Other Whiskies

Sam HoustonNotes of toffee, charred oak, marmalade, assorted candied fruit, soft leather and subtle spice.8.5
RogueSoft, silky fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a lively raisin scone, mossy earth, wet stone, and peppery spice finish.8.5
HudsonFried corn, more corn bread, and a considerable mentholic quality stand out; some tropical fruits (pineapples?) also come into play.25.25
Kopper KettleOak and Apple wood are very prevalent in this whiskey giving it a very sweet taste.7.25
Virginia LightningNothing special. Virginia moonshine.6
Bernheim OriginalThere are notes of freshly baked sweet buns, a stewed fruit note and a mixed nut character.8
Distilled AventinusSmooth, sticky mouthfeel compliments the fruity malt sweetness (strawberry/pear/banana becoming vanilla) in perfect balance with the acidity and black-pepper bitterness.14.5
Clyde May'sSweetish corn and a trace of rye, leather and mint notes, slight citrus and on more warming: char, toffee, some spiciness, and a faint trace of orange/maple.10.5
Michter'sBurnt sugar, almost like whiskey liquor, very sweet, maple syrup candies.10.5
Buffalo TraceButterscotch, nut brittle, and hazelnut nutella really wooing the sweet-tooth.7.5
Clear CreekSlightly sweet, gently fruity, with that bitter orange flavour starting to come thru before the peat and iodine rise up.14
Buffalo TraceSharp and dry, with oak dominant.30.5
Prichard'sWonderful flavour of white corn straight off the cob. Bold yet surprisingly mellow.5.5
Early TimesStarts off kinda cool and refreshing (sort of watery and sweet), but the overall flavor is sort of odd, mainly wood, with an earthiness.5.5
KovalWith a surprising banana nose, this white whiskey continues to amaze with hints of dried fruits and a touch of cantaloupe.10.5
KovalWith red currant undertones and a hint of tapioca, this multifaceted spirit rounds off with a ripe pear and fig finish.10.5
KovalIts delicate apricot blossom aroma turns creamy on the palate, followed by a butterscotch and almond finish.10.5
KovalNatural faint sweetness,Candied Nuts & Fruit,Hint of Brown Sugar.10.5
Whipper SnapperThe sourness becomes a secondary characteristic to an appealingly sweet frosting/birthday-cake sort of sensation.7.5
RogueIt has a honey-leathery aroma and flavor, with a slight amount of saltiness in the finish.8.75
BalconesThe entry is incredibly smooth considering that it's cask strength. The first note is caramel which opens up to more cinnamon, cornbread, dark chocolate and brown sugar. The heat really comes in at the mid palate and sticks around through the finish.10.5
BalconesThe entry is a symphony of corn flavors with roasted corn, warm corn bread, and blue corn tortillas.10.5
BalconesUp-front flavors of grilled sweet corn and chewing tobacco from the palate. Just beneath these savory components are hints of cherry and maybe even some huckleberry.10.5
BalconesAromas of sweet fruit, baking spices, jasmine, flowers and herbs are repeated on the palate which also features notes of oak, rye, citrus and slight hints of sweet tea and rosemary.10.5
High WestSoft, satiny entry to a light-to-medium body with hints of anise, pear and apple.10.5
High WestThe spices emerge more and the oak shows its grip. There is a little herbal piquant spice too. Slightly creamy.7.75
High WestVanilla, honey, toffee with some nice fruit, blueberries and black cherries. Chai spices - nutmeg, cinnamon and orange zest. Salty caramels. Tobacco. Gentle smoke!9.75
AlibiAlibi's flavor profile harkens back to America's past when whiskey was served in a shot glass or flask. Alibi is a corn-based whiskey that contains elements of rye and malted barley.5.5
KinnicKinnicMinutely hazy light amber color. Light grainy, husky aromas are suggestive of buttery nut brittle, brown spices and chocolate oatmeal cereal with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a hint of mocha, mossy stone and pink pepper on the zesty finish.10.5
Koval100% Wheat - notes of banana and caramel with a rich, buttery finish10.5
Catskill Distilling Co.Otay Buckwheat Spirit has a rich and spicy nose, and opens up to notes of raisins, vanilla, orange peel and a touch of chocolate.15.5
Firestone & RobertsonOn the nose, the TX Blended is like pecan pie. It's very sweet, with heavy notes of vanilla, toasted nuts, and caramel. On the tongue, it's simply mild. There's no rye spice, big burn, or loud notes.10.5
