smooth" yet full of stuff -- chocolate, rich toffee, light varied spices, burnt caramel.$40.25
Rittenhouse23 YearThe palate follows pretty well with corn and wood in the forefront and rye spice in the background.$100.2
Sazerac18 YearSour spiciness, tempered by the aging that gave it a round, lush body and a crisp, woody character.$50.25
Wild TurkeyRyeA powerful whiskey. Spicy rye against a big corn background. Some malt, too.$5.5
Thomas H HandyCask StrengthLight, powerful. Floral, corn, vanilla, wood, floral, pepper, bread.$50.25
HudsonManhattan RyeIt is fruity, floral and smooth, with a recognizable rye edge that leaves no doubt the origin of the spirit.$25.25
Ri (Rye 1)Has an extremely smooth entry that leads to a dry, sunny sweet and sour palate with spicy notes and a very light rye.$7.5
Michter'sUS-1 RyeThe spice is quickly followed by a subdued dryness with a mild fruitiness, and without a great deal of complexity.$10.5
Michter's25 Year RyeEnvelopes your tongue in tons of spice and rich, crystalized dried fruit.$100.2
Michter's10 Year RyeThe beginning spice is followed by a slightly sweet middle touched with banana and oatmeal, and a long, smooth finish that was very engaging.$30.25
WasmundRyeLoads of fruit, spice, smoke and a little fire at this proof. Lovely backbone of rye, spice, and malt with a little sweetness and maltiness to the fruity zest.$6.5
Copper FoxRyeSweet at first then sweet and bitter. In balance with the nose. The same rosemary note.$11.5
BulleitRyeSpiced apple, red liquorice, plenty of spices, buttered malt loaf. Hints of toasted marshmallow.$6.5
Whistlepig10 YearSlightlydry, with touches of grass and apricots. The finish is beautifully long, warm, and honeyed.$15.5
KovalRye ChicagoPeppery and floral notes abound in this distillate with a hint of sweet vanilla, causing some to compare it to aquavit.$10.5
Jefferson's10 Year Straight Rye WhiskeySweet maple, plenty of rye spices with contrasting moderate lemon citrus. The rye and wood flavours are enjoyable enough here.$10.5
A&H HirschCanadian Rye 20 YearEntry is unexpectedly sweet, herbal, and oily; midpalate features long, fruity / spicy flavors of apple butter, baked pears, baked pineapple, baked apple with cinnamon, lavender, and egg cream.$13.5
Russel's Reserve6 YearA lighter-style rye and quite sweet, with milk caramel and bubblegum hints.$6.5
High WestDouble RyeComplex notes of mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts, and dark chocolate, with a surprising dose of gin botanicals throughout.$8.25
High WestRendezvous RyeThis whisky is very spicy, with cinnamon, crisp mint and fennel. Underlying sweet notes of caramel, molasses, vanilla, macaroon, cocoa, and candied fruit.$9.25
High WestSilver OMG Pure Rye (Old MononGahela )Quite engaging for a silver whiskey, rich with apple fruit, nougat, and honey notes.$10.5
James E. Pepper100 Proof RyeNotes of spice, chocolate, cloves and honey.$20.5
The Tennessee Spirits CompanyBreakout RyeA slight banana, tobacco and black tea aroma that is very nice. With that rye punch of course. Packs a big punch with a heavy rye flavor. Heavy alcohol flavor and finish.$9.5
E.H. Taylor100 Proof RyeExtremely smooth for this high-test hooch. Sweet corn and rye. Lovely buttery, smoky, and spicy. A bit of raisins or prunes on the tail end. Short heat followed by very well balanced mellow aftertaste. No rocks needed.$17.5
WoodfordNew Cask RyeThe New Cask Rye selection was aged in new charred oak casks, to create a darker Kentucky straight rye whiskey infused with notes of cinnamon, mint, vanilla and caramel.$30.5
WoodfordAged Cask RyeThe companion Aged Cask Rye was placed into a barrel previously used for rye, creating a lighter color with stronger hints of grain, citrus and spice.$30.5
KovalLion's Pride - Single Barrel RyeAn enticing nose of cereal, banana, citrus, honey and vanilla leads to a surprisingly light-bodied palate boasting complex notes of tangerine, coconut, caramel and spice.$10.5
Pow-WowBotanical RyeBottled at 90 proof, this stuff has a huge aroma. Citrus, smoked cedar, incense, and vanilla leap out of the glass, with enough rye spice in the background to let you know it's still whiskey.$9.5
