BeefeaterThe nose is full of clean pine and juniper, with subtle hints of lemon and orange zest. More orange emerges on the palate, along with violet and coriander notes that carry over to the finish.5.5
BombayJuniper, lemon zest and meringue dominate the nose with hints of Indian spices and white pepper in the background. At first, light sweet notes emerge on the palate which are followed by juniper, leading into a touch of chili and stewed vegetal notes.6.5
BombayThe nose is dominated by lemon, juniper and coriander. The palate retains the heavy juniper and lemon, but fades into notes of violet and roots.5.5
CadenheadsThe nose is dominated by juniper, pine and lemon. The palate is very intense, and full of juniper, coriander, lemon and a hint of citrus.13.5
CitadelleOn the nose, hints of violet, sweet orange, coriander and floral brightness. Leans slightly citrus, but there's another side here as well, with hints of a spicy/floral deeper notes: nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. Nice and contemporary in character.6.5
HendricksVery light notes of juniper on the nose, followed by substantial cucumber and rose notes. The cucumber carries over to the palate and is accented by a variety of floral notes that help to push the juniper back even further.7
MagellanThe nose is a bit spicy with nutmeg, cassia and cinnamon playing big parts that are backed up by a floral iris aroma. The palate is dominated by coriander and iris with some other floral notes such as violet in the background nearly covering up all of the juniper.5.5
QuintessentialOn the nose are fresh floral (lavender & lotus flowers) aromas with faint hints of metallic, herbal pine and spicy citrus notes. On the palate this smooth slightly sweet spirit has dry juniper and citrus (lime & lemon from the coriander seeds) with floral (lavender) and green herbal (grass-like) notes. On the smooth flowery close is a hint of minerals and light warm peppery notes.5.5
TanquerayThe nose has a huge citrus note to it. A cacophony of lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine hit the nose with only touches of juniper. The palate caries forth the extreme citrus characteristic but has much more of a juniper bite towards the finish.5.5
TanquerayThe nose is heavy on grapefruit and lime zest with a small juniper presence that is also accented by coriander. The palate is exceptionally smooth given the higher proof and carries forth the higher citrus profile and miniscule juniper note.6.5
TanquerayThe nose is very heavy with juniper as is typical for a London dry. There are also notes of coriander and fresh lime zest on the nose. The palate is very dry and juniper forward with touches of lime zest, earthy cassia and orange zest.5.5
Hayman'sThe nose starts off with sweet lavender, candied lemon peel, hints of violet, juniper and orange zest. The palate is very zesty and rich with sweet gingerbread, juniper and spice with a hint of dry earl grey tea on the finish.5.5
BluecoatThe nose is full of orange with hints of lemon, lime, juniper and a touch of anise. All of the citrus carries over to the palate with notes of licorice and coriander that sneak in on the finish.6.5
Boomsma GeneverWoody notes are backed up by bread-like notes on the nose with just a hint of juniper. The palate opens up like a young whiskey, fading into lavender, vanilla and finally slight juniper.5.5
BrokersFresh juniper on the nose, accompanied by lemon zest and black pepper. Juniper and citrus dominate the pallet, but fade into spicy black pepper, coriander and violet.5.5
AnchorJuniper is very prevalent on the nose, with hints of Thyme and apricot as well. The apricot carries through slightly onto the palate along with juniper, coriander, almond and a citrus finish.6.5
PlymouthOn the nose it's quite fruity, but to taste it's smooth and spicy, more so than a London dry with plenty of cardamom, coriander and some citrus keeping the juniper in check and resulting in a flavour described by some as "earthy".7.5
RogueThe nose is full of fresh juniper blossoms and subtle citrus notes. With light-to-medium body, the fruity-yet-dry flavors of cucumber and tangerine transform into a distinct spruce finish.7
DamrakThe nose starts with notes of orange sherbet, spicy orange zest, dried fruit and light piney juniper. The palate is dominated by orange zest with an underlying piney juniper, angelica root, dry black pepper and cinnamon spice.7.5
VoyagerAromas of graham cracker, lemon zest, and bold herbs and spices have a lovely layer of piney juniper and follow through on a silky entry to a dryish, medium-full body with great vibrancy and balance. Finishes with a long resinous juniper and floral talc fade.7.5
Martin Miller'sThe nose is dominated by orange sherbet that fades into juniper with hints of liquorice, coriander and nutmeg in the background. The palate starts with citrus sherbet and juniper battling then fading to peppery spice and an oily finish highlighted by nutmeg and cinnamon.7.75
SchlichteThe nose is full of juniper as would be expected from a London dry with hints of citrus. The palate is fairly muted with juniper being the only distinguishable flavor, although it does carry a certain creaminess with none of the burn usually associated with gin and finishes relatively flat.6.75
