1792 Ridgemont ReserveBarrel SelectThe taste is very nice, sweet, with some oakyness, slightly spicy. Goes down very smoothly.$6.5
A&H HirschSpecial Reserve 20 YearSome initial resinous sweetness, which is quickly replaced by a hot, piney bitterness. Water thins and softens a bit, but the character stays.$20.5
Baker's7 year 107 ProofRye kicks off early and allows bitter and prickly, softly spiced, middle to ensure a characterful, multi-layered bourbon.$9.5
Basil Hayden's8 yearLifted, light and delicate. Lots of rye but floats across the palate.$9.5
Blanton'sSingle BarrelTongue-wrestling vanilla, honey, caramel, pepper and caramelised sugar.$10.5
Booker'sTrue BarrelIntense, fruit, tannin, tobacco.$10.5
Buffalo TraceInitially sweet with a caramel mid-palate transition and a finish of oak mixed with spicy pepper.$6.5
BulleitFrontier WhiskeyPerfumed start: a whiff of dried lavender, singed orange peel, dusty spice cupboards.$6.5
Old Charter101 ProofSweet, mellow sip, a rich taste of barrel-enhanced corn, just a hint of wood spice, and rolling vanilla.$5.5
Eagle Rare10 YearSmooth. Vanilla. Condensed milk. Coconut. Orange. Tropical fruits.$7.5
Eagle Rare17 YearOrange Angel Delight. Caramel. Toffee. Wafers. Dry oiliness.$50.25
Elijah CraigSmall BatchRye hits every corner of the mouth: light oils and myriad oaky, complex notes to the roof.$6.5
Elmer T. LeeSingle BarrelScented with an almost waxy feel. Oak is firm but there's some finesse. Very precise.$8.5
Evan WilliamsSingle BarrelNicely balanced corn sweetness with wood, a silky smooth mouthfeel.$5.5
George T. StaggCask StrengthCreamy, espresso, very nutty, dark fruits, the taste of an unlit cigar.$50.25
Jim BeamBlackThe sweet-corn is the first to bed down on the palate, before a strong oily liquorice takes over, flanked by a mild spice from the rye.$5.5
Jim BeamWhiteNotes of toasty oak and all the requisite notes of vanilla and crEme anglaise, a little spice and pepper with an acetone note.$5.5
Kentucky VintageKentucky Straight BourbonExtremely sweet and punctuated with some odd notes, including a kind of weedy herbal character that reminds me of dried spices that have been sitting on the shelf too long.$5.5
Knob Creek9 Year Small BatchSmooth with great viscosity and a full-bodied flavor which is dominated by potent alcohols. While there is a bit of oak in the finish, the overall spirit is distracted by its fire.$8.5
Noah's MillSmall BatchYour tongue receives a blast of concentrated medium-sweet brown sugar and then dry and leathery old-wood flavor. There are also hints of mint and tobacco.$10
Old Rip Van WinklePappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 YearSoft and surprisingly delicate given the age. A charred note adds to the complexity. Gentle and elegant.$75.25
Old Rip Van WinkleVan Winkle 12 Year Lot BRefined sweet wheat flavours with very noticeable oak-- both oak as oak and oak as its cousin flavour sweet maple.$35.25
Old Rip Van Winkle10 Year 107 Proof*Nice robust flavour of wheat and oak with a pleasant alcohol nibble.$20.25
Pure KentuckyKentucky Straight BourbonVery sweet and strong flavours of oak and maple are present. This is very spicy as well: black pepper, cloves, and bitter orange.$5.5
Rock Hills FarmsSingle BarrelCocoa, rye spices, buttery toffee, tangy, puckering rye and oak interplay. Sour fruit too.$11.25
Rowan's CreekSmall BatchFull flavoured, sweet, strong oak, moderate to strong spice, caramel, a little vanilla, and a little citrus.$8.5
W.L. Weller12 YearCorn, char, warmth, spice, nuts. But not much else, seems a bit tired. Opens up with a little water. Burnt-sugar caramel comes through.$16
Wild Turkey101 ProofBig, no, make that huge. Ripe, treacle, chocolate mousse, with a lift of rose petal/violet high. Thick layers of honey and nut and balanced spicy oak.$5.5
Wild TurkeyRare BreedMassively intense launch, waxy honeycomb with fabulously controlled Demerara sweetness and an edge of rye.$7.5
Wild TurkeyKentucky SpiritRipe apples and caramel with a little spice and fine tobacco, but the oak jumps out and makes it presence known here. Very smooth without any fire.$9.5
Wild TurkeyAmerican Spirit 15 Year*a lot of molasses cookies and mint sprigs with vanilla. A little water really makes this one sing. The palate turns very creamy.$13.75
Woodford ReserveDistillers SelectFragrant and fruity, with raspberries, camomile and ginger.$8.5
