Irish Whiskey

BushmillsPear and grape really break away from the crowd here, with the pear having the most to say, before the honey diplomatically interrupts and allows some green peppercorn and chocolate nougat to come into the picture.10.25
BushmillsSherry seems to be the first thing to notice on the palate, followed by fresh fruit; banana and cantaloupe. A little bitterness comes after followed by seaweed on the finish.15.25
BushmillsSmells like a Speysider, sherry sweetness, toffee sweetness, slightest hint of smoke. Palate is smooth, slight spice, nutty sweetness, medium viscocity. You can definitely taste malt. The taste is familiar, like a medium bodied single malt speyside malt.7.5
BushmillsThe light palate has mild malt and spice, with slight vanilla. This continues in the medium-long finish.6.5
ConnemaraVery soft, round and complex. The flavours are hard to unpick, but there's warm honey, buttered crumpet and a hint of sweet pipe smoke.12.25
JamesonClean and slightly malty start. Stretches across the palate. Semi-dried peach softness, crisp cereal/oak. Balanced, honeyed and soft.10.5
JamesonThe sweet, mellow palate offers bananas and plums, along with developing cinnamon, toasted oak and dairy fudge notes. The finish is long, with sweet fruits, port, spice and a hint of barley.55.5
JamesonInitially citric in the mouth, along with classic Irish oiliness, more profound notes of Sherry develop, along with fudge, vanilla and spice.6.5
MidletonLong and very perfumed with layers of flavour: lilac, oak, toffee. Finer than the others.50.25
Power'sHoney, butter, malt, grass, with a sharp and bitter edge. This is pleasant if you like the bitter edge as part of the package.5.5
Red BreastThe flavours take off in all directions. Spiciness and a pot still backbone softened by sherry. Very firm with some toffee.10.5
Tullamore DewVery light feel. Slight taste of spices, but not as strong as on the nose. Some more vanilla as well. Slight hint of wood.5.5
BunrattyThe flavor was fresh and minty. The overall impression was of sweetness.5.5
JamesonSilky and subtle, an essay in bittersweet balance with the final, drier, bitter notes reminding you of some decent age.15.5
JamesonWonderfully mellow and smooth, complex flavours of fudge & toffee spice, hints of wood & leather, gentle sherry nuttiness and vanilla.18.5
Slieve FoyYoung spring vegetables. Fresh baked bread, penuche and white chocolate all emerge as well.9.5
The IrishmanGreat nose, floral background notes. Wonderfully fresh, fruity and mouthwatering10.5
The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers and HeroesA finely balanced whiskey,smooth with an excellent body. Peppery. Spicy. Malty oak and a complex sweetness. A hint of vanilla and a lingering earthiness. The finish is long on the palate and very satisfying.11.5
Michael CollinsMedium amber color. Honey, toasted grain, hay, iodine, and citrus marmalade aromas. A silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of honeyed nuts and grains, dried apples and citrus, praline, and peppery spice flavors. Finishes with a long, refreshing, off-dry, spicy bread dough finish.9.5
The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers and HeroesLight, sweet, fruity taste; balanced and smooth. The grain comes through gently and it ends with a tingle of honey and citrus fruit. The finish is clean.9.5
Michael CollinsSmooth and silky with a creamy oak which seems very approachable for new whiskey drinkers. The attack is sweet and smooth with citrus vanilla notes through the mid-palate transition.6.5
Michael CollinsThe taste is well rounded and complex with a rich maltiness. The long finish offers a hint of chocolate and a wonderfully settled smoky flavor form the peat that lingers on the palate.9.5
Red BreastIn the mouth it turns into Christmas cake with candied cherries, but there is some heat on the tip of the tongue that overpowers it a little, and water does little to tame that down. Oaky but not overpoweringly so.18.5
TyrconnellSweet and spicy with orange peel, sweet zesty lemon custard, apples in kilos, malty goodness, fruit, rich. Very good.8.5
Irish MistReally nice warming whiskey and a honeyed sweetness, beautifully counterbalanced by darker spicy and herbal notes with just a touch of bitter dark chocolate.6.5
