AppletonThe nose is nutty and rich with heavy notes of vanilla, marmalade, chocolate and white pepper. The palate is viscous and full, nutty and filled with stewed fruit notes, Demerara sugar and oak. The finish is long and silky with the nuttiness and Demerara carrying through.25.5
Bacardi151? Flammable?4.5
Captain MorganThe nose is sweet and heavy with vanilla and baking spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. The palate is dominated almost completely by vanilla with fleeting hints of caramel and a touch of oak. The finish is short and fades into a menthol-like end.6.5
Captain MorganThe nose is sweet and spicy with pepper, vanilla cream, toffee, honey and nutmeg. The palate is of good body with notes of molasses and spice, buttery biscuits and pepper. The finish is medium with spice and sweetness.5.5
ClEmentThe nose is an intensely toasty bouquet with scents of hemp, charcoal, cigarette, paraffin, charcoal and honey. The toasty core flavor is highlighted at palate entry; the mid-palate focuses on the brown sugar, honey, oaky vanilla and holiday spice qualities. Semisweet finish, with tastes of nougat, candied walnut and dark honey.30.5
CockspurThe nose is full of bourbon oak, banana and short bread. The palate is velvety smooth with a deeply rounded taste, featuring tones of wood and earth accompanied by a prolonged spiciness and a long warm dry finish.6.5
DepazThe nose is dominated by a grassy/vegetal aroma, with hints of berries and bananas in the beginning and a touch of honey at the end. The palate is also dominated by a grassy agricultural taste, with notes of banana at the front, fading into a touch of tobacco and a hint of citrus on the long finish.7
El DoradoThe nose is sweet and full of toffee and oak, with hints of vanilla and a touch of smoke. The palate is full of dark chocolate notes, caramel, prunes, nutmeg and vanilla. The finish is long, smooth and smoky.6.5
El DoradoThe nose of this Demeraran rum is full of dark brown sugar and thick, gooey toffee, stewed stone fruits, prunes and molasses. The palate is sweet and syrupy with notes of baking spices, dark brown sugar and molasses, treacle, toffee and prunes. The finish is long, creamy and full of dark spices.8.5
El DoradoThe nose is divine; notes of non-assertive oak and caramel crEme are in the forefront and fade into hints of banana and vanilla. The palate starts off with firm oak that gives way to caramel and blood orange notes, which yield into a distinct smokiness. The finish is extremely long with notes of spices accentuating the smoke.20.5
MalibuCoconut flavored rum?4.5
Mount GayThe nose is full and rounded with notes of fresh flowers and honey, a little vanilla and tropical fruit. The palate is fruity and well-rounded with notes of banana, vanilla, smoke, toasty oak, spice. The finish is long and spiced with toasty oak.5.5
Mount GayThe nose is sweet, predominately of banana and molasses with just a hint of citrus zest. The palate starts off with an over-ripe banana note that stays throughout. The banana is accented by walnuts and a very light virgin oak note. The finish is relatively crisp and short.6
Myers'sOne thing that separates this rum apart is the addition of some molasses after distillation. The nose is dominated by it, but notes of stewed prunes, apples, raisin and toffee come through as well. The palate does not carry all of the intensity from the nose. The molasses is strong, with prune, raisin and oak coming through before an abrupt, crisp finish.5
NeissonA rich aroma of dark fruit and roasted nuts leads to a hearty body of tropical fruit, almond and smoky oak. Rich vanilla hues accented by hints of spice ascend in the warm, lingering finish.10
Old New OrleansThe first thing to hit the nose is molasses, followed by some char and a touch of bourbon oak. Given that it is only a three year old rum, it has not had much time to develop complexities. The palate is yet ageing dominated by molasses, followed by notes of caramel and a touch of vanilla. The finish is quite hot for an aged product, but is short.6.5
Old New OrleansThe nose is full of vanilla, which is to be expected since vanilla is added to the blackstrap molasses before distillation. The vanilla is followed by the scent of toasted sugar and a touch of citrus. The palate is initially very sweet and sugary, but it gives way to a buttery texture and a note of Belgian candi sugar. The finish is quick and slightly oily.4.5
Old New OrleansBright spicy carrot cake aromas hit the nose first, followed by cayenne and white pepper. The palate starts off mildly sweet before the baking spices and cayenne kick in.5.5