Russell's Reserve10 YearA warming elixir with the a balance of sweet nuttiness, sugar cane, hints of cinnamon and some oak.$10.5
Virginia GentlemanSmall Batch 90 ProofIt's heavily herbal and a bit medicinal with a bit of bitterness as well.$5.5
Maker's MarkFresh fruit, spices, eucalyptus and ginger cake.$6.5
Parker's Heritage27 YearMouth filling, it simply takes hold of you with wave after wave of engulfing spice oak, with the sort of tangy, puckering tannins that you'd expect from a bourbon of this age.$150.2
W.L. WellerWeller Special ReserveSweet from start to finish. Light mouth-feel and high berry flavors such that it comes across as almost juicy.$8.5
W.L. WellerOld Weller AntiqueFull sweet flavours spread on the palate, some grain flavours well-integrated.$12.25
Four RosesYellow LabelFresh fruits, spice and oak characterise the palate, while ginger nuts and drying oak figure in the medium finish.$6.5
Four RosesSmall BatchBold and rich on the well-balanced palate, with spices, fruit and honey flavours.$8.5
Four RosesSingle BarrelLong and mellow in the mouth, with vanilla, oak, and a hint of menthol.$10
Old Rip Van WinklePappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 YearSweet yields to savory with that chewy, aged Zinfandel mouthfeel. Waves of flavor wash over you, gone before you can name them.$150.2
Black Maple HillKentucky Small BatchSpicy culmination of citrus, cinnamon, pepper and clove that sits wonderfully on the palate.$20.25
Johnny DrumPrivate StockPalate is pretty rich, mouth-filling and deep, and rather bitter.$6.5
Rebel YellSweet honey then summer corn, with an honest balance.$5.25
W.L. WellerWilliam Larue WellerSlightly sweet start, with the a taste like dried papaya, interesting char and caramelized sweetness race around each other leaving a bouquet of dried fruits and warming, medium mouth feel.$50.25
Vintage Bourbon17 YearDeep and flavorful blast of sweet, toasted brown sugar, dried fruit, and some leathery notes, then drier toward the finish, with spiced almonds.$45.25
Wathen'sSingle BarrelRound, Delayed attack. Honey coated, luxurious. Dense and concentrated, coconut, grain, spice, seriously consistent and long.$9.5
A&H Hirsch28 Year OldEnjoyably perfumed aromas and an entertaining palate, with both showing a complex array of chewy toffee, cinnamon, candied fruit, roasted nuts, dusty cocoa and tobacco.$80.5
Hudson4 GrainSmooth and sweet corn give a soft mouthfeel on the front end of the taste. A spicey note second and I can feel it on the front to mid tongue.$25.25
HudsonBaby BourbonSmooth on the palate and drinkable, with lively spices, caramel and corn, then a drying, herbal note that lingers through the lengthy finish.$25.25
Evan WilliamsHoneyVery sweet, honey, orange zest, walnuts and a hint of bitter almonds.$5.5
A&H HirschCornCorn and buttery.$7.5
A&H HirschSmall BatchFinishes semisweet and honeyed, rich but vibrant, and not the least fat or clunky, and simply divinely delicious.$8.5
Maker's MarkMaker's 46We now have on top of the caramel, corn and vanilla a orchestral arrangement of spice. The percussion of Cinnamon chases an uncommon, but mild astringency.$8.5
Prichard'sDouble BarreledImmediate bitter sweet character celebrates both a raisin-fruity juiciness and a much firmer, burned-honeycombed, complex, classy and challenging, thuddingly firm with limited yield.$15.5
Michter'sUS-1 BourbonThe bouquet offers peppery/spicy scents that accent the dry graininess. Palate is surprisingly sweet and corny.$10.5
Michter's10 Year BourbonTaste is dominated by charred oak and malted barley with orange peel and hint of anise.$30.25
Knob CreekSingle BarrelCrisp but not dry. A well balanced sweetness releasing luscious fruit flavours and spices.$10.5
Henry McKenna10 Year Single BarrelSweet and fruity. Very light, not much too it. The sweetness increases later in the palate into the finish.$6.5
Old Forester86 ProofRye, oak and some sweetness to it. Vanilla and caramel come out from the oak barrels.$5.5
Old Grand-Dad86 ProofHints of broccoli and asparagus mixed in with your more typical shortbread and vanilla bourbon notes.$5.5
Wild Turkey14 Year Tradition*Richly textured-almost chewy-with toffee, molasses, nougat, date, candy corn, ripe clementine and raisin, peppered with dusty grain, cocoa powder, moss.$24.5
Benchmark8 YearMedium body, touch of leather, tobacco and dried fruit.$5.5