G'Vine FloraisonThe nose has an unmistakable aroma of grapes due to fruity and floral notes with a tinge of sweet baking spices and spring flowers. The juniper is almost completely hidden due to the intense floral sweetness on the palate.8.5
AviationOn the nose lavender, juniper and anise are fairly prevalent. On the palate a nice citrus note takes the forefront, followed by juniper and anise. The finish has hints of cardamom and sasaparilla.6.75
Martin Miller'sThe nose starts with a hint of orange sherbet, complimented by smooth pine-ey juniper and a slight resinous note that fades to a certain greenness with nutmeg and liquorice. The palate starts with sweet liquorice that builds to a spicy middle pricked with citrus.15
CitadelleThe nose is full of cardamom and anise with hints of juniper, vanilla and oak. The palate has complex notes of spice, cedar and fresh herbs such and Thyme and basil. These fade into floral notes of lavender and rosemary.7.5
Boomsma GeneverThe nose is full of yeast bread which leads into a touch of juniper and wet pine. The pallet initially is dominated by the taste of unaged malted spirits, slowly fading into sweet lemon, coriander and just a touch of juniper.5.5
CadenheadsThe nose is very floral with notes of eucalyptus, saffron, candied ginger and sage. The palate is slightly spicy with saffron and juniper dominating. Black pepper, lemon and sage fade in towards the finish.11.5
Blackwood'sSubtle, smooth freshness of citrus on the nose with a slight spice starting on the palate. Lingering herbal flavours produce a fresh combination with the citrus to create an incredibly long finish.10
Desert JuniperThe nose starts off with a healthy dose of juniper, followed by coriander, cardamom and angelica at the back end. The palate has a juniper note that rapidly fades into a heavy anise/liquorice note with the slightest hint of grassiness and some maltiness.8.5
Death's DoorThe nose has a bright linalool top note, redolent of something floral and bright. The nose also has juniper and fennel. The palate begins with subtle juniper then brief fennel. The finish initially is a more floral coriander, but fennel creeps in with a bright juniper note on the end.7.75
Nolet'sRose Petals, honeysuckle and bright pungent floral aromas on the nose. A hint of juniper in the background, a touch of alcohol [104 proof, so not unexpected]. Fruity, almost strawberry candy, rich. Enveloping, very inviting. A touch of almond too.125.5
Nolet'sVirtually no juniper on the nose. Instead, an intense aroma of rose dominates the nose and hints of lavender complement. The palate completely throws you for a loop with raspberry and peach flavors that take over from the rose and lavender.10
GeraniumThe nose is typical of a London dry with fresh juniper playing lead to subtle citrus and floral notes. The palate is relatively clean with a moderate juniper presence and strong lemon zest notes, followed by hints of earl grey and English breakfast teas that finish with a subtle orange note and piney juniper.25.5
BoodlesThe nose is extremely woody, with notes of lavender, sage and ginger. Pine, juniper and coriander dominate the palate with an herbal finish.5.5
BeefeaterThe nose is full of pine and juniper, along with a slight musk reminiscent of tea leaves and a fresh rain. On the palate juniper takes the forefront, backed by citrus notes and the slight taste of heather that carries on to the finish.6.75
Knockeen HillsThe nose starts with aromatic juniper and dried flowers with green, earthy notes. The coriander also comes through. The palate is quite sweet and dry with coriander, juniper and citrus before the heather creeps in.10.5
Knockeen HillsThis London Dry gin uses fresh elderflower to set it apart from other English variants. The nose is full of juniper and elderflower, which is to be expected from the style and name. On the palate a licorice note comes out at first, followed by floral sweetness associated with elderflower and a sharp juniper note classic to the base style. The finish hints of a floral spice, such as coriander and is quite hot.10.5
MonopolowaDelicate aromas of pepper jelly, floral bath talc, pine sap, and lemon curd with a satiny smooth, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a creamy custard, lemongrass, herb and spice flourish.5.5
Uncle Val'sInitial aromas of citrus - primarily lime - followed by lavender and sage. Notes of crisp lemons and cool cucumbers with a hint of piney juniper.7.75
Fifty PoundsThe nose is lemon, lime, juniper, and very classic in character. Just a tinge of sweetness with a touch of creamy lemon as well. The nose is markedly lighter and clearer then the palate. Juniper on the tip of the tongue, followed by lemon, coriander and angelica. Just a bit of spice, with citrus blossoming in the middle. Heat, very sharp. The finish hints at anise, angelica, juniper and citrus rind. Tart and direct, with a very dry palate cleansing finish. Long residual heat.9
RansomThe nose is full of zesty citrus, followed by fresh pine, juniper and rich honey. The palate starts with bright juniper and pine with floral notes that creep in, followed by cardamom. The finish is incredibly malty and full of fresh orange and a tinge of cedarwood.7.5
Small'sDried flowers, onion-pepper relish, lime custard pastry, and green herbal juniper aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with bright herbal depth and a smoothness. Finishes with a long, fresh cut pine, pink pepper, wintergreen, lemongrass and violet-lavender talc fade.7.5