PyratThe nose starts with candied fruit notes and honey that flow into a heavy orange note. The palate is almost comparable to a Cognac with its complexity and smoothness. It begins with dark honey notes that fade into French oak and candied orange peel and finally finishes with orange marmalade.35.5
Myers'sThe nose starts off with funky notes of over-ripe banana and clove, followed by Belgian candi sugars and a touch of butter. The palate is full of banana, clove, butter, roasted nuts, chocolate and just a tinge of oak. The finish is fairly long and carries a caramel note.8.25
Ron PamperoThe nose is dark and inviting, laced with chocolate and coffee up front that fade into vanilla, toffee and leather. The palate comes out swinging with dark chocolate notes followed closely by a touch of vanilla and finished with leather and oak. The finish is ever so slightly smoky with hints of leather that linger on.5.5
Ron AbueloAt first, the nose is fairly dry with hints of flowers and straw that quickly give way to rich notes of vanilla and caramel. The palate starts sweet with toffee and caramel that transitions to floral notes like apple blossoms. The finish is leathery and earthy with hints of vanilla.6.75
Ron ZacapaThe nose starts with rich molasses, followed by notes of cocoa and a hint of orange with just a tinge of brandied cherries in the back. The palate carries all of the notes from the nose along with some leather and tobacco on the finish.10.5
Ron ZacapaThe nose starts with supple leather, brown sugar, molasses and bourbon-like notes with touches of cedar, pipe tobacco, dark fruits, chocolate and apple butter. The palate starts with soft brown sugar which rolls into toffee, spicy oak, cedar and finally pipe tobacco.35.5
Ron ZacapaScents of mild toffee and spice combine with various oak notes and vanilla are the first to hit the nose, followed a light orange hint and distinct sweet cream butter. The palate starts with dried currant, apricot, toasted chestnuts and brown sugar followed by orange, marshmallow and soft cinnamon and nutmeg notes.25.5
BacardiThe nose is light and fresh with a little spice and pepper, quite spirity. The palate is of medium-body with hints of tropical fruit and a note of dark brown sugar and winter spice. The finish is good with smooth vanilla spice notes.4.5
ClEmentThe nose has aromas of fresh baked biscuits and almond butter that flow into baking spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. The palate is viscous and filled with hazelnut, chocolate and peppery oak. The finish is highly nuanced and textured, wood notes with fruit, tarragon, licorice root, floral notes, then and a dry sweet brine for several minutes.32.5
Sailor JerryThe nose has good sweetness with notes of vanilla spice, butter, oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. The palate is dry and sweet with notes of winter spice and black pepper, toffee. The finish is long and crisp with oak and spice.4.5
Gosling'sThe nose starts off with sweet stewed fruits and an aroma of maple syrup. The palate is fairly thick with brown sugar, cinnamon, maple and caramel dominating. The finish is crisp and shows more baking spice.5.5
Old New OrleansThe nose is light and fruity up front, with notes of apple and banana. Behind the fruit aromas is the scent of caramel and a hint of nutmeg. There is just a touch of black pepper. The palate is smooth and buttery at the beginning, leading to a peppery taste that is followed by banana, apple and caramel. There is also a subtle smoky quality to the rum that is much more evident on the mid-length finish.15.5
Rhum J.M.Aromas of cinnamon and Sandalwood are first to reach the nose, followed by sweet and spicy whiskey notes. The palate starts with intense cinnamon, ginger and peppercorn that fades into fresh cut grass and French oak. It is relatively dry with lingering fennel and rye-like spice notes.12.5
English HarborThe nose is oaky and fruity with notes of gentle stone fruits and spice. The palate is full of orchard fruit notes, a little tropical fruit and winter spice, notes of smoke and tropical tiki cocktails. The finish is sweet and spiced.6.5
Mount GayThis rum was created to commemorate the founding of the distillery in 1703, and the contents are a blend of rums aged between ten and thirty years. The nose is rich and spice forward with stewed fruit dominating the beginning, and molasses, honey and sugar bringing up the rear. The palate starts of sweet and oaky, fading into vanilla, dark fruit preserves and just a hint of smoke. The finish is exceptionally long and rich.22.5