W.H. HarrisonGovernor's ReserveReminiscent of a fresh French pastry and German strudel but has rye characteristic are not overly sweet.$14.5
Buck8 YearThe dry grass bursts forward and is followed by a lingering bitter pepperiness.$7.5
NewportBourbonIt's a bourbon.$4.5
Jim BeamDevil's CutAlong with the strong wood flavours present in the nose, I do very definitely taste some sweet orange on the palate.$7.5
Buffalo TraceSingle OakUnripe bananas on the nose with vanilla and Cognac, fatter textures and more developed flavors, spice and pepper on the finish$30.5
Old Crow80 ProofBiscuit, caramel, very ripe apple, earthy, peppery spice.$5.5
Old Bardstown101The palate delivers notes of dry oak, corn and pepper.$5.5
Old Charter8 YearMiddle notes of wood are what you experience most in the mouth, but not in the nose. There is still caramel, and some vanilla, moderate sweetness, and considerable spice.$5.75
Four Roses2010 Barrel Strength Small Batch 100th Anniversary*Light cinnamon, sweet rye, pear and raspberry fruitiness.$50.25
Old Grand-DadBonded 100A classic bourbon: corn sweetness, caramel, and oak are the dominant sensations with a lingering finish of charred oak.$5.5
Wild Turkey81 ProofSweet wood notes, light-bodied but pillowy and smooth on the palate, some light citrus or apple notes.$5.75
WillettPot Still ReserveFlavors of maple and caramel, light spice, and a fairly intense blast of salted, buttered popcorn$10.5
E.H. TaylorSingle BarrelStarts off sweet (rummy, burnt dark fruit, fig cake) then becomes dry, with dried spice, tobacco, toasted oak, and leather. Very exciting and distinctive.$15.5
Rebel YellSmall Batch ReserveA lot of wheat and chestnut. Nothing too complex.$5.5
Jefferson'sReserveA huge body with a well-balanced fruity/spicy palate complete with notes of pears, cinnamon, dates, raisins and sweet butter.$18.5
Jefferson'sKentucky Straight BourbonSpicy on the front of the tongue, restrained oak, mild rye and corn balance.$12.5
Elijah Craig20 Year*Nutty toffee, pecan pie, apricot, berried jam, and nougat, peppered with cinnamon, mint, cocoa, and tobacco. Warming, with polished leather and dried spice on the finish.$40.25
Woodford ReserveDouble OakedButterscotch, vanilla, and toffee notes at the front of the palate, eventually giving way to cinnamon, clove, and rum raisin. As the sip finishes, a concentrated wood tannin and bitterness begins to emerge.$9.25
James E. Pepper15 Year*Rich and complex, with deep notes of caramel, honey, oak and spice. EXTINCT.$40.25
BreckenridgeSmall BatchDelicious. Enough Said with that. Clean Glacier melt water makes for a nice, neat bourbon.$9.5
Cyrus NobleSmall Batch 90 ProofVelvety notes of hazelnuts, toffee, and caramel. Solid bourbon.$8.5
LexingtonOriginalNamed after the city itself, this bourbon stands tall. Vanilla, spice, and oak overwhelm. Solid.$7.75
James E. Pepper4 Year 100 Proof100 Proof Bourbon. And Actually Damn Good. ADG.$10.5
John B. StetsonKentucky Straight BourbonA guarded recipe yields this fine sipping bourbon, distilled from native American corn, locally sourced barley, rye, and wheat. This bourbon has a sweet oaky aroma layered with woody flavors, and finishes with hints of vanilla and caramel.$8.5
Bowman BrothersSmall BatchBowman Brothers Small Batch Bourbon is a whiskey of very good quality. It offers a balance of sweetness and spice. I cannot say it's very full flavored, nor is it complex, but it's a damn fine sipper that offers some classic bourbon flavors.$9.5
Bowman BrothersSingle BarrelThe nose opens up with a familiar bourbon sweetness. There is a fair amount of rye, along with a nice oak balance. Sweet corn bourbon taste comes out in full force. Fair amount of oak here - a very tasty bourbon.$14.5
Penny PackerA straight bourbon whisky made from maize, rye and barley. The accent is on maize, making up nearly three quarters of the mash-bill.$5.5
Henry du YoreStraight BourbonA whiskey that is somewhere between Bourbon, Rye and an unpeated Single Malt.$10.5
Russell's ReserveSingle BarrelDelivers a burst of intense vanilla and hints of burnt orange, along with tastes licorice and anise seed, on the palate, culminating with a rich and long finish.$10.5
Bulleit10 YearOn the nose, the bourbon comes off dry and oaky, with a sharp, peppery spice. There's a hint of sweet cherry candy, with orange-infused maple sugar, vanilla and clove. With a little water, I get some fruitier dried berry notes as well.$13.5
