Hapsburg Black AmerAustria79%For the Goth in all of us, it contains the maximum legal level of Thujone. Anise is very strong with this one along with an earthy forefront.$100
Hapsburg PremiumAustria90%This absinthe is not for cowards. It is the strongest we stock, and the most intense.$100
Hapsburg Super DeluxeAustria85%A super-strength version of the original. Predominate anise taste, with surprisingly good balance.$100
Mata HariAustria60%A non-anise absinthe made with herbs such as Grande Wormwood, and Salvia that has a Very Light Flavor.$30
Mead BaseCzech Republic68%An extremely rare absinthe made from a distillate of 3 year old mead, consisting of just 6 herbs to preserve the fine and sweet smack of the honey base. Overall, the taste is very fine with only a low amount of anise and fennel.$40
Espirit EdouardFrance72%Wormwood, fennel and anise - clean and direct with well integrated flavors of cumin and coriander seed.$35
FontaineFrance56%Fresh, clean, and crisp without an overbearing sweet or heavy floral note.$30
HeritageFrance68%Extremely powerful aromas of fennel and wormwood, which carry over to the flavor fading into a bittersweet anise finish.$25
Jade 1901France68%Slight woodiness to a punchy anise tongue numbing palate with nutmeg spice.$35
L'EntenteFrance62%Soft anise notes up front, followed by heavy vegetal notes on the finish.$30
Lemercier AmerFrance72%Spice forward that fades into herbal notes, and finishes with a rye like heat.$40
Libertine AmerFrance58%Very strong anise and wormwood flavors, but with only a small amount of bitterness. Very intense, but also well balanced.$25
Libertine FluerFrance60%Extremely powerful aromas of anise and wormwood. The strong louche and smells are caused by a branch of wormwood in the bottle.$25
Michel P. RouxFrance76%Handcrafted in southern France with rare botanicals and herbs. It enjoys a long maceration and a double distillation, leading to top notch flavor.$30
Moulin Vert 68France68%This absinthe has a substantially diverse herb taste, with notes of cognac and dark chocolate.$25
Nouvelle OrleansFrance68%A much lighter offering than most absinthe with floral notes on the nose and bright citrus that follows through to the taste.$20
RepubliqueFrance68%Nutty, slightly fresh aroma with fennel and anise. For the distillation wine alcohol is used as a base. This gives Absinthe R?publique Vintage a faint touch of Cognac in the finish.$30
Vieux PontarlierFrance65%A sweeter, if somewhat earthy absinthe. It has a fruity, and bright taste, but the wormwood balances it out nicely.$20
Abtshof 66Germany66%Light anise and fennel flavors, accompanied by an array of varying herbal notes. Heavy milky louche.$25
EpoqueGermany68%Smooth, with almost no bitterness, and a hint of calamus. Made to comemorate the beautiful era of French culture with its overall light, refreshing taste, and great louche.$30
Gold 68Germany68%An anise free absinthe with a dominant wormood bitterness and stimulating citrus notes. Two sugar cubes are recommended to counter the bitterness.$30
Green RibbonGermany65%A 100% organic verte absinthe distilled on a wood alambic. Very mellow with diverse herb notes and aromas.$25
Strong 68Germany68%An extremly bitter absinthe that is wormwood heavy with a large concentration of thujone. Best served with two sugar cubes to counter the extreme bitterness.$30
Jaques Senaux RedSpain80%Anise heavy with a touch more sweetness than the other absinthes and a slight citrus finish.$30
Jaques Senaux BlackSpain80%Near overwhelming notes of anise make this an absinthe for only the diehard anise fans.$30
SerpisSpain55%Anise heavy, like most Spanish absinthes, but this has a light spice, and a uniquely floral edge to it with enough sweetness to not need additional sugar.$25
Thujone DeleriumSpain70%An odd anise-free absinthe that uses liquorice in addition to a very high concentration of wormwood and thujone.$25
Brevans H.R. GigerSwitzerland68%This Absinthe has had an infusion of brandy which lends to a more fruit forward taste, leading to mellow anise and a tobacco finish.$35
Duplais BlancheSwitzerland60%Warm, herbal nose full of wormwood, coriander and angelica root. silky, but full of heady aromatic medicinal herbs and a touch of anise-sweetness on the finish.$18
Duplais VerteSwitzerland68%Wormwood and fennel develop on the nose with hints of coriander spice lifting above the herbs. Palate is full of fennel, coriander and wormwood notes.$18
ObstineeSwitzerland69%Fennel and caraway dominate the nose, followed by anise on the palate that fades to bitter vegetal tones and spearmint.$25
PacifiqueUnited States 62%The nose is brisk and intense with alpine aromas. The palate is much more herbal but still clean with a tinge of ozone on the finish.$15
St. GeorgeUnited States 60%Notes of lemon and pepper that fade into other herbs. Green and grassy with rosemary and thyme and an anise note.$15
Vieux CarreUnited States 60%Genepi and wormwood are followed by anise and fennel. The finish is mint and citrus.$18
Fontaine ChoclatFrance25%An interesting mix of sweet chocolate flavors mingled with subtle notes of anise and bitter wormwood.$20
Pierre Guy LiqueurFrance25%A sweeter cream-like absinthe, with very mellow flavors of anise.$20