Ron AbueloThe nose starts with caramel, followed by crEme brulee and baked apples with a hint of orange in the back. The palate begins with caramel, toffee, baked apples and the orange notes from the nose, but those are followed by banana, vanilla and American oak with a mild cinnamon hint at the very end.9.25
Ron AbueloThe nose starts slightly medicinal which is quickly followed up with fresh red berry notes and vanilla with caramel. Vanilla, caramel and citrus peel are the first on the palate, followed by Port wine-like notes such as wild cherries and loganberry that fade into brown sugar, cinnamon and a touch of tobacco.5.5
BacardiThe nose has hints of vanilla, caramel and toasted almonds. The palate has traces of banana, orange zest and a distinct booziness. The finish is almost nonexistent with a touch of oak.5.5
BacardiThe nose is fresh and perfumed with notes of oak and peels, a little syrup with a fennel note. The palate is sweet and rich with tropical fruits, peels and winter spice. The finish is gentle and luscious.6.5
BacardiThe Ron Solera borrows the Solera ageing system from sherry, in which fresh rum is mixed with older batches each year. The nose is reminiscent of a sherry with heavy citrus notes and almost no trace of sugars. The palate carries forth the sherry notes with the addition of some oak and vanilla. The finish is mid-length with burnt orange notes.7.5
BacardiThe nose is sweet with tropical fruit and caramel notes. The palate gives way to liquorice and molasses with a hint of vanilla. The finish is short with lingering liquorice and molasses.5.5
BacardiThis Bacardi rum is produced in Mexico, unlike most of their other products. The distillery was the first built by Bacardi once the expanded from Cuba. The nose has hints of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon with a touch of eucalyptus. The palate is dominated by medium bodied coffee with traces of cinnamon and nutmeg. The finish is oaky with black pepper and liquorice and short.6.5
Berry Bros.This stylish golden rum delivers appealing soft rounded fruit aromas with some delicate wood spice. The palate is generous, well-structured showing very discrete wood and uplifting menthol. The finish is long and rewarding.17.5
Berry Bros.This classy bajan rum has a harmonious sweet fruity nose with beautifully balanced raisin and fig rich depths. The palate is luxuriant and progressive with up-front fruit that lingers through to the stylish finish.18
Berry Bros.Vibrant and invigorating with a honeyed nose and bright ripe fruit and herbal notes. Good length developing into full fruit, toffee and spice elements.20.5
Berry Bros.Trademark vegetal notes confirm the agricole character of this complex rum. The spirit is layered with cinnamon, coffee-cream, brittle toffee, wood and exotic fruit. Beyond the fruit, the palate has a dry edge augmented by the complex influence of the wood. The fruit takes a back seat as the spicy layer comes into play on the finish.25.5
Berry Bros.Soft sweet fruit and violets emanate from the delightful perfumed nose. On the palate the soft fruit presents itself to the front of the mouth, fattening to deliver good length and some spice notes. The very refined rum benefits from well managed wood which balances the spirit superbly.25.5
Berry Bros.This beautifully balanced rum gives soft ripe fruit and acacia honey on the nose. The palate delivers more ripe fruit, a treacle note and light, well rounded wood. The attractive finish is clean and lingering.17.5
AngosturaThe nose has notes of burnt caramel, nutmeg, clove and vanilla intermingled with an apple fruitiness. The palate is rich and mellow with fruitcake notes all the way through. The finish is short with a fig like touch on the end.5.5
AngosturaThe nose offers hints of Earl Grey tea, cocoa, bourbon, charred oak and vanilla. The palate is full of dark chocolate, burnt sugar, espresso and creamy Tiramisu. The finish is reminiscent of CrEme brUlEe, a touch of coffee and cocoa.7.5
AngosturaThis rum is a blend of various bourbon barrel aged rum's all at least 12 years old, and named after the year the Angostura house was originally founded. The nose carries strong scents of butterscotch, vanilla, molasses, a touch of cardamom and golden raisin. The palate is an inviting mix of leather, oak, brown sugar and butterscotch. The finish is warm with hints of vanilla and candied pecans that linger.14