Michter's20 Year BourbonA particularly lush, full bodied bourbon with lots of character and a balance of sweet and spice. Its age is highly unusual for bourbon but the extra oak is not overwhelming, making this a truly outstanding drink for bourbon lovers.$75.25
High WestAmerican Prairie ReserveA very citrus-focused Bourbon, with lots of orange, cherry, and lemon on the nose. Candied nut character comes along in the end. Great finish.$7.75
Old Pogue91 ProofThere is a strong blend of leather and oak flavors tempered by some caramel and corn sweetness to produce a very balanced, smooth bourbon.$9.5
Parker's HeritageBlend of MashbillsThe 2012 Parker's Heritage Collection is a blend of Heaven Hill's rye-based (Evan Williams mashbill) and wheat-based (Old Fitzgerald/Larceny) bourbon. Put together, the whiskey is an assembly of four grains. Quite superb.$50.25
Wild TurkeyAmerican HoneyWild Turkey and lots of honey?.$5.5
Michter'sUS-1 Sour MashA soft bouquet of pine and stone fruit with fresh roasted coffee and spice cake on the palate, while the razor-sharp finish doesn't seem to quit.$10.5
George T. StaggStagg Jr.Honey, Vanilla, Subtle Cherry, Oak in the nose. The oak, and cherry sweetness come through in the palate, but overwhelmingly boozy flavor. Not as good as Stagg Senior, but it does the trick.$14.5
Jim BeamSignature 12 YearCinnamon, Oak, and Vanilla distinctively in the nose. The palate brings out Sweet Cinnamon, Pepper, and Vanilla.$10.5
Jim BeamSignature Spanish Brandy FinishFresh woodsy scent, like newly sawn lumber, salt, orange, floral notes. Some peppery spice on the front; sweet and floral on the mid-palate, with a thick, syrupy mouthfeel; nice long finish, where the brandy influence really shines.$10.5
Dancing PinesSmall BatchDistinctive aromas off nutmeg-laden egg nog, cinnamon bark, buttery nuts, honeycomb, and sandalwood incense with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and oak spice notes of cardamom, clove, licorice, cola, and graphite.$10.5
Elijah Craig21 Year*Think sawdust baking in the summer heat in an old wooden barn. While you're at it, imagine rum raisin mixed with a bit of purple grape. They work together surprisingly well. There are hints of rye spice underneath, but it's not at all sharp or green.$40.25
Catskill Distilling Co.Most Righteous BourbonMost Righteous Bourbon has a nose of caramel and fudge, with initial notes of butterscotch, toffee, molasses and dried fruits. The flavors give way to slightly spicier notes of cinnamon, ginger and a touch of spice before leading to a soft, smooth finish.$15.5
Wild TurkeyForgiven - Blend of Rye and BourbonCaramel, spice from the rye, a little bit of candied ginger on the nose. Caramel, vanilla, mint, spearmint, with charred oak on the back end of the palate.$13.5
Parker's HeritagePromise of HopeMade after Parker Beam's diagnosis with ALS. This bourbon was released to raise money for the cause. Perfectly balanced nose with fruit and spice and some earthy undertones. A very concentrated entry on the palate of hard caramel candy nuanced with spices$30.25
St. George SpiritsBreaking & Entering BourbonNose of vanilla infused banana cream, flint, dried golden fruits, nutty, well integrated oak. A tang of sour corn mash. Palate brings honey and toffee on the entry, white pepper, a healthy dose of wood spices, slightly bitter burned caramel, and tea.$8.5
Booker's25th AnniversaryThe entry has such a nice mouthfeel that it's hard to believe that it's 65.4% alcohol. Strong notes of cinnamon, clove, and oak spice come through wonderfully.$25.5
Calumet FarmsBourbon WhiskeyThe nose is sweet - vanilla, corn, caramel. The taste is a little thin, but full of butterscotch, vanilla, caramel,charred oak and a slight, white pepper. And the finish - absolutely delicious, sweet and so very smooth.$8.5
E.H. TaylorBarrel ProofSorghum syrup and molasses, dried figs, cherry licorice, and sour apple. Tons of punchy spices as well (clove, nutmeg, anise) in the nose. Molasses, cherry cough syrup, baked apple, and a good bit of resin and grip from the wood on the palate.$15.5
Orphan BarrelOld Blowhard 26 Year Bourbon*Very robust, with leather, tobacco, and roasted nuts. Quite spicy and resinous too. There's toffee, maple syrup, and caramel struggling to sooth all this robustness, but the oak maintains the upper hand.$25.25