MillarsVery malty start followed by a very powerful grain which is fruity. Not a light whiskey at all.7.5
Knappogue CastleEntry is balanced, focused, and integrated, slightly astringent and nicely fruity. Midpalate has delicate tastes of marshmallow, brown sugar, oaky vanilla, and marzipan.9.5
John L SullivanNotes of chocolate, honey, toffee, raisin, fruitcake and spice.10.5
John L SullivanSpice, citrus and then vanilla, coupled with the light oakiness of the bourbon cask.6.5
Knockeen Hills Irish PoteenWarming and peppery, the initial shock subsides, and a balanced fruitiness shows through. With water, the middle taste is longer and reveals more fruit.20.25
Knockeen Hills Irish PoteenDrunk neat this triple-distilled Irish spirit provides a rich though crisp taste. With the usual range of mixers the complexity and smoothness shows through.20.25
Tullamore DewThe aroma is quite an intense malty, fruity and toasted wood aroma. Wonderfully rich, spicy and complex. Really mellow and rounded.9.5
Tullamore DewSpicy, oily and fresh malty notes with more complex toasted wood and vanilla undertones.9.5
McFaddenMedium intensity nose. Malty, spicy, oily. Some vanilla, dry woody notes. Medium bodied, dominant dry/raw woody taste. Also oily, spicy, malty, dry tannins, slight toffee.6.5
CavanaghVery mellow Irish Whiskey with a nice, neat finish. Vanilla notes complement a moist oaky texture that leave one wanting more,7.5
Tullamore DewScones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, sultanas, dates and digestive biscuits. A hint of linseed and honey. Light and soft with hints of gentle spices.14
BushmillsBushmills Honey.6.5
Paddy'sThe nose is oily and fresh. There are floral notes and cereal grains. Plenty of fruit. The palate is sweet and of medium-body with toffee and cereals, a rosewater note with a little butterscotch and vanilla.6.5
The Cooley DistilleryNotes of soft raisins and Irish caramel with a peppery spice overtone. Six to eight year old malt and a high proportion of eight year old grain are used to produce the premium Irish whiskey.5.25
FeckinFeckin Irish Whiskey is a smooth, honeyed Irish whiskey with loads of balance and finesse. We heartily recommend this Feckin whiskey to you.4.5
Paddy'sIrish Whiskey with Honey notes.6.5
Paddy'sIrish Whiskey with Cinnamon & Apple notes. Delish.6.5
Green SpotMindblowing, green apple, fresh, unique, stunning whiskey.25.25
JamesonA burst of flavours combine to produce a creamy, luscious taste experience. The special fruity sweetness from the grain remains consistent, while the waves of vanilla, toasted wood and spices roll.10.25
Power'sVanilla with black liquorice and cinnamon reveal fresh fruit - melons, green apples and pears - followed by crisp barley.9.5
Tullamore DewCreamy and rich aroma, with hints of vanilla, molasses, brown sugar and spicy ginger. Notes of malted barley, cinnamon and woody spices on the palate, which are complemented by a sweet undertone of honey and red fruits. Finish is long and smooth, with a warming touch.14
Red BreastFor starters, honey, ripe pears, hay, and breakfast cereal are revealed. The tasting profile is even more layered with juicy summer peaches, fresh barley, and wood spices. It is rich and chewy and finishes with a spice-filled aftertaste.50.25
Knappogue CastleThe nose starts off with light fruits such as green apples and nectarines along with a tinge of roasted nuts and oak. The sherry cask is very evident on the palate, starting with dark fruits like blackberry intermingled with toasted malts, marzipan and toasted oak. The finish is lighter and more crisp than expected with plesant green apple and black pepper spice.15.25
TeelingThe nose is aromatic and filled with creamed corn, honey, and gentle, ever so slight, notes of banana cream and coconut flakes. Moving on to the taste profile, the tropical notes fall by the way side and presents a creamy and slightly slick whiskey with barrel spices, lemon, and more honey.7.75
ConcannonWith relatively low nasal character it is easily recognizable to be an Irish whiskey. The forefront of the palate is sweet like honey, but quickly develops in the herb department with fresh sage standing out, in particular.5.25
BushmillsStrong, sweet nose. Very smooth, with well-balanced peat and fruit. Hints of cherry. A nice finish that gradually dissipates.14