Mount GayThe nose is fairly oaky and dry for its place of origin. It is almost reminiscent of a brandy with the overall dryness and light, crisp fruit aromas. The palate falls closer into the rum category. Notes of mango, banana and pineapple come out and fade into rich bourbon oak notes. The finish is light with a touch of char, fresh baked biscuits and molasses.10.5
AngosturaThis blend of bourbon barrel aged rums all at least 8 years old is named for casks surviving a 1932 fire that had been filled in 1919. The nose is full of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramel, a large amount of ginger, molasses and cola. The palate is sweet and carries notes of allspice, caramel, fresh vanilla and molasses. The finish is relatively short with creamy vanilla notes and fleeting spice.8.5
AngosturaThe nose has traces of caramel, cane sugar along with lemon and lime zest. The palate is clean with traces of citrus zest and a touch of sugar. The finish is immediate with relatively no flavor.5.5
Scarlet IbisThe nose is full of tropical fruits, a bit of brown sugar, vanilla, nutmeg and hogo, which becomes more open and expansive, with some extra hits of lemon and orange peel. The palate starts with light honey sweetness up front, with spices, pepper and hogo appearing mid-palate, which opens up to reveal a bit of toasted oak and chocolate.6.5
PyratThe nose is extremely citrusy, and almost all of that citrus is orange. Candi sugar notes follow the citrus and are chased by a touch of medicinal menthol. The palate continues to be dominated by orange, but there are different orange notes. Fresh oranges start, followed by orange zest, then orange marmalade and followed by baking spices. The finish is full of molasses and spices and is mid-length.7.5
English HarborThe nose is thick and full with notes of molasses and Demerara. Some smoke rises with a touch of dry fruit and fudge. The palate is spiced and rich with tropical fruits and buttery toffee apple, oily espresso with a little floral character. The finish is oaked with cigar box and honey.18.5
Pink PigeonVanilla, vanilla and more vanilla? With a touch of orange.8
DonQThe nose is full of intense aromas of vanilla and molasses with a hint of caramel and just a touch of grassiness. The palate is rich with vanilla, honey and caramel on the forefront, with a grassy note that emerges mid-palate and a leathery finish that is quite hot.13.5
Flor de CanaThe nose starts off with scents of caramel ad toffee, followed by baking spices, vanilla, fresh walnuts and chocolate. The palate starts off with hints of hazelnut and almond that flow into bourbon and chocolate notes with hints of coffee and cinnamon on the finish.6
Flor de CanaThe nose starts with hints of walnut and pecan that shift into caramel, honey and baking spices before shifting to a spicy tobacco note. The palate directly mirrors the nose with walnut and pecan on the forefront, leading to caramel, honey and baking spices. The finish is long with the spicy tobacco note shining through.8.5
Flor de CanaThe nose starts off with strong scents of allspice and cinnamon which fade into a nice bourbon oak aroma. On the palate, it is quite dry. Dry oak comes out in the forefront followed by cocoa, spices and toffee. The finish is extremely long with notes of allspice and cedar smoke.11.25
BarbancourtThe nose is aromatic and rich with soft notes of banana, mango and nougat. The palate is sweet with touches of spice and the fruit flavors carry through from the nose. The finish is strong and astringent, albeit short.5.5
BarbancourtThe nose is light and fresh with butter, spices, vanilla and toffee. The palate is equally light and crisp with tangy oak, vanilla, butter and vegetal notes. The finish is dominated by the oak with a touch of caramel sweetness.5.5
BarbancourtThe nose is crisp with bright pear and stone fruit notes, accompanied by tangy oak and vanilla. The palate is full of crisp Bartlet pear with a touch of smoke and hints of allspice. The finish is tangy like a sour cherry and long.7
BarbancourtThe nose is full of fruit, spanning from red apples, to pear and mandarin oranges accompanied by hints of clove and vanilla. The palate leans more to stewed and preserved fruits such as candied figs and brandied cherries with a subtle oak backbone and nutmeg. The finish is long and dominated by warm stewed fruits.9.5
ZayaThe nose is full of vanilla and caramel in the beginning with hints of cocoa and banana in the background with a tiny bit of orange in the very back. The palate is dominated by vanilla and caramel just as the nose, but there is a more pronounced cocoa note that persists until touches of apples and bananas come out briefly before fading into a cherry hinted finish.9.5