Orphan BarrelBarterhouse 20 Year Bourbon*Surprisingly lacking in oak intensity, given its age. Very creamy and soothingly sweet, with notes of honeyed vanilla, crEme brUlEe, sultana, orange creamsicle, peach cobbler, and a subtle array of tropical fruit. Soft and mellow on the finish.$20.25
Rebellion BourbonSweet notes of honey and caramel, which are followed by touches of oak and smoky spices. Long, smooth finish with notes of vanilla and butterscotch.$10.5
Angel's EnvyPort FinishedYou'll detect notes of subtle vanilla, raisins, maple syrup and toasted nuts on the nose. Vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast and bitter chocolate come through in the palate.$8.5
Orphan BarrelRhetoric 20 Year Old*Well-aged but not past its prime, Rhetoric hangs on to its fruit without giving everything up to the tannins of the wood. The body is silky and full of fruit, and features a finish that brings its cinnamon and nutmeg elements alive.$20.25
Black Saddle12 YearRich amber color along with an aroma of spicy nougat, creme brulee and hard candy. Notes of pepper spices, toasted cinnamon, and hints of vanilla.$8.25
Elijah CraigBarrel Proof*The nose will knock you off your feet. Lots of rye, barrel, heath bar and leather. The palate is ridiculously viscous, with cinnamon candies, rye, barrel, roasted vanilla bean and chocolate. The finish is long, smooth and robust with spice, roasted chestnuts and barrel.$14.25
Michter'sToasted Barrel FinishThis is an intense bourbon, more like a Tennessee whiskey. The additional toasting seems to enhance the flavor of the char of the first oak aging rather than mellow it, giving it a big smokey flavor, and the usual corn sweetness inherent in bourbon becomes almost hoppy in character.$10.5
Tin CupColorado WhiskeyThe aroma of the whiskey is pleasantly filled with red fruit and a smidgen of peanut shells. You have to dig a bit deep to get the rye spice factor on the nose, but it comes through on the palate. Brown sugar and just a smidgen of barrel spices are present with a finish that is warming and pleasant.$7.25
Orphan BarrelLost Prophet 22 Year Old*The nose is soft spoken, with aromas of honey, apricot and clove that reveal a silky, full-bodied taste with notes of spiced vanilla and a touch of leather, culminating in a sweet smoky finish.$25.25
Orphan BarrelForged Oak 15 Year Old*Notes of cedar, maple and vanilla bean compose the nose while the tastes of seasoned woody notes of cocoa and young berries which are complimented by a long, dry black pepper finish.$20.25
Jefferson'sOceanThe aroma is fairly intense with vanilla and barrel spices, but fruity aromas of cherries and apples were discovered as well. The body is decently full with more of the same qualities as the aroma. There's a peanut-y quality on the finish along with a fair dose of char smoke.$15.25
Maker's MarkCask StrengthThe nose is very grassy with hints of eucalyptus, tobacco, banana and hay. The heat comes on the palate much stronger than on the nose. Bright citrus brightens the char characteristics with orange zest and is followed by apricot. The finish is medium short with salinity holding up the last hints of vanilla and honeysuckle.$20.25
Jim BeamBondedHoney and spice on the nose, along with oak, cherry, and butterscotch. It's a bold taste, rustic but refined, with vanilla, strong mint, bitter chocolate, and pepper. There's also charcoal, tobacco, and hay. Finish is short but warm, with more wood and mint as well as a bit of caramel.$6.25
Old Rip Van WinklePappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 YearA nose of sun dried cherries dipped in honey and a bowl of cinnamon sprinkled cereal. The palate tastes melted heath bar, vanilla salt water taffy, charred cinnamon. And a finish of char, cinnamon sugar and wheat comes through.$75.25
Black Maple HillOregon Bourbon*Nose is freshly heated cinnamon rolls, vanilla and some tropical fruits (mango, coconut). Palate is dark pit fruits with alcohol burn taking over after a second. Once that subsides get ready for more cinnamon rolls with extra sugar topping. The finish is long, think warm caramel, leather and Thanksgiving.$10.25
Knob CreekSmoked MapleSmoked hickory and maple wood aromas with hints of earth grains on the nose. The palate is full of maple, vanilla and caramel with a touch of smoke.$6.5
AmadorDouble Barrel FinishedOffers a well balanced and smooth-tasting bourbon with complex flavors of vanilla, oak, brown sugar, and spice$7.75