Woodford ReserveGolden straw color. Aroma of chocolate, malt and honey. Notes of buttered bread, strawberries and vanilla that lead to long, malty finish.20.5
Woodford ReserveAroma of oats, rich oak and caramel. Notes of spicy cinnamon and cloves on the palate, which are balanced by hints of citrus, bananas and pears. Finish is long and warm, with a touch of sweetness.20.5
Rebecca CreekThe nose has good spices with cinnamon, black pepper, and toasted oak notes. The taste is equally spicy with a lingering chili powder note, a lemony tartness that builds as the spice fades.8.25
Catskill Distilling Co.Suave, silky, pears and cream, hint of honey,with a burst of spice and dark-chocolate covered oranges on the finish.14.5
BreuckelenDried herbs and cereal are what you pick up on the nose along with saw dust and a slight char aroma from the barrel. The body of the whiskey is on the thin side, but is a touch sweet with more light grain and raw wood.10.5
BreuckelenThere is a definitive herbal aroma found here with an almost medicinal, gin like quality. The whiskey is a touch sweet as you taste, but the finish is dry, tannic, and on the bitter side.10.5
Parker's HeritageThis robust whiskey is bursting with caramel, vanilla, and milk chocolate notes that dominate without venturing into carnival candy land. The barrel spices are well integrated with just a slight cinnamon prickle towards the finish.40.25
Stranahan'sNose is astringent like a young rye. Palate is full of grain, oak and some vanilla pudding. Finish is quick to moderate with the vanilla and oak blending together.10.25
Low GapUpfront, smells of chalk, raw cotton fabric, burlap, beeswax and cereal grains that are followed by fruity notes. On the palate, floral notes and tangerine/pomegranate start and transition to cereal-like notes with a mild spiciness.9.25
High WestClean and crisp nose with intense rye that fades into more bourbon-like notes of molasses, caramel, coconut cream, sweet corn and honey with vanilla, cinnamon and mint. The palate starts with heavy vanilla, molasses and corn but fades quickly into rye, black pepper, fennel and grassy notes.12.25
1792 Ridgemont ReserveA well balanced bourbon with delicate body. Notes of vanilla and caramel are complimented by a touch of white oak tannins. This is further mingled with dried fruit to deliver a richly smooth flavor.10.25
AmadorThe whiskey has an aroma of caramel, cloves and vanilla. Notes of hop-spices, two-row barley, toffee, butterscotch, rich citrus, orange, warm caramel and nougat dominate the palate and lead to a long, ever-lasting finish.14.75
LA-1On the nose LA 1 has a straight forward aroma of sweet corn. On the palate there is a great deal of rich and earthy flavors such as oak, corn, vanilla, cocoa, and dark roasted coffee. The flavors are full bodied and easily noticeable. This whiskey has some chocolate malted barley which adds a cocoa flavor to the whiskey. The finish is moderate with corn, cocoa, and vanilla flavors and has nice burn to it.10.25
Rebel YellBourbon and Rye blend.5.25
Stranahan'sThe Diamond Peak will remind you of all the desserts you cram in your mouth during the holidays. You quickly get aromas of taffy, peppermint, and powdered sugar. The light malt you taste up front is readily overtaken by spice cakes, caramel, and almond extract. Even the smoke is sweet.13.25
Smooth AmblerIt's smooth, sweet and malty with a warming Christmas spice. There's just enough of a peppery bite at the end to balance out the sweetness.10.25
Parker's HeritageWith intense, sweet flavors of caramel popcorn and peanuts, you could say this is a real Cracker Jack of a whiskey! Dried fruits give this big, rich bruiser some needed acidity. As is typical with these high proof releases, it goes down a bit hot. Best enjoyed (on a porch at dusk, optional) with a large rock to take some of the edge off and allow the flavors to mellow in the glass.25.25
Masterson'sConsidering the age and that it's named for a boxing promoter, among other things, it lacks a little punch. It's heavy on the sweet side - vanilla, butterscotch, caramel, milk chocolate, red apples, ripe pears and a bit of banana. Some sweet spice and toasted oak round out the finish.13.25