KrakenThe nose starts with notes of liquorice, cinnamon and molasses which lead into hints of clove, plum and black cherries. The palate is dominated by liquorice, but notes of molasses, black cherry and vanilla shine through from time to time. The finish is sweet and leaves a slightly medicinal note.5.25
Mount GayThe nose has notes of plump sultanas, cracked black pepper and creamy vanilla from the bourbon barrel finish. The palate is toasty, deeply spicy with plenty of cinnamon, a hint of liquorice and more vanilla. The finish is long and fleets between sweetness and spice.9.25
ClEmentThe nose is funky and full of Scotch-like aromas such as smoke, tobacco and leather, while the funkiness comes from fennel and a hint of liquorice. The palate comes off spicy at first, but yields quickly to smoke, tobacco and leather with heavy notes of liquorice and fennel. These slowly give way to subtle cinnamon and cocoa with a touch of cardamom. The finish is long and dry with a hefty dose of smoke and liquorice.11.25
ClEmentThe bouquet is wonderfully nutty and buttery with scents of black pepper and potent spirit. The palate entry is delicate, compellingly oily and spicy; the midpalate showcases the oak and the sugarcane in perfect balance. Finishes refined, world-class and slightly honeyed.9.25
SamaroliPersistent Tamarind, vanilla, nuts and unsugared coffee. Complex, ample and articulate with a smooth warm structure. Multidimensional and very decisive with great expressive strength in the mouth.30.5
SamaroliImmediate fragrances of spices and fruity and mineral aromas. Rich and articulate, opens up to warm evolved and well matured tones. Great personality and character on the palate with a wild mint and helichrysum aftertaste.50.5
SamaroliAged in Scotland, this unique rum has matured in a colder environment than the typical Caribbean rums, allowing for a longer, more gradual process. An elegant dark rum.50.5
SamaroliFine, delicate and subtle, nevertheless strong and well defined. Distilled in the French Antilles and then matured in Scotland. A complex, often impenetrable character - like that of a Lady. Immaterial, fragrant and very fine taste, but at the same time up-front and irremovable.45.5
SamaroliAn extraordinary tasting persistence that equals the memory of the images it conjures up. Its long finish is fine and elegant, its round softness measured and very refined. Rare and not to be missed, like the journey it brings to mind.40.5
SamaroliVery penetrating refined bouquet. Impetuous but at the same time clear. Mature but lively. Hard and also smooth, clean and at the same time ample. Has great character. As deep as the ocean. Powerful - doesn't pass unnoticed.20.5
BlackadderA very well-balanced rum, giving honeyed soft ripe fruit on the nose. The ripe fruit fills the mouth together with rich treacle and soft tannins. The finish is long and lingering.30.5
BlackadderThis satisfying sweet honeyed nose is full of ripe fruit and herbal notes. The fruit fills the mouth, together with toffee and spicy notes.40.5
BlackadderA delightful golden rum with lots of fruit and spicy woody and minty notes.30.5
El DoradoButterscotch nose blended with roasted coconut and apple. An initial taste of baked peach and coconut with a smoky cedar finish. Excellent mouth feel.15.25
El DoradoAn aroma of sweet baked apples mixed with cinnamon, flambEe banana and coconut. An initial taste of white spice and toffee with a toffee finish.15.25
El DoradoExperts described it as possessing a rich aroma of sweet cigar smoke, an initial taste of smoky tobacco with a roasted cinnamon apple finish.15.25
Murray McDavidThis is a rum that is fresh and bursting with life, offering aromas of green fruits, gooseberries, guava, and green apple. This is followed by dates, figs, berries, cinnamon and anise. Throw in some violet plus the rich sweetness from the Grand Cru Sauterne and you're starting to get the picture. The taste is clean, fresh and citrusy with the richness of the Sauterne giving a beautiful texture and fruit sweetness to the rum.30.25
DictadorRich amber color with reddish tones, the nose is intense with soft caramel, honey, dry seeds, lightly roasted coffee giving way to medium oak aromas. Soft and round feel in the mouth with caramel, cocoa, and honey light coffee flavors.7.5
Gosling'sThe nose is rich with semi-sweet caramel, vanilla, oak and a soft hint of prunes and dried stone fruits. The palate has wide ranges and complex traits of caramel, molasses and smoke followed by baked apples, roasted nuts, vanilla, tobacco, wood, cherries and spice.11.25