Bower HillSingle BarrelBower Hill Single Barrel Bourbon has a warm amber appearance and an aroma of vanilla spice and rich, charred oak. On the palate, there are more spicy oak tannins complemented by lush fruits and wheat toast, leading to a long, smooth finish defined by caramel and popcorn.$10.25
E.H. TaylorSmall BatchBottled in Bond at 100 proof, the bourbon has distinctive notes of oak and dried fruit. The initially sweet flavors give way to hints of salted caramel, butterscotch and orange, which linger on the finish.$8.25
Elijah Craig23 Year*There's definitely an oakiness to the nose, but it's still smooth and sweet with notes of caramel, vanilla, leather, and tobacco. The taste has a good oakiness, but it doesn't overwhelm the notes of cinnamon, chili powder, caramel, vanilla, and honey that complement the oakiness with a good balance and help make this whiskey aromatic and warm on the palate. The finish is warm and lingering with subtle spices, honey, vanilla, and of course, a touch of oak.$40.25
Elijah Craig18 Year*Beautifully creamy and elegant. There's french toast and toffee apples dipped in dark honey with a side of gorgeous vanilla infused roasted carrots. Black pepper, cloves and cumin all come wonderfully together in tiny pinpricks. Finishes long with an oily oakiness and mild spices.$40.25
Jefferson'sGroth Reserve Cabernet FinishedThe whiskey has a starbright aroma of peaches, blackberries, caramel corn and toffee, which leads to a palate marked by burnt oak, red wine, cinnamon spice and dark and dried fruits. The finish is long and dry, with lasting notes of sweet tobacco, cornbread and baked apples.$10.25
Jim BeamQuarter CaskDeep nose of oak and vanilla with a spicy backdrop. This bourbon is full bodied and well balanced with a hints caramel and vanilla. Finishes well with moderate oak flavors.$7.75
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr Six Row BarleyToasted grain with slightly oaky back notes. Finish: Light bodied, but has an inviting fall campfire feel to it.$10.25
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr Brown RiceSweet potato, brown sugar, slight oaky spiciness on the nose. Toasted, starchy graininess; sweet with oak and vanilla flavor. Finish is full bodied with flavor that lasts.$10.25
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr Whole Rolled OatSweet, toasted grain; nutty-type aroma. Slightly sweet, mellow, toasted graininess on the palate with a light bodied, fairly brief finish.$10.25
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr TriticaleModerately spicy; between wheat and rye with some vanilla undertones on the nose. Not too spicy or too sweet with good cooperage notes. Finishes light bodied, though warm and inviting.$10.25
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr High RyeBespoke rye spiciness with rich oaky smokiness on the nose. Spicy, yet sweet, caramelized brown-notes on the palate with a medium bodied finish. Brief and dry.$10.25
Jim BeamHarvest 11 Yr Soft Red WheatSlightly soft with mild oak notes on the nose. Sweet and softly spicy; caramel, vanilla, slight light brown sugar sweetness.$10.25
Jim BeamPedro Ximinez Distiller's Masterpiece*Fruity aroma from the sherry casks combined with the vanilla oaky cooperage notes to round off the flavorful and mature taste. This is the best Beam out there.$35.25
Old Forester1870 Original BatchClove notes spice up a medley of citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, blood orange), all softened with a delicate, sweet honeysuckle character on the nose. Baking spices (clove, cinnamon, nutmeg) flow into a citrus-fruit mix and shortbread sweetness come through on the palate with a delicate finish.$8.25
Old Forester1897 Bottled in BondRobust, intense caramel. Rich vanilla with roasted coffee notes, spiced dark fruit and mature oak on the nose. Mouth-filling. Sweet and intense. Deep fruit, spice and oak notes layered over dark caramel and vanilla with a big, bold finish.$8.75
Old Grand-Dad114Slightly nutty, like the center of a Three Musketeers bar on the nose. Sweet, almost Canadian-like, fairly light, a bit of citrus as it trails off with a tangy sour mash finish.$5.5
Orphan BarrelRhetoric 21 Year Old*An aroma of cherries, graham crackers, maple syrup and toasted marshmallows. The aroma gives way to notes of intense cocoa, honey, caramel, roasted nuts and corn, and leads to a long, silky finish with a touch of citrus.$20.25