ConnemaraNose of fruit, spice, some peat, and some distinct notes of rubbing alcohol. Palate is surprising, relatively complex layers of sugar, fruit, spice, and smoke. Finish is warm and enveloping, with smoke and bitter cocoa.10.25
ConnemaraLight peat, a rubbing alcohol note, some vanilla sweetness, a little barley, some additional syrupy floral sweetness. Moderate malt. Faint earthy peat, a gentle cinnamon warmth. Thick, viscous mouthfeel; malty.9.25
Yellow SpotLightly oily initially, with an assertive mix of hay and wood; slightly dry and bitter first but it backs down quickly and lets the honey and malt sweetness come to the front. Easygoing, a very gentle spiciness to keep it from getting bland. A little light sherry character gives a hint of darker fruits.35.25
KilbegganOily and herbal, with tarragon, warm leather, paper gum, and even violets. The palate is quite delicate, yet far from fragile, with gentle leather and developing fruity spices. Drying in a medium-length finish.5.25
GreenoreHoney, golden syrup and corn oil with French baguette, green apple skin, and aoverripe tropical fruit/white peach. Pinch of cinnamon spice. Honeyed sweet corn oil with cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of ginger and black pepper. Sweet and easy - the training bra of whiskies.9.25
JamesonThe nose is smooth and luscious with great dark chocolate and cocoa notes along with honey, caramel, toasted oak, and a hint of allspice. The taste still has the usual Jameson pepperiness balanced by notes of oak, dark chocolate, caramel, honey, and just a tiny bit of happiness. The finish is very long with a tiny bit of oakiness, dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee beans, and touches of vanilla and honey.7.5
John L SullivanCaramel and orange peel aroma. Hints of oak, vanilla, spice, citrus, malt, and honey.9.25
The IrishmanThe aroma of the whiskey is on the richer side with dark honeycomb, black pepper, cedar and other wood aromas. The palate continues on the dark side with dark chocolate, dark honey, black tea and a small dose of char smoke. It finishes with a long lasting, warming aftertaste to the dram.10.5
The Quiet ManIt has a distinctively tropical nose, full of flowers, fruit, toasted coconut, and oak. In the mouth, there's a lot of cereal grain and malt, along with oak spice, vanilla, papaya, banana, and a bit of sawdust. Orange bitters join in during a medium finish. Overall, a light and pleasant whiskey.7.25
The Quiet ManFloral on the nose, accompanied by strawberry, honey, and cereal grain. Light but pleasant. The palate is very light, hinting at brown sugar, apple, and vanilla cream. Could use a bit more punch. A drop of water opens up the fruit notes and adds a layer of allspice.5.5
Jack Ryan's Beggars BushThe flavors are true classics of Irish whiskey - light orchard fruits, vanilla, honey and oak. A subtle accent of lemon binds it all together to cut the sweetness. Even at a slightly higher proof than most Irish whiskeys, it's very easy drinking, and would make an excellent starter whiskey for the evening.10.25
Kinahan'sThe nose on this Bourbon-cask matured malt has notes of cherry pie, graham cracker pie crust, caramel, a touch of maltiness, baked oranges, and a hint of grapefruit in the background. The taste is thick and fruity with a good buildup of spicy dark pepper and allspice notes, balanced by orange pekoe tea, cherry cobbler, and touches of malt and nuts. A few drops of water opens up more fruity notes and boosts the spices as well. The finish is very long, spicy, with a nice tropical fruitiness in the background.10.25
Kinahan'sThe nose is rich, nutty, and fruity with red apples, ripe peaches, roasted almonds, a touch of allspice, and a hint of butterscotch in the background. The taste is oily and thick with notes of dark chocolate, chocolate mint, a touch of apple cobbler, lemon zest, vanilla, and a soft oakiness. The finish is malty, slightly tart with a hint of lemon and touches of vanilla and oak. Very nice.6.25
Knappogue Castle"The aroma of the whiskey is full of dark honey and toasted cereal with the palate moving towards orchard fruits, vanilla, and coconut. The wood spices are relatively mild as the fruit from the sherry seems to saturate it. The whiskey is rich and has a satisfying finish.12.25