Pusser'sThe nose is full of dried fruits, dates, prunes, slightly overripe figs. The palate is very sweet, plenty of dark, syrupy, stewed fruits. An interesting pot still character with a pleasant muddiness. Full-bodied. The finish is incredibly long and dark.6.25
DiplomAticoThe nose is dominated by caramel, toffee and crEme in the front along with smoke and pineapple in the back. The palate starts with honey that quickly transitions into baking spices, smoky notes and vegetal flavors.7.75
DiplomAticoThe nose is fruity and thick with almond, hazelnut and cocoa up front, followed by toffee apples, hints of cooked banana, cinnamon and potpourri. The palate is rich and fruity with a buttery biscuit base, cinnamon, dried apricots, dates, Nutella and pipe tobacco.40.25
DiplomAticoThe nose starts with rich oak, brown sugar and cinnamon notes that fade into stewed fruits with a hint of walnut. The palate starts with sharp orange zest, followed by rich toffee and vanilla that further transition to oak, prunes and raisins.6.25
DiplomAticoThe nose is very nutty, specifically hazelnut and walnut, mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar. The palate is slightly sweet with nutty caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and a touch of Amaretto that fades into an allspice finish.6.25
PlantationThere are hints of spicy oak on the nose, with guava, a little desiccated coconut and dried banana with a buttery note on the back. The palate is spiced and creamy with sweet vanilla and caramel notes that fade into baking spices and toasted French oak.15.25
PlantationPresents deep and powerful scents of raw sugar, buttered cinnamon toast and dilute maple syrup. Quite distinctive with delicious chocolate, dried coconut and milk chocolate flavors featured. Finish highlights crEme caramel, coffee nib and hints of banana confectionary.17.25
AppletonThis is a very aromatic rum; a bit of funky molasses, orange peel, caramelized bananas, and loads of brown sugar fill your senses. There's a slightly burnt wood aroma found as well, though this is all pleasurable. Fairly full on your palate, the rum is actually not as sweet as the aroma leads you to believe. The funk is still there joined with barrel spices and coffee with cream. The finish is slightly bitter and burnt.7.5
Captain MorganThe nose is fairly mellow with notes of cherry cola, cinnamon, brown sugar and very sweet molasses which all follow through to the palate. Overall, what sets 1671 apart is finishing in oak barrels which leads to an overall smoothness and a faint oak presence.6.5
Smooth AmblerThere tons of complexity on the nose: charred wood, demerara sugar, citrus, and a faint vegetal note. The initial palate is hot but the burn dissipates quickly to reveal citrus and dried fruits along with some barrel and baking spice The weight on the palate is lithe and leads to a long finish of vanilla, milk chocolate, plum, passionfruit, and guava.15.5
Ron CartavioSweet but not cloying aromas of butterscotch and Bananas Foster, all dusted with traces of baking spice, characterize the seductive nose. Raisins and dried apricots join the parade on the palate, along with additional brown sugar, hazelnuts, vanilla bean and a hint of mocha. Some spicy wood emerges on the gratifyingly long finish20.25
Ron CartavioVanilla, light caramel, cocoa and dried fruit all jostle for attention on the nose; they continue to duke it out on the palate, with some restrained sweetness wrapped in silky texture bringing a touch of decorum to the bout. In the end, it's a draw between sweet and dry, spicy and fruity.6.5
VizcayaOn the nose is crEme brUlEe and toasted oak. Once sipped, it has an initial burst of sweetness, segueing into mild oiliness, almost like an old Caroni rum from Trinidad. The mid-palate flirts with mineral and menthol before fading somewhat quickly. Despite the initial sweetness, which typically indicates added sugar, the mouthfeel is slightly thinner than you might expect.9.5
Flor de CanaThis rum shows a deep amber color in the glass. The aroma has a backbone of menthol that carries notes of vanilla and toasted wood. There's a fairly strong black cherry cough syrup flavor underneath the considerable and typical oak influenced flavors.25.5
Old New OrleansThe nose is full of charred butterscotch and toffee, with hints of cashew butter andbeurre noisette hiding in the back. The palate starts with sweet cream that quickly fades into toffe, roasted hazelnuts and a hint of charred citrus. The finish is pleasantly warm with several different port wine like notes.15.25