Garrison BrothersTexas StraightCaramel, butterscotch, vanilla, nutmeg, and coconut on the nose. Long, smooth, and buttery, like warm caramelized sugar crackling and melting across your tongue.$11.25
Wild TurkeyDiamond Anniversary*The nose is fruity, with caramel apples, chocolate-covered orange slices, and hints of spearmint. Notes of salted caramel, chocolate chip ice cream, and apple pie in the palate, almost dessert like. Lightly woody on the finish.$20.25
Wild Turkey17 Year Master's Keep*Red summer fruits. Cherry pits. Almonds. All on the nose. Big, firm, smooth. Much drier than a typical Turkey, or any other bourbon. Flowery. Lavender. An explosion of dry, cedary flavours in the finish.$25.25
I.W. HarperBourbonBeginning with a subtle nose, I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey leaves traces of caramel and vanilla on entry before melting into creamy bursts of wood and spice. The finish is sweet and pleasant with subtle fruit notes.$6.5
I.W. Harper15 YearThe nose has a very nice balance of caramel and rye spice. The palate starts sweet but very quickly turns spicy with rye notes which trail off into the finish. This is surprisingly spicy given that it is apparently only 6% rye. It may be that some of those spicy notes come from the oak.$11.25
Blood OathPact One*The nose is very light with light caramel and grain notes. The palate is also very light with cane sugar and light caramel notes. The finish is candy sweet (sort of like the red candy on candied apples).$20.25
Smooth Ambler7 YearCinnamon and ginger biscuits - wonderfully sweet with some yummy spice underneath. Slightly nutty. Luxurious caramel, cane sugar and vanilla. Then there's the spice coming through once again, with rich rye in tow.$11.25
Smooth Ambler10 YearLoads of molasses with hints of red fruit. Quite creamy. Hints of whipped cream, in fact. But oh, so sweet, almost like a cherry liqueur. It is also honeysweet on the palate. Red fruit on a bed of spices, undoubtedly from the rye. It even burns a little. Woodspices and loads of caramel.$13.25
James E. Pepper6 YearSlightly sweet hints of vanilla, toffee and caramel, that subtly compliment notes of baking spices, spicy rye and oak.$7.75
1792 Ridgemont ReservePort FinishThe nose showcases vanilla, caramel and honey upfront, along with melon, rye spice, black pepper, and an intermingling of the dark red fruit sweetness of the port. The palate then falls a bit flat and one note after an enticing bouquet. Its woody and oaky notes are dominant, and overall soft and oily. The finish is warm, with a return of caramel sweetness and spice.$10.25
Charles Goodnight100 ProofRich aromas of oak and vanilla, lead to honey, birthday cake and cinnamon spice on the palate. The finish is long and smooth, accented with more oak and leather, reflective of Goodnight's own, "tough as leather, smooth as velvet," mantra.$8.25
Blade And BowA fairly straightforward nose of grain, oak, and vanilla predominates with a hint of toasted coconut and a bit of alcohol punch. In the mouth, the initial impression is of a fairly sweet bourbon with vanilla fudge and coconut macaroon, before a surprising secondary note of cinnamon and baking spices rushes in. As it recedes, flavors of oak, toasted almonds, apricot preserves, peppermint and milk chocolate appear. The finish is a bit short, but this bourbon packs a surprising amount of flavor into an approachable and easy drinking whiskey.$9
Jim BeamSingle BarrelOn the nose this smells like, well, bourbon. Oak, char smoke, and vanilla. There's big char and oak, sweet caramel corn, even a hint of orange peel bitterness, all playing very well with one another. Black pepper and chocolate sneak in during the warm, lingering finish.$7.25
Four Roses2015 Barrel Strength Small Batch*Find a big, sweet nose, with brown sugar, coconut, honey and red fruits. The palate is smooth and nuanced, ranging from caramel and candied fruits, to light nuttiness, and baking spices. The finish begins with oaky and spicy notes, even cedar box, flashing and then fading into nougat, vanilla and maple syrup. Big and bold, but easy drinking and elegant all wrapped into one. Add in a few drops of water to showcase a bit more on the floral, spicy and aromatic side.$40.25