The BotanistThe nose has hints of menthol, apple, juniper, coriander and anise with undertones of lemon and orange peel. The palate is rich and mellow, starting with honey, coconut and wild mint that fades into fresh spring flowers that fades into juniper, coriander and a tiny hint of salt.11.5
Bols GeneverMalty, bread-like aromas are most prevalent on the nose with hints of nutmeg and juniper in the background. The palate is full of pine and juniper, with malty bread and nutmeg.10.5
EdinburghOn the nose it is crisp and clean with distinct notes of juniper. As it opens up the smell envelopes you and it is as if you are walking through a forest on a crisp fall morning. Evidently this is the pine making its presence known. Upon tasting there are warm peppery spicy notes and here is where the citrus begins to express its influence. There is a slight creaminess in the body while the flavors remain as bright as the noon day sun.7.25
Hayman'sThe nose is extremely aromatic with citrus and orange blossom floral notes. The palate incredibly intense with juniper, fresh cut pine, Buddha's hand lemon, coriander and grass.9.5
City of LondonMade from a citrus forward selection of botanicals including: juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, liquorice root and fresh oranges, lemons and pink grapefruit.6.5
Hans ReisetbauerOn the nose are sweet juniper, spices and floral tones. On the palate are juniper, citrus (lemon), spices and floral tones. The large amount of botanicals make for a harmonious complexity. The finish is long and is slightly sweet and peppery (liquorice and spices).14.5
BombayBlack pepper dominates the nose, slowly yielding to lemongrass and juniper with hints of citrus. The palate shows much more of the juniper and herbal notes associated with sapphire due to the black pepper bolstering the juniper. A distinct sweet vegetal note shines as well thanks to the lemongrass.7
Number 3On the nose there's an instant and welcome hit of piney juniper with citrus and coriander very evident. In the mouth the juniper develops into a crispness nicely balanced by a soft spiciness.10.5
H. van Toor Tz.The nose is full of coriander with a hint of tea, malty brown bread and floral notes. The palate starts with plummy and jammy notes such as apricot followed by some tannin tea notes and a touch of sloe berry. This moves to some floral bergamot and coriander notes and a quite dry juniper finish.35.5
JensenThe nose is clean and pine-ey with lavender and parma violet, a generous amount of coriander, orange and lemon zest. The palate is clean and bone dry with fresh juniper on the forefront and strong hints of coriander, parma violet, liquorice and nutty almond notes on the backend.10.5
Hammer & SonThe nose is juniper forward, but some musky darker notes, wet paper, fallen tree leaves after a rain, hints of angelica and cassia. Lots of bright juniper, vivid citrus notes, sweet lemon, and orange rind on the palate. A soft, almost silky mouthfeel. It feels very thick. The mid body is where some of the earthy complexity comes through: nutmeg, clove, and a hint of a bright floral sweetness towards the end. The finish is long, a bit earthy and indistinct with a touch of heat.15.5
RoguePinot Noir barrel aging adds smooth, yet restrained flavors of vanilla, oak and tannins to the typical spruce gin flavor profile.7
Russell HenryThe pith from the lime isapparent, but it matches well with juniper and the spicy pepper. This spirit is slightly earthy and with just a touch of citrus.10.5
Russell HenrySweet hints of citrus and pine. Initial bursts of orange and lemon zest lead to more subtle touches of juniper and coriander. Smooth, clean finish.10.5
Russell HenrySlightly floral aroma with hint of ginger on the nose. Initial notes of juniper and citrus which fade to reveal a soft, light finish that is complimented with sweet undertones of ginger.10.5
UngavaThe nose is slightly sweet, a hint of lemon zest but a good deal of juniper with a dry sweetness. The palate starts off with a touch of tartness reminiscent of cranberries. It lightens up with hints of hay, a slight floral note and then the juniper comes in full force. A nice dash of heat and bitterness composes the finish.10.25
MikkellerCarefully balanced with a full scent of Juniper berries making way for lemon grass and soft tones of angelica root. A little touch of cardamom, ending off with slightly bittersweet tones of oranges. Note the hoppy feeling you get, the US Simcoe hops add a lemon zesty touch.7.75
St. GeorgeThe nose is full of spices such as fennel and cardamom along with orange peels and sweet cinnamon. The palate starts off with earthy spices, followed up by crystalized ginger and caraway notes that are followed by lemon and lime peel that further fade into laurel and coriander.7.75
Bitter TruthThe gin has a floral and fruity aroma that is followed by smooth notes of anise, berries, fennel and caraway. The hints of juniper are subtle, and complement the slightly sweet flavors of the gin.7.75
Russell HenryNotes of peppermint, roses, citrus oil, and evergreen notes provide plenty of perfume on the nose. On the body, first there's an attack of pine and juniper, followed by a surprising apple cider character. Vanilla and some marshmallow emerge, but the finish brings out wood oil and some green, slightly vegetal notes.10.5