JP Wiser'sRye - CanadianFull, rich fragrance of dried fruits, caramel and vanilla. Well-balanced mature oak. An exceptional blend of oak, toasted grains and rich toffee.$7.5
TempletonProhibition RyeDry, grassy, Christmas spice on the nose. Tastes of caramel, butterscotch, toffee and allspice.$10.5
JeffersonChef's CollaborationBottled at 92 proof, it starts with cherry and oak aromas and just a hint of those rye spices in the background. The whiskey is soft and smooth, fruity with peaches and buttery oaky notes, and as the flavors deepen the rye starts to assert itself.$10.5
Lock, Stock & Barrel13 YearAn aroma of salted caramel, buttered popcorn and toffee. The aroma gives way to complex notes of sweet vanilla, milk chocolate, roasted coffee and honeyed oak, which are nicely balanced with a subtle spicy undertone.$30.5
Knob CreekRyeCola, candied ginger, and dusty oak prevail. The rye is fruity and clean (minty) on the nose. Far drier than the nose suggests. Caramel and vanilla sweetness up front, then prickly rye spice asserts itself mid palate.$8.5
Old Portrero18th Century RyeExtremely intense rye spices with a bit of a sour and sweet alternation of flavours. The taste buds sizzle and pop with pepper, wood sweetness, and alcohol astringency.$9.5
Old PortreroStraight RyeIntense rye flavor and a hint of sour spice. It's complex and full of spicy wood flavors. You'll also find syrup, molasses and brown sugar notes, plus a hint of vanilla.$9.5
Angel's EnvyRum Finished RyeNose is heavy vanilla and baking spice but you can most certainly smell the rye. Tastes almost like cinnamon toast crunch. Loads of baking spice and a nice sweet dried, dark fruit finish. A very unique rye.$12.25
WhistlepigBoss Hog 12 Year Cask StrengthVanilla and cherry wood, cinnamon butterscotch, spiced & charred wood, peppercorns, the flavors go on and on. The whiskey warms you from the inside and has an everlasting gobstopper of a spicy finish.$25.25
WillettFamily Reserve Estate Bottled 4 YearOn the nose you'll find pickle brine, cinnamon, and a whiff of char smoke. The palate is clean and clear with tastes of a chocolate candy bar rolled in rye cereal grain. The finish is long and velvety with warm barrel spices and tropical fruits.$15.25
WillettFamily Reserve Estate Bottled 6 YearThe nose is very lively, starting with cinnamon, ginger and coconut notes that are backed up by vanilla and raw sugar with the familiar rye spiciness. The palate starts with honey, candied nuts and vanilla frosting that transitions to a light char and oak that further transitions into a large amount of rye oriented spices such as cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn and clove.$15.25
WillettFamily Reserve Estate Bottled 3 YearThe nose is full of sharp rye grain, granulated ginger, pine sap, licorice and fresh oak in the front with rock candy and vanilla on the back end. The palate starts with caramel sweetness that fades to crisp, dry peppermint, evergreen and clove before transitioning to dark oak notes.$15.25
Jack Daniel'sRested RyeThe nose is dominated by rye grain, but has substantial demerara sugar notes and an intense vanilla aroma. The palate is dominated by black peppercorns and grass with touches of vanilla and a noticeable oak note on the finish.$10.5
Smooth AmblerOld Scout 7 YearThe nose is exceptionally spicy with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, cedar, coriander, cardamom and black pepper all hitting hard. The palate in not quite as spicy as the nose and adds red apple, vanilla, bittersweet chocolate and cereal notes to balance it out.$10.5
Old Rip Van WinkleVan Winkle Family Reserve 13 Year RyeA nose of Honey, clove, rye, oak and the initial blast of heat. The Palate is cinnamon, cherries, pears, szechuan peppercorns, with maple sugar candy. Finish is long and complex with cherries and szechuan peppercorns continuing through.$40.25
Woodford ReserveRyeSpicy notes of rye and black pepper are the first on the nose, followed by cedar, cassia bark and hints of pear, apple and almond. The palate is full of rye, clove, mint, molasses, sorghum and honey with tinges of apples and bread malts on the backend.$8.5