Orphan BarrelThe Gifted Horse*Fresh, ripe, red apple and pear notes mixed with vanilla welcome the nose. However, they are not as strong on the palate, where they get somewhat muddied up with tart apricot, lemon, cashews and salty pretzels. Spices seem somewhat on the dull side, but there is a bit of allspice, cedar and nutmeg. Since it's such high proof, water is necessary to allow the flavors to mellow out.$15.25
YellowstoneWhite LabelOn the nose there is a fair amount of leather, oak and vanilla which is surprising for how young of a bourbon this is. Spice notes come out slightly on the palate, due to the high rye content, such as white pepper and a tinge of fennel followed by semi sweet cacao and vanilla.$4.25
YellowstoneSelectThe nose is full of rich leather and dried fruits with hints of fresh citrus and smoky oak tones. The palate starts with spicy rye notes and a tinge of dried dark cherry that fades into a smoky caramel. The finish is full of rich brown sugar and deep vanilla.$8.25
Yellowstone2015 Limited Release*At 105 proof, this bourbon packs plenty of heat. And with two of its three components coming from rye-accented bourbons, it carries a good amount of spice too. This is balanced by its time in barrel, which gives it familiar notes of vanilla and butterscotch, but this is nonetheless not a bourbon for those seeking a sweet sipper. Imbibers who appreciate a spicier American whiskey will find much to like here.$17.25
1792 Ridgemont ReserveSingle BarrelAn unexpected breeze of pineapple, pear, banana, and tart lemon greet the nose and palate. With further sips, rich vanilla, toffee and butterscotch enrich the fruitiness. The spice comes in at the end in the form of black pepper, clove, allspice, and cinnamon. All together, the whiskey is nicely balanced with a flash of drying heat that travels down the throat.$10.25
Bib & TuckerSmall BatchRight from the get-go the nose is strong with young, underdeveloped notes of dried grass and underaged barley. Flavor is very interesting, the notes of apricot and caramel seem to fight each other a bit instead of being fluid and building. An underlying note of sweet ginger is very welcoming and leads to medium finish of scorched cinnamon and dried vanilla.$8.25
Blood OathPact Two*The nose starts with toasted oak, caramel and maple syrup with vanilla, cocoa, tobacco and dried fruits. The palate is slightly sweet and spicy due to the addition of wheated bourbon and has a smooth, long finish with hints of walnut, spice and fruit.$20.25
Bower HillBarrel ReserveWarm amber appearance and an aroma of vanilla spice and rich, charred oak. On the palate, there are more spicy oak tannins complemented by lush fruits and wheat toast, leading to a long, smooth finish defined by caramel and popcorn.$8.75
Bower HillBarrel Strength*The nose starts with a large amount of heat due to the proof, followed by intense oak, vanilla and spice. The palate carries through the vanilla and heat along with crEme brulee notes and a distinct note of charred oak.$25.25
Woodford Reserve1838 Style White Corn BourbonIn comparison to some past Master's Collection releases, such as those aged in Sonoma-Cutrer wine barrels, this year's (2015) bourbon made with white corn instead of yellow is a subtle departure from tradition. ?Subtle? is a good descriptor for this bourbon, too. It's soft on the palate, light-bodied, a little bit floral, and has a lingering vanilla finish. It's a restrained bourbon, not bombastic in any dimension, and a delightful whiskey to sip neat.$20.25
WillettFamily Reserve Estate Bottled 12 YearThe nose of this private bottling starts with cigar smoke, caramel, almond and fresh vanilla beans. The palate is very grain forward and sweet, yet earthy with strong oak and tobacco notes. The finish is slightly hot with an astringent oak lingering.$40.25
Bone SpiritsBone BourbonOn the nose, maple and caramel with spicy rye and vanilla. Upon hitting the palate, the whiskey showcases bold rye followed by toasted cinnamon and tobacco, before settling into a soft buttery finish with mellow cherry and dried plum fruit notes.$7.25
Jefferson'sOcean Cask StrengthBottled at cask strength for the first time, Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Cask Strength Bourbon has an aroma of cinnamon buns, orange zest, burnt sugar and marshmallow. Thick notes of salted caramel, figs and chocolate fudge dominate the palate, and lead to a playful finish accented by sweet mint, lemon cake and nutmeg.$18.75