Black Maple HillOregon RyeThis beauty has the balance of an olympic figure skater, with every note of fruit, spice, vanilla and caramel hitting all the right places on the palate. There's just a touch of charred oak to help bind all those pretty flavors together.$10.25
Rebel YellRyeRye spice with a hot finish.$5.25
Pikesville6 YearThis has got a nice, spicy nose with just a touch of honey in the background. The palate starts with bold rye spice and then develops some sweetness. It's a spice bomb with mint, clove and ginger. The finish is sweet and spicy with lots of ginger, but then it turns medicinal and bitter.$8.75
James E. PepperBarrel ProofDeep amber color. Delicately floral aromas of dried peach, nougat, creme brulee, and pepper with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a buttercream, orange spice cake, charcoal, and patent leather finish. Rounds out nicely with a few drops of water. Nice restraint.$7.75
WillettFamily Reserve Estate Bottled 2 YearThe nose is lively and young with a hint of mint, pumpernickel bread, a touch of green and grain. This is engulfed in a candied brown sugary cinnamon and maple amalgamation of flavors. It is quite strong at 110 proof with a minty vanilla and oak focus followed by a strikingly long and very warm finish.$15.25
High WestA Midwinter Nights Dram*The robust spicy rye notes are still present in the glass, but as it sits, red fruit tempers that just a bit. As you taste, the spicy rye comes again to the forefront along with vanilla and more red fruit. The finish is warm and spice filled with hints of chocolate and fresh whipped cream with a dash of white pepper.$15.25
Russell's ReserveSingle Barrel RyeThe nose starts off with a charge of rye and baking spice, followed by strong notes of pepper, dill, vanilla and citrus. Lighter notes of citrus, nuts and fruit fade in and out. The palate is much heavier on the rye and baking spice, slowly fading to hints of citrus, dill, dark fruits and a bit of mint. The finish is long and spicy, full of oak.$10.5
WhistlepigOld World 12 YrWith the traditional spice-driven backbone of a classic aged rye, the unique finishing process imbues certain traits. From the Madeira you get a deep sense of raisin and molasses; with the Sauternes barrels a bright golden nectarine is added to be followed by hints of grilled cherry from the Port casks. The whiskey is woven together with a caramel silk and a high allspice overtone. This is a rye to linger with; don't rush it.$35.25
Bower HillReserve RyeThe nose of this 51% rye and 49% malted barley whiskey starts with light mint, toasted rye grain and clove aromas. The palate is fairly warm with a touch of oak, a hint of fennel, plently of pepper and a spicy finish.$14.25
Masterson's10 Year Straight RyeOftentimes, rye whiskeys hit you over the head with charred wood spice and vanilla. This doesn't rush in like an anxious teenager getting lucky, but more like a seasoned gentleman taking his time. There is a slight herbaceous note on the palate, but the whisky is more about rye spices and leather and has a pleasant amount of vanilla and toffee.$13.25
Jack Daniel'sSingle Barrel RyeFind surprising notes of bananas - resembling those chewable "banana runts" candies you may have had as a kid -and vanilla custard dominant on the nose. Also rye spice and light hints of tropical fruit. The palate offers a dry, oaky profile, with more rye along with brown sugar and a cast of baking spices- cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. A smooth finish brings back the sweeter notes of banana and vanilla, along with caramel, oak, rye and a bit of black pepper.$11.25
Rough RiderBull Moose Three BarrelThe three different types of casks used each "season" the whiskey with their own influences. The new oak gives it cinnamon, clove and pepper spices. The ex-bourbon lends a subtle smoke and leather quality. The single malt cask adds white flower and pear notes.$7.25
Rough RiderThe Big Stick Cask StrengthThe nose has an aroma of toasted rye bread, marmalade and cinnamon sugar, which leads to notes of malt chocolate and chile peppers on the palate. The finish is a touch warm and very smooth.$13.25